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Is It Easy To Obtain Medical Marijuana In Rhode Island?

It is needless to say that each state in the United States has its own rules and regulations for medical marijuana. If you are living in Rhode Island, then you can obtain cannabis as a legal patient. However, you might need to identify first how to get medical marijuana in Rhode Island or Little Rhody. But, it is a must that you follow all the rules associated with RI medical marijuana act. Nevertheless, the way to attain cannabis as the therapeutic alternative is not as smooth as you pretend. But, if you follow the right track and grab proper info, you can serve the purposefully.

Basic information regarding RI medical marijuana

Though, this post will let you know to obtain the weed legally as a registered patient. But, first, you must know some basic facts before moving further.

Rhode Island has approved the medical marijuana program in the year 2006 on January 3rd. You have to get an evaluation by a state-licensed MD who can provide you with the certification. This certification will acknowledge that you are an approved patient to use cannabis. There are several medical illnesses that come under the RI MMP. So, the certification admits that you have one among the passed medical illnesses.

In addition to this, you just need to know that you can apply for the RI MMJ card through an online application only. The validity of the card will be 12 months or a year, and the fee is 50 $.

What conditions can be cured using RI medical cannabis?

Well, it is also necessary to know about these conditions else you won’t find that if you are eligible or not as a qualified patient. So, as per the program, cancer, glaucoma, PTSD, cachexia, HIV, seizures, nausea, and severe pain, etc., are approved. If you have one amid these diseases, you can go for the submission to the RI Department of Health for an MMJ tag.

The process to apply for the MMJ card in The Ocean State.

As per the process to apply for a medical marijuana card in Rhode Island, there is a defined process to follow. First, you have to submit a few documents to prove your identity and citizenship in the concerned state. So, here is a list of documents to submit along with certification for medical marijuana.

State ID card to prove residency in RI

RI Driving license

Current utility bill

Voter ID card

And correspondence from another state agency.

In the process on how to get medical marijuana in Rhode Island, you need to follow these simple steps:

Meet with the healthcare service provider

Schedule a consultation with a registered medical professional to check whether you are qualified or not? It is vital to get the written medical certification form issued by the department of health of Rhode Island. In RI, a registered nurse can also fill your certification form for medical marijuana.

Apply for the MMJ card in RI

The next step involved in this step is to apply for the card through an online application. Remember, Ocean State’s department of health will not accept the application through fax or email. So, you need to act accordingly. You also need to mention your telephone number or email address to schedule an appointment for the photograph on approval. The charge for the submission is 50. But you can attain the fee reduction benefit if you are eligible under the state’s medical benefits. While applying for the card, you have to submit all the documents that have been mentioned earlier.

Wait for the application approval.

Once you are done with submission, you need to wait for 2 weeks for the approval. However, the department of health could also deny your application for a specific reason. But, once you are approved, you will be invited to the photo session. This photo will be printed on your MMJ card. As the best benefit of Rhode Island’s residents, you will receive your card instantly on photo session. You can take it to the dispensary and can obtain the weed. However, there are only 3 registered dispensaries in RI where you can go for cannabis.

Some other important rules for RI medical cannabis

You can only get 2.5 ounces of utilizable cannabis in Rhode Island. However, you can get this amount every 15 days from the dispensary. It is also necessary for you to appoint a caregiver if you are under 18 years of age. You can appoint a caregiver who is 21 or older and ready to go through a criminal background check. In Little Rhody, you are also allowed to cultivate marijuana in your private property but only under the rules formed by the law.

To Wind Up

This is the latest information on how to get medical marijuana in Rhode Island. Use this information to the fullest and get benefits under the medical marijuana program. You can get support for medical consultation from an online service-providing website.

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