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7 Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Yoga School

So, you are interested in learning yoga? The ancient art of yoga has transitioned into a global phenomenon during the last few years. Add to that, numerous medical and scientific studies have proven how yoga helps you enjoy a healthy life. If you want to learn yoga apart from its physical aspect, looking for a certified yoga school makes sense. However, yoga experts recommend you check the online yoga school reviews before enrolling in one.

You should understand that yoga shows promise when it comes to maintaining excellent physical and mental health. However, for that to happen you must understand the mental and spiritual aspects of this ancient art. It is here that yoga schools come into the picture to help you learn everything about yoga from scratch. To help you, yoga gurus have come up with complete information on choosing the best yoga school. This will help you choose the right place for learning and practicing yoga.

The Seven Factors

Modern yoga studios and institutes provide a variety of yoga lessons to individuals of different age groups and experiences. However, to enroll in the right yoga school, there are a few boxes that need ticking.

Keeping the above statement in mind, given below are seven factors you should consider when looking for a yoga school.

1. Consider The Location

If you are looking for a yoga school outside your home country or state, you should look for destination-based yoga training. These offer you the opportunity to not just learn yoga but also experience a new place and culture. Do thorough research on the location of the yoga school’s location with regards to culture and the best time to visit the place.

2. Consider The Training Format

Yoga schools provide a variety of yoga programs depending on your experience and knowledge of yoga. Basically, there are intensive courses that last from two to six weeks which are best suited if you can spend time away from home for some time.

On the other hand, you have standard yoga training. Standard yoga training helps you learn yoga without sacrificing your family or office responsibilities. Yoga experts recommend you should check online yoga school reviews to get an idea if the place is worth your time and effort.

3. Check The Certification

No matter if you enroll at a local yoga school or somewhere else, you should consider the certification they offer. There are three levels of yoga training namely beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Remember, training at an uncertified yoga school is not just a bad idea for learning yoga. You are at an increased risk of a serious injury when learning this art from someone who is an amateur.

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4. Consider The Time

Before packing your bags, make sure the time to visit the yoga school is the right one. For example, In India, Rishikesh has a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius during summers. Hence, if you want to learn yoga in a pleasant environment, Goa is a good choice. Moreover, during winters, you should look for yoga schools located in Rishikesh or Dharamshala. You can check online for yoga school reviews to get an idea of which is the best yoga school to visit.

5. Consider The Yoga Teaching Methodology

The Yoga teaching methodology is an important part of the entire yoga teacher training. It provides you the important skills to teach this sacred art to a large group of yoga practitioners. If you have finalized a particular yoga school, check out their yoga teaching curriculum and what it covers. Remember, a certified yoga school dedicates specific number of hours to theory and practical aspects of yoga. Find out how many hours are dedicated to each aspect of the training.

6. Consider The Teacher’s Experience

Yoga experts recommend that you should search deeply regarding the yoga teaching experience of the teachers at the yoga school. You should join a yoga school where the lead teacher has around 10 years of yoga teaching experience. This ensures you are learning this ancient art from the best.

7. Check Reviews

The best place to know if a yoga school is worth your time and effort or not is online yoga school reviews. Here you can find testimonies of previous graduates, the teachers, and even those who attended just a single session of yoga.


Want to learn everything about the sacred art of yoga including its mental and spiritual aspects? It is time you keep in mind these seven factors when searching for a yoga school. However, make sure you check out online yoga school reviews before making a decision.

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