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HP 250 G8 Laptop vs HP ProBook 440 G8 Laptop

When it comes to the comparison between two laptops and that too from the similar brand, it can be tad bit trickier. Not that we are comparing exactly same models, but both these HP business laptops are correspondingly equipped. The HP 250 series compared with the ProBook series is somewhat similar but differentiates in a particular way. It is safe to say that both these laptop series models are more oriented towards business and professionals. 

Today, we are comparing the most sought-after business and office laptops. Both from HP, are known for their basic and efficient business features. The specs of these laptops are also quite relative but that is exactly why we are here; to keep you ahead of the confusion between which one should you buy.  Let’s get started! 

Key Specs  HP 250 G8  HP ProBook 440 G8 
Processor  Intel Core i5 10th Gen.  Intel Core i5-1135G7 
Display   15.6″ Full HD Display (1920 x 1080)  14″ Full HD IPS Display (1920 x 1080 Resolution) 
RAM & storage   8 GB & 256GB  8 GB & 256GB 
Graphics   Intel UHD Graphics  Intel Iris Xe Graphics 
Operating System  Windows 10 Pro  Windows 10 Pro 
Battery  3470 mAh  3947 mAh 
Weight  1.74 kg  1.34 kg 
Connectivity  HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 3.1  HDMI, USB 3.1 


The HP 250 G8 is a business laptop with the Tiger Lake processor, and a sufficient combination of specs i.e., 8GB RAM and SSD storage. It is definitely most convenient to label it as a great casual operator for everyday tasks. It makes the multitasking simpler and lets you reach a new high. On the other end, the HP ProBook 440 G8 is a business laptop as well but has slightly. One such example of relatively higher specs includes its 11th Gen processor. This laptop also uses better packaging material, while its crisper graphics make it a great option for multimedia field workers.  

Design and Build 

By the looks, both HP 250 G8 and HP Probook 440 G8 seem like they are built from the same material. The key difference that is noticeable just when you take a glance at these laptops is the colour. The HP 250 G8 comes in all black while there is a contrasting colour match in the ProBook. The ProBook has black on the display half and its keyboard half remains in the gray.  Both laptops are designed to be lighter but the larger screen of HP 250 G8 makes it heavier. While it weighs around 1.74kg, the HP 440 weighs around 1.34kg making it way more portable. But then if you need bigger viewing angles, you will have to opt for the HP 250 G8.  

The material used in the design of the HP 250 G8 has aluminium inside the chassis. Both laptops come with rounded corner and there is a base given to the laptops that make them stand quite firmly. The keyboard desk area of the 250 feels way smoother than the 440. You can already guess it just when you view the laptops from a distance. The better way to analyse which material used in any of the laptops is simply when you glide your fingers through them. Another clearer design element in the 250 is that there is one built-in camera, while the 440 has two.  


On the display factor, the HP 250 G8 has evidently larger screen of 15.6-inch. The HP 440 G8 comes in a smaller screen size, however both the displays sport same full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080. The IPS panel displays make sure to provide the most comfortable viewing angles in both laptops. The full HD Resolution works better for the 14-inch screen, but 15.6-inch has the wide viewing effect more. The brightness levels and quality of the screen is kept almost similar in both these laptops. However, when it comes to the better exposure, 250 beats the ProBook with a slight edge. 

Hardware– Processor, RAM, and Storage 

On the hardware side, the HP 250 G8 is rightfully integrated with the 10th generation processor of Intel Core i5. The Quad core processor operates with the base speed of 1.0 GHz and a maximum turbo speed frequency of 3.6 GHz. Moreover, the RAM attached comes in 8GB along with a solid pairing of solid-state drive storage of 256GB. With this combo, you will be able to get through mid-level multit asking such as switching between multiple software programs. 

The HP Probook 440 G8, on the other end comes with the same Intel Core i5 processor but from the 11th Generation model. Its Quad core processing speed ranges from the 2.4GHz and maxes out with 4.2 GHz. This means it is able to handle more complex programs, software tools and applications. You can load hefty business programs without having to deal with any lags. In the case of RAM and storage, this HP Notebook comes with the same 8GB RAM balanced with 256GB SSD. Hence, it delivers the same possibility of multitasking, but the better speed of processor makes it more efficient. 

Operating System, GPU, and Latest Features 

Windows 10 Pro is used in each of these laptops, making it greatly adequate for every upgrade and update. If you are a Windows fan, you will be happy for both laptops with its latest Windows 10 operating system. Whether you need to run highly demanding software tools or watch out the latest Windows features, it will be available on both the laptops. 

The graphics comparison in both laptops is clearly different from each other. While in the HP 250 G8, you get the Intel integrated graphics, the HP ProBook on the other side comes with Intel Iris graphics. This clearly demonstrates that the ProBook will eventually perform better on the display with crisp and immersive visuals. The integrated graphics are good enough for common graphics surfing, but the better display is executed by the Iris graphics. You can vividly view the clarity of even minimal characters on your screen while integrated graphics are not very particular.  

Couple of extra features have been added in both the laptops which include plenty of security features as well. The HP ProBook 440 G8 has a fairer edge with BIOS integration, fingerprint sensor and commercial-grade safety. The security features added in the HP 250 are almost same except you won’t get any fingerprint sensor. There is no doubt about the fact that 440 comes with multi-layered protection and has a resilient form-factor. 

Battery and Connectivity 

The battery performance of both laptops is great, but the HP ProBook comes with better battery power. Its 3-cell battery turns out to be great for the lasting time and make it through the day without a pause. The HP 250, however has slightly lowered-down battery life, plus its screen size is bigger which means it lasts below other laptops.  

On the connectivity side, the ports attached with both laptops are almost exactly similar. There is however a USB C port in the HP 250 G8 which makes it a better option for ports. While the HP 440 G8 has three superspeed USB Type A ports, the HP 250 G8 sports two USB Type A and one USB C port. 

Verdict – Which One is Better? 

The conclusion of this HP comparison is not complicated at all. It all depends on your personal preferences and what would you require more in your digital routine. In some of the regions, HP 250 G8 has an upper edge over the HP 440 G8 while few other factors make 440 a better choice. If you are going all in for the connectivity and a large display, choosing HP 250 G8 should be wiser. However, if you need better battery performance, greater portability and a slightly better processing speed, HP 440 G8 is a go-to choice.  

If you compare the budget of both these laptops, the HP 250 G8 is a cheaper option. If you are fine about the relatively lower speed of processor, you can easily choose the HP 250 to save more than 100 pounds. If having a large display with same quality and great visuals is your top priority as well, you will still have to go for HP 250. However, choosing HP 440 G8 will get you a better overall speed and performance regardless of a little less big display. 


Natalia is a tech enthusiast and loves to write on technology. For the last 10 years, she has been writing content, mainly revolving around product reviews, how-to guides, and the best recommendations. When she is not writing anything, you can find her reading books and crawling the web to get an idea about latest technological trends. She is currently associated with Laptop Outlet | Laptop Outlet Blog Hot Topics to Talk About Laptops & Notebooks | Gaming Laptops | Desktop PCs | PC Monitors | Mobile Phones

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