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How you can activate Lifetime TV on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV using Mylifetime Activate

If you are into lifestyle-based shows and want to watch amazing series, movies, and exclusive videos, then Lifetime TV is one of the best channels to watch. On the Lifetime TV channel, you will find a range of amazing series which are filmed on real-life characters. And not just that, you will also get several amazing drama and comedy series. But if you are into movies, then there are a lot of incredible movies here as well.

Also, you can customize your watchlist and watch the best episodes and movies with the help of the Lifetime TV application. It also allows you to stream live events and exclusive videos and clips from the Lifetime shows. However, you need to activate the Lifetime TV first using Mylifetime Com Activate to activate these services.

But do not worry. The Lifetime channel is available on a lot of cable networks and online streaming devices. The online TV devices that you can surely stream Lifetime Channel are iOS devices like App TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku TV, and Chromecast. If you want to watch the Live TV content, you need to sign in using the activation code given by your cable service provider.

To get access to the available videos on Lifetime TV, you need to buy its subscription from your satellite and cable service provider.

In this particular guide, you will learn the easy steps to activate the Lifetime TV channel on Roku TV, Apple TV, and various other online streaming devices.

So let’s begin.

Steps to activate the Lifetime TV on different Online streaming devices

Follow these steps to activate the Lifetime TV on the respective devices.

Steps to activate the Lifetime TV on the Roku device.

  • So firstly, open the web browser on your computer or whichever smart device you are using. And search for mylifetime.com/activate URL in the search bar. This will open the Mylifetime Com Activate page.
  • Now on the Landing page, you need to specify your streaming device. In this case, it is the Roku
  • Then you need to specify your TV service provider.
  • Next, you have to enter your activation code that is being shown on the Roku channel once you open the Lifetime TV app on it.
  • Once you enter the activation code, you will be redirected to your cable service provider’s website.
  • And lastly, on that page, you need to enter your login information, and thus you can watch all your favorite Lifetime TV content.

Steps to activate the Lifetime TV on the Apple TV

Follow these steps to activate the Lifetime TV app on your Apple TV:

  • So firstly, open the Home screen of your Apple TV and then browse the apps.
  • Here you have to search for Lifetime TV.
  • Then tap on the Lifetime channel.
  • Now open the Lifetime TV app. An activation code will be generated.
  • Now you have to search for the URL mylifetime.com/activate in the search bar of a web browser.
  • On the landing page, select your streaming device. In this case, it will be the Apple TV.
  • Then select your TV service provider.
  • Now put the Activation Code in the respective column.
  • And lastly, you need to select the Continue button to confirm your subscription.
  • Once you tap on the button, you will be redirected to your cable service provider’s website, where you need to verify your account.
  • Thus you can log in to the Lifetime TV app and make the required changes like changing the personal profile, changing the email preference, and much more.

If your Lifetime TV is not working

So if your Lifetime TV app is not working, then first make sure that you have actually subscribed to the services. But if the Lifetime TV is part of your subscription and still not working, then connect your TV service provider regarding the issue.

Your cable service provider will provide you the cause and the solution to activate your Lifetime TV.

Do you want to watch live TV using the Lifetime app?

Yes, you can watch live TV content using your Lifetime app. It is so because the Lifetime TV app provides live TV streaming services. Thus it is not essential to have a satellite or cable TV subscription to steam the Live TV on the channel.

Plus, you get a 7-day free trial in which you get the features like on-demand and live shows services.

Do you want to watch Lifetime TV on your Smart TV?

You can easily watch the Lifetime Channel’s content on your Smart TV. Just follow these steps to do so:

  • So firstly, you must navigate to the app section of your Smart TV using your remote.
  • Now search for the Lifetime app on your TV and install it as part of your channels.
  • However, if you are using a Roku TV device, then you also need to activate the Lifetime app after installing it.


So we hope that this guide has been useful to you. We also hope that you won’t have any issues activating the Lifetime app in the future. Now you can easily use the Lifetime streaming service content and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on it. However, please contact your cable service provider if you still find any issues while activating the app. Your cable or satellite service provider will provide you with detailed instructions to troubleshoot the issue.

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