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How To Write An Apology Letter For Being Late In Project/ Assignment Submission?

The life of students is not as easy as many would believe it to be. why do Students need to learn to write Apology letter?

Nowadays they even have to submit their homework online which helps in managing time. It is quite common that students are late in submitting their homework, project, or assignments, etc., due to their busy schedules.


In colleges and universities, doing so is a serious thing that can entice action from your professor or HOD. You may lose credit and grades for the subject. It also reflects badly on your character.


To avoid this, you should always submit your essay and homework on time. You can also get online assignment help for submitting it on time.

There are tons of expert tutors available who help with your assignment online. 


But, let’s say you were late in submitting your assignment. Now, you have to submit a “show cause” letter. It is an apology letter. This letter contains an apology for the late submission and also the reason for being late.


If you don’t know how to write an apology letter, you can always take help from online help from an expert tutor who can do your assignment/letter. 

To help you out, this article has a proper guide on how to write an apology letter.

What To Write In An Apology Letter For Late Submission Of Assignment

  1. The Correct Address To The Right Person

Like all formal letters, your apology letter should have the proper address to your teacher/professor.  Sometimes to the HOD.

You can send the letter online with the mention of the homework submission. 

Write their proper name with correct designations. Such as Mr., Ms., Dr., or Prof., etc. Make sure to get it right. It is rude and ignorant to use the wrong designation. It can spoil the entire thing even if you send the best-written apology letter.

  1. Date

Write the date in the proper format. 

It helps if you mention the date of homework submission, even online.

If you are asking for an extension to the deadline the date should be the earliest. As soon as you know that there is going to be a delay in submission.

  1. Subject

The subject should be one statement gist of your apology for the late submission of the online assignment and the reason for it.

Start with “Regarding” or just write ‘RE:’ and write the subject following it.

  1. Body Of The Letter

This is the most important part of the letter. The body should be concise and formal.  And yet fully explain the reason and your apology in short.

  • Apology

Be sure to convey that you are sincerely regretting the delay. Use appropriate words. Instead of saying just sorry, use the variation of “I sincerely apologize for the late submission of” followed by the assignment title. 

  • Reason

Not only apologizing but the sincerity behind the reason for the delay is also equally important. 

Always write the genuine and actual reason for the late submission of the online assignment. It helps to be believable and can be proved with documents or testimony. 

We are human and we make mistakes. But it takes guts to own our mistakes. 

  1. Conclusion

  • Regret And Assurance Of Not Repeating The Mistake

The next paragraph should help in the assurance that you will not commit the same mistake of submitting an online assignment late. Or in case of emergency, you will let the professor know promptly. 

Once again express my regret for the delay in the assignment submission.

  • Thanking your professor

Do not forget to thank your professor for giving you the opportunity. And request them to accept your apology politely.

  • Your credentials

In the end, write your full name, your Id/roll number, class, and subject assignment online. It will help to put your signature.

In case of an email, you can use your digital signature or your name is sufficient.

  1. Attach Necessary Evidence And Your Assignment

To prove your authenticity, you should attach proof of your reason for absence. If you had a medical emergency, attach a doctor’s certificate. Stating why you were unable to submit assignments online. 

In case of work-related problems, it will help to attach your employer’s letter.

If you don’t have any written proof, you should at least enclose the contact information of the respectable people who can back you up. 

Send the letter and the required documents along with the assignment

To conclude,

Writing an apology letter is a formal and noble way to earn your professor’s trust. They will grant you passing for the late submission of the assignment.

If you can’t write an apology letter or email by yourself online, seek a professional’s help. There are tons of Expert Writers available online for assignments/homework you can pay someone to write your assignment. They can craft an apology letter well suited for your situation.


Remember to be sincere and respectful in your approach. And keep the letter short and to the point.

But it is always advisable to talk to your professor in person before directly sending the letter.


Hope this guide to writing an apology letter offline/online for late submission of assignments helps.


Here is a sample apology letter for the late submission of the assignment/project. You can edit it as per your need.



Prof. Dr. John Smith

Department of [Subject]

[Name of the University]



RE: Late submission of assignment/project [Name of the assignment]

Dear Sir/Madam

Please accept my apologies for my late submission of the project/assignment. [Write your reason.] I had unforeseen events of a road crash that left me in the hospital for several weeks. This contributed a lot to delaying my submission of your subject. 

I Apologize and request you to assess this assignment without considering the delay on my part. And promise you it will not happen again. I have attached the doctor’s certificate along with this letter. 

Kindly pardon me.

Thanking You, 

Yours sincere,





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