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How Does Social Media Impact Our Thought Process

Mostly all the Social Media applications enjoy huge audience daily. While some of these social media users are there for entertainment reasons, there are many who visit these platforms for oth and our purposes including education, spirituality and many more. Like others, you also might be having an account on a single or multiple applications like Facebook App., Instagram App, Connected App, etc.

However, there is one such thing that everyone experiences but never observes while using these applications. Here we are talking about the power of social media applications in impacting our thought process. When we talk about thought process, we mean how people perceive same things differently. Each of us different mindset that does not let us come at same conclusions to practical problems.

But the increasing use of social media directly impacts our thought process that further makes helps organizations and individual businessmen to influence their target audience. But how do social media applications impact our thought process?

 Social Media Awareness Campaigns

Using social media applications, users can easily rum awareness campaigns. By users, we don’t just mean individuals, but also government organizations and multinational companies. For a company to reach to the pinnacle of success, there is always a need to attract more customers. If a company influences more customers, it becomes easy to sell more products that further improves the brand value of the organization.

Not just companies, government agencies also rum various Awareness Campaigns on social media platforms. These campaigns are being run to influence voters from different constituencies. In both these cases, you will notice that there is a dire need to get customers’ or voters’ attention. Running ad campaigns allows these institutions to directly connect with users and explain to them about the services or products being offered. After connecting with the potential audience, it becomes easy for the organization to target the common needs or requirements of the users that further impacts their thought process.

Engaging Posts


The main reason why these social media applications are trending is because they allow users to share posts and express emotions without any set boundaries. As social media users, most of the people spend their time by looking at posts. These posts can be in the form of images, videos, and texts. If you run a company, sharing such posts would help you in targeting your potential customers on these platforms. 


As we know every human has a different approach to things. But through these posts, it becomes possible for the companies to target every person by sharing posts that cater to their needs and requirements. Once users understand what company wants to offer them, they automatically get engaged with the products offered by the company.

Powerful Weapon Against Anxiety and Depression


Social Media applications are those weapons that can fight off evils like depression and anxiety. There are so many sides of social media applications people usually fail to notice. If you scroll down to different pages in any application, you will notice that most of them focus on improving mental strength. It could be by the way of motivational quotes or posts. There is no limit to what a person or influencer can post on these platforms.


Since these applications are designed to offer a limitless area, they successfully cater everyone’s needs. This is the reason why social media influencers are rising. They constantly share engaging posts in the form of images and videos. The main purpose of these posts is to keep people engaged which thus keeps their mind relaxed and free from depression and anxiety.


Social Media – Negative Impacts

If we are talking about the positive side of something, there has to be its negative side. The same goes for these social media applications. No one can deny the fact that these applications help people fight off depression and anxiety. But what if I tell you that sometimes these applications are themselves the reason behind depression and anxiety?


Well, as much as these applications impact our thought process positively, they impact it negatively as well. There are so many ill elements in these applications that result in such a problem. However it depends completely on person to person how he or she wishes to choose them. 


Consider a case when you post something on these platforms and all you got was negative comments from bullies. It would definitely make you irritated and might lead you into depression. Hence, while using these applications one must carefully take steps further to avoid such situations. 


However, whatever might the reason be, the positive side of social media applications will always overpower their negative sides. If used properly, these applications can be a very good source of knowledge for everyone. Hence saying that these applications are bad for the society would not justify. It depends all on us on how we wish to use them.

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