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How to use Samsung Smart Switch Version

To begin the transferring using the Samsung Smart Switch Version is quite simple and easy. Before anything get started you need to connect all the device to transfer to another app. user can use Wi-Fi or USB cable to the asset in transferring the files. First, download and install the Samsung Smart Switch on both of your devices. 

And you can click the transfer icon available on the main screen to move to the other location. For example from one device, you can start the Samsung Smart Switch by sending option, and from the other device, you can select the receiving option via Wi-Fi connection. However, make sure to keep your all devices at least 30% of battery life. Because both of your devices must stay connected while the process.

Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch Latest Version

This is the best thing using the Samsung Smart Switch you can get a seamless data sharing experience than any other application. Also, thanks to the developers the Samsung Smart Switch will available for Windows, Mac, and Android device versions.  Even the Samsung Smart Switch gets updates from time to time to manage the better user interface and reliability. 

For the windows version, Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.21023.2 is the latest version available. For mac, you can download the Samsung Smart Switch version. And for android Smart Switch, is the latest version. So download the latest version to easy and simple file transferring between Samsung Smartphones and others.

Samsung Smart Switch Version Features

  • Transfer any contents with the Samsung Smart Switch versions.
  • The Smart Switch will work on both Windows and Mac PCs.
  • Seamless file transferring through between iOS and other devices.
  • Completely free to download on windows, mac, and android.
  • Compatible with almost every Samsung galaxy device.
  • It will not require android root or any other custom modes.
  • Use the Smart Switch application for creating backups.
  • Comes with a simple and easy-to-use friendly interface.

Who can use Samsung Smart Switch?

This world is now full of smartphones, desktop, and laptop computers and every user does not use the same application software. So the Samsung Smart Switch is given you an option to select your versions of their device. 

Like you can use it on windows, mac, and android devices even it’s not any Samsung galaxy device. If someone is using Pc version they don’t need to install the Samsung Smart Switch on their devices because desktop and laptop versions will automatically detect the device and showed the backup, upgrade options. So the android version will support android 4.3 to higher versions. For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 support. For Mac, you need a device with Mac OS X 10.9 or higher model.

How to Install Samsung Smart Switch Version?

These days so many devices and every smart device support wireless connection. So here are the best method to install the Samsung Smart Switch on every device. So in this section, you can get to know about downloading, data sharing, and transferring files between devices.

  1. First, download the Samsung Smart Switch APK.
  2. Enable the unknown sources option from device settings.
  3. Now install on your both devices without any failure.
  4. Now open up the application from both of your devices.
  5. Keep both devices closer to each other for auto-pairing.
  6. Now select the android and Samsung Galaxy devices.
  7. Now you can start transferring files from any device.

So you need to select one device for sending and from another device select confirm for receiving from your other device and you can start the process. You can transfer contacts, images, videos, document files and even you installed android applications.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch Version (PC)

To start the process of transferring files using windows PC is quite similar to the process of Mac computers. however, both mobile jetx and tablet devices need to be running on android 4.3 to a newer version for using Samsung Smart switch PC version. Once everything is done download and install the Samsung Smart Switch PC version on your desktop or laptop computer.

  • Now simple Connect your older android device via USB cable.
  • Select the more option in the right corner and pick the backup option.
  • Then it will pop allow access from your android device allow and hit Ok.
  • After the backup is completed you can disconnect your device and connect a new device.
  • Now it will show the restore option, click select, and backup to restore.
  • Hit the allow permission on your android device again and hit OK.
  • That’s it, now your new device will be restored with your older data.

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