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Computers and Technology

How to Transfer Office 365 from One Account to Another – Quick Working Steps

Wondering! How to transfer Office 365 from one account to another? Don’t worry my friend you have landed on the perfect blog. In this write up we will show you the best way to do the same. However, before getting into the step by step solution, just go through the user query. Let’s get into it.

User Query:

Hi everyone,

I am curious after knowledge and especially your experiences with third-party tools to migrate mailbox from Office 365 to Office 365. Which tool do you like the best, and which one is the worst?


Major organizations are using Office 365 nowadays, as it enables a cloud-based storage platform, ensures high-end security. Which enables secure access to the organization’s data from any device at remotely. With the increasing popularity and user base of office 365, we frequently get questions asking for third-party tools for migrating mailboxes from one account to another in Office 365.

As there is no direct method for migrating one mailbox to another in office 365 provided by Microsoft. It is pretty difficult to use the traditional manual method for migration, also the manual solution can only move a single mailbox at a time.

Business Organizations search for a workaround to fasten the entire process. They look for an instant and user-friendly, powerful automated tool, which can easily migrate one mailbox to another in Office 365 within a short period of time without a bit of data loss.

There are few ways to carry out the migration. But, while executing these processes, the most important thing to keep in mind is data security. Some of these methods can create important data loss. That’s why it is always recommended to go with tried and tested way.

How to Migrate one Mailbox to Another in Office 365 Using Professional Software?

Even Microsoft stated that you should use a trusted third-party professional migrator tool. Therefore, we have introduced the Office 365 Data Migration Tool, which is capable of saving emails along with attachments with no data loss or modifications while performing the data migration in Office 365.

It takes minimum time and automated steps make it a one-stop solution. This is considered best when you are planning to migrate the mailbox to another mailbox in Office 365 without any hassle.

Some of the advanced features of this software, which give this utility an edge over other software available online.

  1. Migrate All Emails, Contacts, Calendar from Exchange 2013, 2016.
  2. 100% Data protection & integrity.
  3. Priority-based migration available.
  4. Migrates the Data that Arrived while migrating Old Data.
  5. Export Failed Items Again Without Creating Duplicates.
  6. Maintain Read / Unread Status of Emails in Destination Account.

Detailed Working Steps to Migrate one mailbox to another mailbox in Office 365

Download the above-mentioned tool and you can also avail free demo for 2 user accounts to migrate mailboxes across Office 365 accounts for free.

Step 1. After launching the software, select Office 365 as the source and destination then click on Next.


Step 2. This software will help you to migrate emails and other items documents, contact, calendar to another Office 365 account.


Step 3. This software also gives you an option to migrate selective data, by applying the date filter option. Apply Date Filter if you want and then click on Next to transfer Office 365 from one account to another.

Step 4. After that, log in using source tenant with Admin Email and Application ID and then validate permission clicking on validate button, then click Next.

Step 5. Following the same step, log in using destination tenant with Admin Email & Application ID, then click on the Validate button and then click Next.

Step 6. For fetching source tenant users you have to click on fetch users.

Also Read: How to Migrate Shared Mailbox to Office 365?

Step 7. You can see all source users are fetched, now import destination users. If you want to create a mapping between source and destination accounts this software provided us an option to do so. To do this you have to import the CSV file in which you will maintain the source & destination users to transfer Office 365 from one account to another.

Step 8. Once, users of source and destination are mapped, now click on the validate button to validate permissions.

Step 9. As source & destination permissions are validated. Now, start the migration process by click on the start button to transfer Office 365 from one account to another.


Step 10. The software will start migrating emails from one Office 365 to another Office 365 account. Wait for few minutes while the migration process is complete.

In case you need Re-Run Migration. The software provides us three options for Re-Run Migration.

1 – Retry Failed Migration: If items are failed in the initial migration process then, users can run this migration.

2 – Run Full Migration: If items are skipped in the previous migration process. Then, users can run Full Migration.

3 – Delta Migration: To migrate newly arrived data to the destination account, then users can run delta migration.

Concluding Words

Though manual migration method is available. However, it is quite difficult to migrate the office 365 mailbox to another account using the conventional method. It is not possible for everyone to go through this tough, technical, and time-consuming method.

Besides, it does not ensure data integrity while migrating one mailbox to another. Thus in this blog, we have explained the most reliable, effective, powerful software for migrating mailbox to another mailbox in Office 365 safely.

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