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How to Delete Macros from Excel Workbook?

Macros are an excellent tool for automating actions that are perform repeatedly. They speed up the process of getting things done in this manner, however there are situations in which you may wish to delete the macros from a workbook.

Deleting macros that are no longer necessary is one solid example of a practise that is often recommended. Your list of macros will be shorter as a result. Therefore, it will be simpler for you to see the macros that you really need.

In addition to that, it helps to reduce the file size of your workbook to a minimum and improves the performance.

Within the scope of this guide, we will investigate three uncomplicated approaches to delete macros from excel workbook.

Reasons to Delete Macros from Excel Workbook

You are free to remove a macro if you find that you no longer need its use. When unnecessary macros are removed, the Visual Basic Editor’s macros become simpler to examine in both the Code window and the Macro dialogue box. This is because the former deletes macros from excel workbook.

Using either the Macro dialogue box or the Visual Basic Editor, you may remove a macro from a workbook that is currently open. You have to first delete macros from excel workbook before you can use the Macro dialogue box to remove a macro that is stored in the Macro Workbook. When you use the Visual Basic Editor, one of the benefits is that you have the ability to remove any macro in any active workbook as well as the Macro Workbook without having to first unhide it.

Manual Methods for Excel Remove VBA Code from Worksheet

  1. View > Macros (under the Macros group). Choose Developer, then Macros (under the Code group).
  2. The Macro dialogue box opens. Left side of dialogue box lists all macros. Workbook macros may be deleted individually or in bulk to delete macros from excel workbook.
  3. Select a macro to remove it. CTRL-click numerous macros to remove them. To erase all macros, pick the first, hold SHIFT, then select the last.
  4. Right-click the dialogue box’s Delete button.
  5. Yes, remove the specified macros.
  6. All chosen macros should be erased.

Manual Methods Limitations

  1. High technical knowledge is required to delete macros from excel workbook.
  2. Time taking and lengthy process.
  3. Users can not remove the multiple macros at one time.
  4. Also, if your vba project file is corrupted, then you cannot delete macros from excel workbook.

Safest and Advance Solution to Remove Macros from Excel Document

Documents containing harmful macro code are often sent to vital sectors by cybercriminals. A lot of the time, these scripts may be found in documents that have been downloaded from the internet and execute automatically when accessed. Code is able to view the document, network, and system as a result of this. Microsoft made the decision to ban VBA macros accessed from the internet by default because of these concerns.

A safety risk alert stating “Microsoft has prohibited macros from executing because the origin of this file is untrusted” is now shown if you open such files. You don’t even have to access the VBA files to get rid of the harmful macro code when utilizing the BitRecover VBA Macros Remove Tool. You don’t even have to let the code influence your system if you put it in a different text file. All the detailed information and advance features are mentioned below to delete macros from excel workbook:

Superior and Advance Capabilities of the Software

  1. The software support all excel files including *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xls, *.xlt, *.xls files at one time.
  2. Also, users can easily remove the macros from the multiple vba project files at one time without any file size restrictions to delete macros from excel workbook.
  3. When users explore VBA macro projects on applications panel, it begins auto screening for macro malware. After scanning, the tool displays the project’s serial number, file name, source directory, VBA code, and VBA password.
  4. Malware hunters investigate files which may carry macro infections in a sandbox. The tool saves VBA code in a new text file.
  5. This utility may delete VBA project passwords. If you lost the password for your VBA file macros and modules, click Remove Password to delete the password and macro code.

How to Delete Macros from Excel Workbook?

  1. Open VBA Macro Remover, then choose either the Select Files or the Select Folders option from the drop-down menu.
    delete macros from excel workbook
  2. Choose a folder on your computer that contains an infinite number of VBA projects.
  3. At this point, it is evaluating and scanning the VBA projects while simultaneously adding them into the software GUI.
    scan VBA projects
  4. After that, you will be able to see VBA projects in the software panel along with extensive information about them to delete macros from excel workbook.
  5. Choose whether you want to choose all of the items from the software window or only the ones that are necessary.
  6. After that, choose the necessary VBA procedure, such as “Save VBA Code as Text Files” and “Remove VBA Code or Password.”
    choose VBA projects
  7. Now choose Save Document from the File menu and select a location on your computer’s hard drive where you want it saved. After that, click the option labelled Select Folder.
  8. The VBA macros were deleted, and a complete export of the code for the VBA macros was completed. When the completion notification appears in the pop-up window, choose “Ok” to confirm.

Time to Say Goodbye

Both a simple approach, professional method to delete macros from excel workbook are covered in this article. Because it is common knowledge that manual processes have drawbacks, consumers generally avoid using them if possible. We discussed a system that can eliminate macros from Excel documents and boasts improved functionality as a means of overcoming the constraints that exist. In addition, the software comes with the professional edition; however, users may test out the software using the free version first to get a feel for how it operates. Best way to remove macros from excel document

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