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How to make Math Relevant for Your Child through Tutoring

Introduction – Tutoring services in Calgary

We have heard many people say math is everywhere, but where is it? If math is everywhere, why do students run away from it? How can tutoring services in Calgary help with this?

Research depicts that getting comfortable with math tutoring services at an early stage predicts the cognitive abilities of your child. Studying Math since kindergarten is better than analyzing social or reading skills to predict the future academic success of your child.

There are several answers to this. Luckily, there are a few ways to get your child’s way around math.

Math and Tutoring – Tutoring services in Calgary

In Calgary math tutoring services are floating in numbers, but how many of them spark the interest of your child in math? How can you as a parent pay your role in igniting interest in math? Here we round up several ways that make your child more interested in math post his or her math tutoring session. 

Have a Cook-Off!

Competition is healthy, no matter where it is or between who it is. So, go in the kitchen with your child after a tutoring session and try to apply what they learned in the class today. 

Bake something together and ask your child how many cups of flour should be added to this much cocoa powder clears many of their concepts. You’ll see that in no time your child would be better equipped with division, multiplying, and simple addition and subtraction through this. 

Play Games that Involve Scores

Keeping track of time is not only a good skill to give to your child, but it also helps in math. Math tutoring sessions are usually short. Therefore, when you revise the concepts with your child and link them to real-life they become better learners. 

Play badminton with your child and keep score, or measure distances and heights of different objects. Ask your child questions like how much more score you need to win? Or how tall is your baseball bat? 

Managing an Event

Indulge your child when you’re planning a dinner party or a birthday. They can apply plenty of concepts that they learned in their math tutoring class. Include your child in shopping sprees for the party, or count the number of guests and the number of plates, cutlery, and napkins needed.   

Build that Treehouse Together

Plan a building project with your child that includes math concepts. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is as long as it involves critical thinking. For example, building a treehouse boosts cognitive skills as well as the mathematical skills of your child.

Evaluating a Time Table For Tutoring Services In Calgary

Planning on how your child should spend their time allows them to make out concepts such as counting, addition, and subtraction. This helps them to implement and understand the importance of maths in daily life.

Ending Note

No matter how good your tutoring service is whether you live in Calgary or around the globe, you always need to play your part as a parent. Therefore, plan out everyday activities that revolve around math and implement the concepts with your child. For more related articles

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