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Guide to the School Fees and Admission Process in Ahmedabad

The school fees in Ahmedabad ranges from Rs Rs 25,200 to Rs 2.54 lakh. So there is a variation in the fees of each school. The schools generally have a very transparent and lucid fee structure. You can easily check the official website of the school to know the exact fees of the schools. Also, look into additional charges about which we will discuss further in this article.

Structure of School fees in Ahmedabad 

Let’s look into the fee structure and break up of school fees in Ahmedabad

  1. Frequency of payment – You need to pay the fees every three months. Though the frequency is three, you can save money every month so that the big amount doesn’t pinch your pocket in the third month when you have to pay the fees.
  2. Application fees – If you are getting your child admission to a new school then you have to pay the application fees which are generally non-refundable.
  3. Additional cost – When you check the school fees, look into other costs such as transportation, books, and uniform because these are not generally covered in school fees.
  4. Late fees – Every school has a different late fee amount so you should also check that in advance in case you miss the date.

With so many fees to pay, you must be wondering that Ahmedabad school admission is difficult. But that is not true. Let me tell you why.

Ahmedabad School Admission made easy with low fees:

  1. 5% Waiver of inoculation – Many schools provide a 5% waiver on school fees if parents get fully vaccinated on or before 31st October. It is a good move as it will not only result in lowering of school fees but also it will have an impact on rising covid cases. 
  2. Scholarships – Most of the schools provide scholarships to students so that quality education is accessible to all. If you think that a particular school of your choice has a fee that seems unaffordable then please don’t eliminate that option at first because there might be scholarships available in that school. The scholarships are given based on merit in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Steps of getting a scholarship

  • Start early- If you want to grab a scholarship to get Ahmedabad school admission then you should start early so that you can do your research and get the high valued scholarship for your child.
  • Create a database– Make a list of schools that provide scholarships and then write down the names and criteria of scholarships of each school. This will give you a fair idea of whether your child is eligible for a scholarship in that school or not.
  • Apply – Once you have the list ready, start applying for scholarships that match your child’s profile. Read the instructions of the application thoroughly so that you do not miss the opportunity due to silly mistakes, add a strong statement of purpose that describes your child’s talents and skills. You should also describe your intent honestly.

Now after discussing Ahmedabad school admission and its fee structure let’s talk about how you can save more money so that you can pay the fees without missing the deadlines.

How do I save money for school fees in Ahmedabad?

We all want the best thing for our children. The purpose of saving money is so that you can pay the school fees in Ahmedabad with ease. 

Have you ever heard of the term school fees planning? If not, then let me tell you what that means and how it can be beneficial for your child’s future.

School fees planning is the planning by which you can pay the school fees without much hassle. For that, you need to consider the following things-

    1. Plan– Make a plan of how you are going to save money. Also, decide the target value you want to achieve. It would be great if you could incorporate school and college fees together so that you may not be left clueless after your child’s schooling completes. One important factor is that the sooner you plan the better you save. For example, if your child will get admission to school next year. Plan ahead, save ahead. 
    2. Find out monthly investment– Find out the amount you need to save in a month to achieve that goal. Divide the fees into monthly goals of savings that will ease the process. 
    3. Separate bucket of finance for your child- It would be great if you can keep a separate account for your child’s education. This will help you to avoid mixing it with other expenses and it will also help you to avoid the urge of spending the savings. 
    4. Mutual funds- invest in a  good mutual fund for your child’s needs. Start with Systematic Investment Plans ( SIP). A systematic investment plan is a popular method of investing. In SIP you invest a certain fixed amount at regular intervals usually every month. The best part of SIP is that you can decrease the amount if you feel you won’t be able to invest the predetermined amount. Similarly, you can increase the amount also. You can also look for a mix of large-cap and low-cap funds. 
    5. Save, Save, Save– You should save even the slightest amount that may seem insignificant then. For example, money that your child gets for birthdays, festivals. Because education is the best thing to invest in.
    6. Public provident fund (PPF)- It is a fifteen years plan in which parents can open a separate account in the name of their children and save money. Whenever there is a need for money, they can withdraw the amount after the end of six years. When a child becomes a grown-up adult and starts earning he can also contribute to that fund but there is a limit of 1.5 lakh per annum for parent and children contribution.


Every parent dreams to get his child’s admission to the best school. Sometimes parents skip good schools because of a lack of funds. You know what school fees are affordable if you use the right technique and plan beforehand. 

A child is like clay who will be shaped as per the surroundings and inputs. So to provide a good education you have to invest in his studies. And spending money on education is like investing in your child’s future. 

If your child studies well he can earn much more than that and quadruple the amount spent. So, choose wisely during your child’s Ahmedabad school admission. Think ahead of time and do better.

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