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How to Keep Your New Puppy Busy

The truth is, if you buy a German Shepherd Puppy in Badger, Wisconsin, this fact isn’t going to change much throughout their life. It doesn’t take long for new puppy parents to realize that puppies require much attention and work. While older dogs can be left at home while the owners go to school or work without too many problems, puppies need more attention.

Since it is impossible for new puppy parent’s to be with their new German Shepherd Puppy in Badger all the time, keeping them busy while at work or school can sometimes be challenging. Here are several tips on how to keep your puppy alive throughout the day. (Credit Information: SmithFarms German Shepherds)

Find a Dog Park

When you first buy your puppy, take them to the local dog park. Learning to socialize is very important for all dogs, but it is essential for young pups. It will take time before they can go to an off-leash area with other people and their dogs, so by taking them to a dog park, you will be able to keep them busy and surrounded by other dogs.

While at the dog park, always supervise your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger, Wisconsin. Even if they are playing with their kind, there may be older dogs that have bad temperaments. In addition to socializing, this will help your puppy learn how to be around other dogs while supervised.

Buy a Kibble Nibble

A kibble nibble is an edible dog toy. They are incredibly easy to make and can keep your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger, Wisconsin, busy for hours. It will take them at least 15 minutes to finish a kibble toy, and since it is a food-based activity, you can feel good about keeping them busy.

Take the time to buy a bag of plain flour before you purchase all of your other dog supplies. You want to buy unflavored flour so that it doesn’t flavor the meal-replacement snack. In a bowl, mix the flour with one egg and a small amount of water. Shape into hole-less golf ball-sized dough balls before putting them into the freezer for your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger to enjoy later that night.

Teach Your Pet Tricks

Enrolling your puppy in a dog trick class is a great way to keep them busy. When they are being trained, you must focus all of your attention on just them. This will help them learn that they are unique to you and need to pay attention to you the entire time.

Take Your Pet on Walks

Taking your puppy out for walks provides several benefits. Not only is a walk a great way to bond, but it also gives them some exercise. In addition, going for a walk is an excellent way to relieve energy that could cause your puppy to chew up your belongings.

Always buy the best dog leash and collar before you take your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger out on walks. It is always better to buy quality products right off the bat instead of buying replacements every month or so.

Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Teaching your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger, Wisconsin, to fetch is one of the best ways to keep them busy. There are two parts of this process you will need to teach your dog: bringing and giving.

Start by placing a ball on the ground near your dog. Please give them a command to get it, but only let them take a few steps before bringing it back on its own. Soon enough, they will learn that going for a walk isn’t so bad after all. When they are retrieving the ball on their own, you can start adding in giving as well.

Keep Your Dog Busy with Chew Toys

No matter how old your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger becomes, they will always need to chew. This is another helpful tip that will allow them to put all of their energy into something they can enjoy. In addition to keeping them busy, chewing toys will also help with the teething process.

Please make sure you buy your puppy a chew toy before they are six months old. Not only will this reduce the risk of choking, but it will also prevent them from destroying household items and furniture as well.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to keeping your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger, Wisconsin, busy, dog obedience training is an absolute must. This dog obedience training guide is dedicated to bringing you all the information you need to buy a German Shepherd Puppy in Badger and keep it healthy and active for years to come. We cover everything from buying German shepherd puppies in Badger, taking care of them when they get older, and much more. By following these tips, you will be able to help your German Shepherd Puppy in Badger, Wisconsin, remain busy.

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