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Pets & Animals

Protect Your Home From Raccoon Damage

Houston Raccoon Removal Services 

Raccoons are no strangers to Mother Nature. They typically mate in the fall but if you’re looking for a furry friend with an inquisitive mind who loves exploring new places then look no further because these adorable creatures have been around since colonial times when they were used as ratters on ships traveling across waterways! Raccoon kits usually come out between March-June which means there’s plenty more time left before summer rolls around again so don’t forget about us Americans. Before they enter your home you should learn some raccoon removal techniques.

Signs that raccoons are on your property include the following:

  • Singing in trees 
  • Breaking windows to get at food inside houses or sheds  
  • Drinking from garden hoses without turning them off first (this can cause problems if they aren’t heavy enough) 

Try identifying where their ramping holes might be by looking around outside, since this type of animal likes using these kinds. If you see any signs mentioned here then talk with experts who specialize in taking down wild animals like black bears!

Damages Caused By Raccoons

Raccoons are clever and dexterous enough to get inside homes through any available gap. They’ll chew or dig their way up until they reach your attic, at which point raccoons will use this space as a den for raising young ones. We’ve seen soffits pried down by these pesky creatures, siding pulled off due their efforts–even roof vents destroyed! 

If you have a gable vent, it would be wise to take the time right now and look up in your attic. You may not think that raccoons can get into an opening as small as yours but thousands do every year! The lightweight screens put by many manufacturers are just not sturdy enough for these animals with their ingenious strength when they’re trying so hard against all odds just like this one was-praying themselves through louvers or pulling apart boards until enough space opened up allowing them entry.

As raccoons are able to claw through the roof of your home, they will be able to access all parts including insulation. The material in this area often leaves people feeling vulnerable because it’s so poorly constructed that even a small animal can easily penetrate its outer layer and cause extensive damage before being stopped by anything other than death or injury from an owner who catches them at their work (and many don’t). Not only does this allow heat escaping into our homes more quickly during cold months but also encourages Squirrel activity which may lead up problems with other animals looking for shelter

Protect Your Property From Raccoons

Raccoons are crafty creatures that can cause a lot of damage if they’re not dealt with quickly. If you find any signs, talk to your local raccoon control specialist!

How To get Rid Of Raccoons

  1. Raccoons are pesky creatures that can be a real nuisance for homeowners. One way to keep these pests out of your home is by installing screens or netting on all entry points leading into the foundation where they’ll most likely try their luck, as well as durable hardware at those spots too!
  2. Caulking can keep raccoons and other unwanted wildlife away by sealing entry points like roof vents, plumbing mats or walls.
  3. Wild animals can be a nuisance in your neighborhood. They cause damage to property, attack humans and pets alike! But fear not – we have the solution for you with our animal removal services that will get rid of these pests once-and-for all.

Raccoon Removal Services

When you call us, we’ll make sure your property is safe from wildlife. With our one-way release systems and natural ways of protecting them as well – that’s what sets us apart!

We all know that raccoon trapping can be tricky. You want to make sure the animals are taken care of properly and in a safe manner, but it’s not easy when homemade traps fail with larger species like Raccoons! Luckily for you we have some tips from professionals at our disposal who will show how they do things differently than any other company out there- giving your home or business peace of mind knowing each job gets done right every time.

Elite Wildlife Services and their experts know some animals are more trouble than others. This is why our team works quickly and efficiently to get rid of unwanted wildlife in a way that only leaves your home or business safer for humans!

Our advanced traps will capture raccoons safely so they can be removed without worry about pets being scratched by these pests on their journey into submission – it’s all too common an occurrence when people try solving the problem themselves with ineffective methods like poison baiting (which actually makes matters worse). With us around though? No more sleepless nights worrying if you’ll ever see those little eyes again because now everything falls under control before anything happens.

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