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How to Buy Speakers for Your Home

It’s also not an effective way to buy home audios. There are too many ways to meet very different needs. This article will help you identify your personal needs and make the right purchase of speakers.

The best way to narrow down your options is to decide how you plan to use the new speaker. Each part of this article begins with a question. If the question identifies any of your needs, read more and find out which products are recommended to us.

Want to turn on the smart wireless speaker?

This category of product is called mobile speakers and is very popular. Because smartphones and tablets control our time, these speaker are compact, futuristic, battery-powered and equipped with certified features. It’s good to use them all over the house and you can put them in a bag and hang out with them.

Most of them have a Bluetooth connection, which is a common radio protocol found in almost all cell phones and laptops. The great thing about Bluetooth is that you don’t need audio cables to connect the music player to the speaker. Just turn on Bluetooth on your device and connect it to your cell phone speaker (usually a few clicks or taps) and you can listen.

When buying a mobile phone, do not assume that everyone has Bluetooth. There are not many speakers. Another thing to keep in mind is that the perception of sound quality varies greatly. What is decisive and “capable” for one person can cause the opposite reaction in another. Size is also an important factor. Yes, the smaller the speaker, the easier it is to carry, but it is not as complete as the larger variant.

More expensive speakers in this category usually have good sound quality, but that doesn’t mean that all the cheaper options will be bad. Read customer reviews and get advice from an experienced B&H dealer (you can contact them by e-mail, direct chat or 1-800-606-6969). Although Bose® phones are not perfect, they offer great features. Many low-cost models, such as the JBL Flip 4, offer considerable performance at this price.

Want wireless speakers at home?

Portable speaker is useful, but not everyone is looking for a battery-powered device to ride with. There is a lot to say for speakers that are in the same place in the house and do not require any charging or battery replacement. This category of speaker is called home wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers that connect power to a wall have their advantages. They often have integrated amplifiers that are more powerful than their batteries, allowing for higher volumes. Because they don’t move, they’re more likely to be there when you need to use them (as opposed to putting them in a regular beach bag).

Many wireless speakers have a Bluetooth connection, but some connect to your Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet router. Sonos, one of the most popular wireless home speakers, has no Bluetooth connection. These speakers are completely dependent on the home network. The advantage of using a network via Bluetooth is Coverage. Hidden range from about 30 to 40 feet (give or take depending on conditions). This limitation is obvious when using Bluetooth speakers. Enter the device from behind a nearby room or wall and your music may be interrupted. Wireless speakers on the network do not have this problem.

In addition to Sonos, there are other popular options, including Marshall sound systems with built-in Bluetooth, which visually resemble Jimi Hendrix guitar amplifiers. The owners of these systems praise both the sound quality and the overall design and execution. The JBL Link 20 is a good choice for those on a budget that also has Bluetooth and above-average sound quality.

Do you want traditional speakers for your Room?

High-tech wireless speakers that tick all the boxes aren’t a great solution. If you have an A / V receiver or a traditional home system that needs speakers, you need a different product. In these cases, column speaker or bookshelf speakers are required.

These speakers have no built-in amplifiers, Bluetooth connectivity or wireless connectivity. They are just speakers. You connect them with an old-fashioned speaker cable. It’s a basic concept that has been nearly identical for nearly a century.

When buying such a product, you need to match the power of the speakers with the power of the amplifier. This can be very technical, but fortunately, this complexity doesn’t have to be done. You can make it easier by making sure that the power of the amplifier is greater than the power of the speakers.

People often worry about damaging speaker due to their strength; however, it is always better if the amplifier is more powerful than the speakers. Why? If the amplifier is too low, it will have to put more effort into powering the speakers, and that extra work can significantly shorten the life of the receiver.

How do you pair the speaker to your system?

First set the “Maximum Output Power” specification for an amplifier. Find the model number of your system and examine it. Note that no manufacturer generally uses the term “maximum output power”. The watt indication can give a different feel. When you find a pair of speakers you like, make sure their maximum processing power is less than the amplifier’s maximum power.

The following is an example. The maximum output power of the Harman Kardon HK 3770 receiver is 120 W. Speakers The Sony SS-CS5 has a maximum computing power of 100 W. Thanks to the simple rule that the amplifier is more powerful than the speakers, this receiver combination and suitable speaker. Again, it is recommended that you contact an experienced B&H dealer when installing the system.

The Yamaha NS-6490 is a good choice for bookshelf speakers. They are three-way speakers, which means they have three separate speakers: subwoofer, midrange and treble for more dynamic sound reproduction. These speakers are generally inexpensive, and owners are generally very happy with the sound quality.

Do you want speakers for your TV?

Most of the TV’s built-in speakers don’t offer much accuracy, but there are plenty of external speakers that can improve listening. The usual solution is to buy a surround sound system. This includes placing five or more speakers in the room and a subwoofer. If it sounds great, look for soundtracks that are loud, cramped and a lot less boring.

If you are looking for ambient noise, it is up to you to determine the size of your system. They include 5.1 (5 speakers and a secondary server) to 11.2 (11 speakers and two secondary servers). There are two types of surround systems to choose from: home theatre boxes (often referred to as HTiB) and home theatre receivers. The great thing about HTiB systems is that they offer everything you need in one package. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the speaker output to the amplifier output, because the manufacturer made this measurement for you.

The Onkyo HT-S3900 is a good choice for this. It’s a 5.1 system with great sound quality and a simple setup process. Do you want to spend less? Look at the Samsung HT-J4500W. This 5.1 kit includes a 3D Blu-ray player. Owners appreciate the sound quality and ease of installation.

Another way to set up a surround sound system is to purchase a home theatre receiver and essential speakers separately. Of course, there is a more complicated process here. You can learn a lot about this by reading the B&H Home Theater Guide; It is highly recommended that you contact a B&H sales representative. The advantage of setting up your system is that you can mix and match the receiver and speakers to get exactly the layout you need.

There are many options for a surround sound receiver, but if you want to use a 7.1 system, the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A870 is a good system. This receiver offers great sound quality and has some interesting tricks up its sleeve, such as the ability to update the video to near 4K UHD resolution and connect it to your home network. If you want a bigger budget of around 7.1 you should consider Denon AVR-X2300W. It offers great sound and has advanced features like Bluetooth, WiFi and Apple AirPlay support.


Hope this article has given you a better idea of which speaker to buy for your home entertainment system. We want you to leave the imaginary car with the perfect cabin, truck or speakers, depending on your specific needs.

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