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Learn Noorani Qaida

Then, we will learn Noorani Qaida Online in which we’ll begin the Quran starting from the basics.

It means we’ll begin with a Scratch, because some students did not know about Tajweed and what is Qaida and How to read Alphabets.

As children are currently learning, so in tajweed Rules, we’ll begin at the beginning and will explain to our students that he is aware of the rules using an extremely simple method.

Online Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a crucial course that our educators of the future can benefit from.

It’s about understanding the Arabic alphabet prior to starting the Quran.

Our comprehensive Noorani Qaida online classes for both adults and children are taught by skilled and knowledgeable Noorani Qaida online teachers.

This is the most fundamental method for students to understand the Quran and lay an excellent foundation.

If you fail to grasp this basic course, you won’t be able to comprehend the Quran effectively.

The course begins with the basics of the Arabic alphabet, before moving on to word creation and is a major focus of poetry creation in the subsequent classes.

The Quran is a relic of Arabic. Every language has their own set of alphabets symbols, rules, and guidelines. Similar is the case for Arabic.

For those who want to learn about the Quran it is vitally crucial to be conversant with how to read the Arabic alphabet.

How do you know what Noorani Qaida does?

The Noorani Qaida is a brief book for children that can help greatly in making reading the Quran more fluid.

Learn Noorani Qaida educational programme provides corrections to the pronunciation of Qur’anic terms.

For those who are not Arabs, it can be beneficial to study Noorani al-Qaida’s Qur’anic pronunciation in Arabic.

Noorani Qaida has approximately 12 smaller chapters. Each class is a different set of exercises for youngsters.

After we have learned all the Chapters of Noorani Qaida and then we proceed into the initial paragraphs in the Quran.


If you reside in one of the European states, it is possible that you might not be familiar with the name Noorani Qaida.

Noorani Qaida was carrying out studies within India’s Indian subcontinent for a long time.

Learning Noorani Qaida can be the initial step towards learning the Quran. Through studying your children (including adult learners) will gain a better understanding how to pronounce the Quran.

This is why our experienced professional and experienced teachers always start with the perspective that is Noorani Qaida.

What Method we Use for Kids to Learn Noorani Qaida Online

We will also teach Quranic Qaida where students can master the entire Tajweed rules.

There aren’t any books specifically designed specifically designed for tajweed, since we have never liked books on tajweed that are difficult for students.

We design our Course Work using an extremely simple method that can be beneficial for students, especially for children.

The best Noorani Qaida instructors to instruct Qaida professionally:

Alhadiqa academy is committed to offering highly skilled tutors for instructing students the Quran online.

  1. They earned the Ijazahs certificate from the top Islamic institution situated in Egypt: Al-Azhar University.

2- All of our Noorani Qaida teachers are native Arabs. We also only recruit Quran teachers who communicate fluently in English.

3- Qaida for beginners is simple because of these experienced instructors who employ new strategies and methods in their classes.

4- Our teacher employs this 3D mouth picture to help guide the pronunciation of words as well as the right pronunciation tips.

  1. They took part in seminars and earned various certificates in the effective teaching of various institutions, which distinguished them from other teachers.

We guarantee that you will never regret letting yourself and your child join the Noorani Qaida program.

What Are Arabic Alphabets & How We Will Understand Their Signs?

In the beginning, we will begin with Singular Letters that is in Alphabetical Order it’s mean Singular letter that does not have any symbol (Empty of the signs) Then we will look at the signs.

What is Harakat (Signs) You Must Know for Learn Noorani Qaida Online

The Signs are used to follow the letter in order to comprehend the sounds of the letter using its Signs.

For instance, In Quranic Qaida we will know about this kind of Sings which help students to learn to read Quran Correctly.

The Signs include:

1- Consonants (Sakin Words)

2- Short Vowels (Harakat (Signs)

3- Long Vowels (Maddah Letters)

4- Tanween Signs

5- Soft Vowels (Leen Letter)

6- Noon Sakin & Tanween

7- Meem Sakin

8- Rules of Raa

9- Rules of Lam

10- Noon e Qutni

11- Waqf (Stopping Signs)

How We Will Teach Tajweed

Our teacher begins the tajweed lesson by introducing the pronunciation of the alphabets.

During which the teacher checks the students’ IQ and instruct pupils according to their willingness and power.

The students learn tajweed rules step-by-step through the lessons Information, So in Qiratul Quran teachers can teach the students with the most effective and friendly atmosphere, so why are you waiting around?

Join us today and get your Free Trial Class.

Can I Recite Holy Quran After Learning Noorani Qaida?

The majority the students (mature people) think that they are able to be recite the Quran for as long as they study Noorani Qaida.

This notion is false. Noorani Qaida Learning can only help you recognize the meaning from the Quran.
You can however be able to recite the Quran in a rhythmic manner after you have completed the whole “Quran and Taj Grass” course.

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