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Top Ways to Cut Costs on Your Next Move

How much do packers and movers charge for household shifting services in Delhi? What are the packers and mover charges in Mumbai? How much does it cost to hire interstate packers and movers in Bangalore?

These are the few common questions people in India always ask because we all know that relocation is not only time-consuming, stressful but also expensive.

From packing the goods to hiring professional packers and movers and loading, and unloading the goods, each step costs a lot.

Most people consider DIY over hiring movers and packers so that they can save money.

But, in real packers and movers help you to save your time and money. Yes, they are the experts who know how to handle the move effectively and efficiently.

With their expertise, knowledge, and experiences, they help you to relocate effortlessly.

If you think household shifting in India can be an expensive affair for you and you can afford packers and movers services in your area then read this article.

Here we will tell you the easiest and smartest ways to cust costs on your move.

Let’s see a few tips to save money during a household move in India.

How to Save Money During Move?

Whether you are moving across the streets or the country, relocation will cost you a lot. However, there are a few tips that can help you save money while moving to a new home.

Here are a few tips to cut costs on your move: –

Arrange moving boxes

If you think DIY move can help you to save money then you are mistaking or have forgotten the cost of buying packaging materials. Because buying moving boxes and other packaging materials can cost you a lot. To save money on packing materials, try to arrange as many free boxes as possible. You can contact any vendor nearby for free boxes. They have abundant moving boxes and can provide you some free of cost. Or, you can also get these free from your friends or relatives who have recently moved house and have boxes.

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Get Multiple Moving Quotes

Hiring packers and movers for intercity moving can cost you several thousand rupees. But thankfully, there are several professional movers and packers also who provide quality moving services at affordable prices. You can collect moving quotes from the top reliable moving companies in India that meet your requirements.

Collect the moving quotes from top reputed house shifting companies and compare their charges. This will help you to hire the company that is offering the best deal. Get quotations at least from three removal companies and compare packers and mover charges.

Choose The Moving Date and Time Wisely

Summer is the peak moving season when most people like to relocate. This is because of the good weather condition. But, this is also the busiest season for the packers and movers. Hence, they cost higher moving fees during this peak time. If you want to save money on your move then choose a suitable time which is appropriate for your move as well as for your budget.

Pack Everything by Yourself

Instead of availing full packers and movers services, you can hire movers and packers only for goods transportation services, the rest of the work can be done by yourself. Start packing your goods by yourself.

First, categorize the goods and know what you will take and leave behind. Make a list of the goods you will take along with you and start packing them using the right packaging materials. Packers and mover charges depend on several things amongst which the weight of your belongings is the primary cost-affecting factor.

Packers and movers Mumbai to Delhi charges will be depending on the number of goods they will pack and move. You can save on packing costs by doing it yourself.

Get Help From Your Friends

Ask your friends for help if you are doing it yourself. Because the DIY move is not as easy it sounds to be. You would definitely need someone’s help to get it done effectively. Moving heavy items is not easy nor does it safe to handle the items alone. If you want to have a safe and smooth move then get help from your friends.

Declutter Before Moving

The unwanted goods that you don’t use or will not use in the future should be discarded. Because carrying them will not only increase the burden, but also the moving expenses. So, get rid of all those stuff that are not in use, the old items that are now outdated or damaged and you want to replace them with new ones, etc. You can reduce the moving cost, packing cost, and transportation cost. This is the easiest way to cut costs during a household move.


House shifting is neither easy nor cheap but with all the above-mentioned tips you can cut costs on your next big move and save money. Also, it is advisable to relocate with professional movers and packers only. you shouldn’t take a risk of damaging your possessions or injuring yourself just to save a few pennies during a household move.


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