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We collaborated with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) to develop guidelines for hosting a safe hang gliding or paragliding event. Although these are best practices, you are the authority on the activities you supervise. A great host is continually thinking of new methods to keep everyone secure.

Set the appropriate expectations.

Make it explicit in the description of your experience if there are any health, fitness, or other conditions that must be met in order to enjoy the event safely. This includes providing information on the duration of the task, any weight or height requirements, the level of activity and fitness required, and the requisite skill levels.

The ATTA has put together a handbook to help you communicate with guests about the skill level required for your hang gliding or paragliding experience:

Gliding from a cliff

Beginner: A basic ‘panoramic’ commercial tandem flight, often lasting 15-25 minutes and departing from a designated hang gliding take-off zone and landing in a flat, safe landing spot.


Beginner: A regular commercial tandem flight, usually lasting 15-25 minutes and departing from a designated paragliding take-off zone and landing in a flat, safe landing place.

Intermediate: Similar to novice, but with a riskier take-off and landing zone, such as landing in mountainous locations, near forests, or on crowded beaches.

Frequently communicate with your visitors.

You can use Airbnb clone script messaging system to introduce yourself and make your guests feel welcome and prepared once they book. Make it clear that you’re accessible to answer any queries they may have.

Inquire if any of your guests have any health issues that would prevent them from participating. This could be anything from a food sensitivity to a cardiac problem. Make sure you understand what changes you’ll be able to or willing to make to accommodate them. If guests have a fear of heights, vertigo, or flying, you should be aware of this so that it may be adequately treated if they want to continue with the experience. It may seem self-evident, but make sure that all guests are aware that they should not take any alcohol or drugs prior to the encounter.

You should establish an environment where your visitors feel free to ask questions at any time. Anticipate common sources of concern (such as how to use the bathroom on your experience, expectations for interaction with others, etc.). Address these worries head-on–and make yourself available to answer these and any other questions you may have along your journey.

Listen with patience and genuine concern, and try to imagine yourself in the shoes of your visitors. This could include details such as whether food, snacks, or water will be provided, whether they should bring their own water bottle, and what restroom facilities are available. This includes making sure guests have the necessary fitness to enjoy the experience. what equipment you give, and the characteristics of the items they must provide, such as a pack for carrying personal items, proper footwear, and clothing layers for hang gliding or paragliding. Before your guests have to inquire, try to address their worries. What may seem routine to you may be difficult or frightening to your visitors, so clear communication is essential for a safe and pleasurable encounter.

Check local rules and weather forecasts.

You should have enough local knowledge to know when and whether it’s safe to fly. As well as what restrictions or regulations apply to the places where you can fly. You’ll need meteorological equipment like anemometers to get an exact wind speed reading. Which direction the wind is blowing, as well as aeronautical meteorological forecasts to determine whether flying is acceptable and safe.

Set the tone for the experience with a pre-experience briefing.

We recommend training visitors on what to expect and what they will need to accomplish during the trip. Before you fly, chat to your visitors about it. What they will encounter and how they may make the most of it.

As a hang or paragliding host, you should continually check your visitors’ abilities–while briefing on the ground. Taking off, descending, and preparing for the landing. Continue to check in with the visitors to see how they’re doing. To see whether they’re comfortable with the situation.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment.

Confirm with your guests that they are comfortable in their passenger harness and that they have been briefed on the components of the tandem hang glider or paraglider, and that they are satisfied that the equipment has been properly installed with pre-flight checks performed and that the equipment will be maintained and inspected in accordance with the governing body regulations.

The helmet you give, as well as any goggles, must be clean, functional, and fit the guest.

Always keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand at your take-off and landing zones.

Select the appropriate circumstances.

In order to fly, the weather conditions must be safe and steady, regardless of the degree of hang and paragliding. The weather restrictions will be outlined in your country’s FAI (World Air Sports Federation) approved regulations. Which must be followed for the safety of you, your passengers, and other air users.

Prepare an emergency plan.

You should have tandem instructors with current first aid and CPR certification as hang gliding or paragliding host. It’s best to obtain a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) certification. As well as CPR certification if you’ll be more than an hour away from medical assistance. You should have a lot of flying experience in the areas and conditions where you’ll be gliding with your guests.

Which could include injury, as well as unexpected weather, turbulence, wind gusts, clouds, and reduced visibility. Learn more about putting together an emergency plan.

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