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Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones Review

Introduction: Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones Review, You may not have heard of Ausdom, or Shenzen Ausdom Cloud Technology Co., just yet, and that could be for a great many reasons, the most obvious of which is the fact that the company specialises in Cloud IP cameras.

Over the course of the past few years, the company started dipping its toes into the realm of audio equipment and has produced a line of power headphones whose sales are picking up momentum.

There are three locally known editions within the headphone line, the M04, the M05, and the M06.

This review focuses on the M04, the flagship headphones that are making people reevaluate just what it is that they want out of a headset. Ausdom markets this as a hands-free, deep bass, high sensitivity, stereo wireless headset.

We’ll try to nitpick at all of these various features for your reading pleasure, keeping in mind that the company has only just started spreading its wings over mainstream clientele.

Build Quality & Design

Right off the bat, the Ausdom M04 commands authority. It’s a robust, pitch-black, over-the-year headset with earpieces that sport an original, futuristic, intricate design. The padded headband is extendable thanks to sliders on either side, offering a good, snug and stable fit.

It’s is made of soft, cushioned leather, as are the ear pads. The interesting thing about the M04 is that it can be worn by both right- and left-handed people and the earpieces and be switched at leisure.

Regardless of which commands they tend to use the most, and of where the small ‘R’ and ‘L’ inscriptions are on the earpieces.

The ear cups swivel for optimum storage, and the entire ensemble weighs around 200g.

On the left side, there’s the microphone, conveniently raised and with a grille painted in grey to stand out from the black casing. All the commands are at the bottom of the earpieces.

And the silver buttons are all flush with the casing, with a raised dot in the centre for guidance.

A simple yet brilliant feature is that The Power On, Volume Down and Up buttons are aligned in this order, which minimizes the risk of selecting the wrong command.

On the right earpiece, the Play/Pause button is in the middle, while the Fast Forward and the Rewind button lie on either side.

The Play button doubles up to accept incoming calls. The mini-USB jack is at a close distance from the Rewind button, and it features a hinged cover.

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Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones Review

Sound Quality

Even at full blast, the M04 will not disappoint. The audio spectrum picks up everything from 20Hz to 20KHz, for optimum coverage of both deep bass and high pitches.

It’s worth mentioning that there are competing brands that can go farther on the spectrum for the same price, such as the ATH-M20x, which goes from 5 to 40,000 Hz.

They work well with both playback and phone calls, and audio levels can be adjusted easily to suit your needs. However, they do not feature noise-cancelling capabilities. And when the built-in mic is used to carry out phone conversations, loud noises will interfere.

The sound is rich, the noise is isolated passively, and the microphone is sensitive enough to enhance voice transmissions.

With a speaker diameter of 44mm, these power headphones will keep sound flowing smoothly inside the over-ear chamber, even at amplified frequencies supported by its 64 Ohm impedance.

It’s probably worth mentioning that these headphones don’t feign to live up to what professional Audio-Technica headsets can deliver. Especially as they are open, not closed-back.

While they can still be used for studio work and amateur music production, their mainstay is delivering midrange frequencies with a clarity that is not overpowering but not flattened, either.

The focus is on the bass, and when you take this as your reference point, you will find that they don’t disappoint.

Best Features

The Ausdom M04 comes in a simple, black, cardboard box with a plastic foil housing the headset. Unlike what you’d expect, the headset comes with a miniUSB cable, not a micro USB cable. All the control buttons are on the earpad housing,

When the headset is powered on, it automatically pairs with your computer using Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. It also comes with a 3.5 mm audio cable, allowing you to switch from wired stereo to wireless streaming.

Its rechargeable 400mAm battery promises to last for about 18 hours of continuous play, but here we’d like to take a more prudent approach and to give it credit for about 15 hours.

The standby time is also a bit optimistic in our book, but even though it may not really deliver 250 hours’ worth of juice, it will still last for nearly ten days, which is still good enough, considering it only takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

Verdict: Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

We have reached the end of our Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones  Review. The bottom line is that these are solid, classically built headphones with sleek, futuristic design, rich, immersive sound, good battery. Excellent connectivity, great functionality and a tempting price tag.

However, there are better-known brands out there, local ones, that offer even more bang for your buck. That could potentially offer faster servicing and maintenance for the price. So, with a risk of sounding subjective, we would have to say that this headset is probably best for those living in or travelling to the Far East regularly.

Given that it’s an inexpensive headset, it could still be worth buying if used as a backup headset for heavier, larger studio headphones. If you can overlook possible issues with repair work for this affordable, open, over-ear headset. And you’re not interested in professional studio equipment. Though, the headphones will serve you well as a recreational audio solution.

Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Connectivity Bluetooth v3.0
Playtime 18 hours
Standby time 250 hours
Charging time 2-3 hours
Speaker diameter 40mm
Sensitivity 103±3dB
Impedance 64Ω

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