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When Should I Call a Plumber?

It is definitely a virtue to know whenever you have exceeded your area of capability. This goes in every direction but especially when dealing with your home plumbing. If you have had Plumbing experience in the past then this article may not be for you.
When it comes to dealing with simple clogs in the toilet or sink you definitely want to try the plunger or even a small snake first. Sometimes you can dislodge the clog yourself with minimal effort.
When it comes to leaking pipes you may be able to handle this as well. There are pipe leak patch kits available at most hardware stores. If you can see the leak and have easy access to it, then why not give it a shot yourself? Make sure to turn off your water first of course.
If you have a leak in the wall, stubborn clog, a slab leak, or any other plumbing issue where you feel outmatched, it’s probably the best idea to call a licensed plumber.

Benefits of hiring a licensed plumber

  • Licensed plumbers are insured. If they screw something up there are actions to recoup your damages.
  • They know what they are doing. By the time the plumber reaches your front door, he’s had hundreds if not thousands of hours of training and on hand experience.
  • The right fix for the right problem. When you at it alone, there is a very good chance you are employing the wrong fix for the problem. A plumber’s strength is his ability to diagnose properly.

Jake, a plumber in Melbourne, FL said the following: “Sometimes we can be in an out in less than an hour. Many times the person who calls us has already wasted several hours trying to fix it themselves. Most times it’s best to call expert right away.”.

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