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General WFH Transcription Career

In this covid-19 situation, online work from home is coming like the biggest boon for the economy. Companies are completely switching to online mode, and freelancing is becoming a new fashion. There are innumerable jobs available online, and one such job is a transcription job. This job is one of the most straightforward jobs in which you can earn a good amount of money if you have proper skills. But not everything that seems easy is easy.

Because of the competition in this field, starting your career to become a transcriber is difficult. Because of the increasing demand and revenue, this industry is overpopulated with professionals and skilled people. But you do not need to worry as you have landed on the perfect page. In this article, we will be describing how to start your general work-at-home transcription career in one go. We have some special tips and companies that will instantly hire you if you are favorable for the job.

Do you know what a transcriber is? Well, a transcriber is a person who is responsible for converting audio recordings, meetings, drafts, and many more things into written format. This job seems easy, but if you aren’t possessing some important skills, then this job is not for you. In this article, we will be mentioning some of the important skills, some important companies, and some ideas to start your career as a transcriber. Let’s start with this complete guide to become a transcriber.

What is a transcriptionist job?


A transcriptionist as mentioned above is a person who has a specialization in the documentation. After serious training and some patience, you will become a transcriber and be able to convert audio into written form accurately and speedily.

There are some government seats also in this field as if you want to go in the legal section or want to go in the medical section. In these sectors, there is a high demand for a transcriptionist, and if you want to apply in this field you have to be perfectly familiar with the vocabulary of both sectors. For example, if you want to become a medical section transcriber, then you should know the spelling and meaning of all the medical-related terms which is quite difficult.

The work of a transcriber is varied and depends on the company which is hiring you. If you want to become a general transcriptionist, then you have to first build your portfolio describing your skills in it. Transcriber should have accuracy, and commitment towards his/her job. Your work can include reading a document and then converting it into a more precise draft or hearing a speech and converting that speech into a written format.  You can also be asked to attend the meeting and convert each and everything said in a meeting into a written format.

Transcription service is in a demanding phase right now and many companies, organizations, and individuals are hiring transcribers every month or hourly basis. If you are confused about whether this is the right job for me or not, then take your time and think about these mentioned aspects. Transcriptionist jobs will be in demand in the next 20-30 years which can give you job security. Also, if you are possessing proper skills, then you can earn up to $30 per hour. Also, you can give many online tests that will give you extra confidence whether you should go for this job or not.

How to get started as a transcriptionist?

The transcriptionist job can be performed in both online and offline mode. If you want to start your career in online mode or work from home mode then you have to decide in the initial phase. Many people want to start their journey as a transcriber, but do not know where to start. They are not able to start their general work-at-home transcription career because they are not aware of the possibilities and opportunities.

If you are facing some dilemmas in starting regarding your choice, stay calm and follow the article. You might also be wondering if to perform training or to join a transcriber course to become a professional, it all depends on your skills. Any transcriber course will only teach you the basics, it is only you who has to take those basics to the pro-level and earn a good amount of money. Find an online transcriber test and if you can crack it with a good score, no need to join any course, but if you fail, then you can join any course and program.

Your training schedule and other steps also depend on your future goals. If you want to make this work your livelihood profession, then there is no harm in attending some courses and gaining as much knowledge as you can. Learning in and out of the work from a professional transcriptionist will help you in the long run. There are multiple career opportunities in this industry with plenty of benefits. So, if you want to give a huge fly to your career then you should possess these skills and tools.

Skills Required to Become a General Work from Home Transcriptionist

In this section, we will focus on some skills that are required to become a professional transcriptionist. You cannot filter the work that is approaching you, thus, only proper skills and work experience can save you in the long run. There will be a situation where you have to convert a written document of such an audio file that will be difficult to understand and is of low quality, but the right work experience and skill can only take you out. Some skills like computer skills, online research skills, hearing skills, writing skills can be essentially required to become a professional general transcriptionist. Here are some skills required to become a professional transcriptionist.

  • Hearing skills
  • Learning skills
  • Writing skills
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Fast typing speed
  • Elegant accuracy
  • Fluent speaking
  • Communication skills

If you want to achieve some big heights in this field, then your communication skills and typing speed plays a drastic role. The way you communicate with the client and the way you convince them will help you a lot in the long run. There are some special computer programs that you should be aware of and try your hands on them before your smooth workflow. Also, make sure you are perfectly fluent in the language in which you are going to write. Grammar knowledge, spelling-making skills, and typing speed play a major role in deciding your lead in this field.

In the next section, we will be bringing some ideas that will help you in making a good career in this field.

  • If you are new in this field, try practicing as a transcriber on your own. You can make use of a headphone and start converting some audio in the written format. If you can easily convert those audios in a written format, you can easily become a transcriptionist in one go. Do not take help from any software in starting.
  • You can also join any online transcriptionist course that will help you in giving small initial experience and boost.
  • You should be practicing regularly without any break.
  • Start reading the dictionary and start improving your vocabulary.
  • You should gain some knowledge about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) and Internet Monitoring Gadgets.

Essential tools required for transcription.

There are some online tools and offline gadgets present in this modern technology that will ease your work. These tools are majorly used by professionals to lower down their workload, and since you are also entering the same field, you should also know how these things work. Transcriptionist jobs require determination and commitment. This job is not as easy as it looks. You need to convert a written format of a file which is said in an audio speed.

1.    Transcriptionist software

There is online transcriptionist software present down on the internet that will help you in reducing your workload. This online software is free and easily downloadable. You can download them on your computer and they will prove to be very beneficial for your career. Some paid software also presents that will cost about $50 to $100, with more extra features and accuracy. Some online software can work on any operating system with any configuration.

2.    Headset

A headset is the next essential thing that must be present in your transcriptionist tool kit. You will be hearing audios most of them down in your career and for that, you want a clear and loud voice so that you can easily focus on your writing pattern. In that case, you will essentially require a headset of any good company that will make your work easy.

This is worth the investment you should do if you want to become a professional transcriptionist. There are some personal choices of every professional transcriptionist, you can also buy from your own choice.  Make sure it consists of a 3.5 mm jack which will be considered as above average. You can also add a sound card to that headset if you want to. You also have to make sure that the headset is user-friendly and comfortable to use.

3.    Foot Pedal

The foot pedal will reduce your workload as it will fully take over the audio. Instead of turning off and on the audio, if you are possessing this food pedal or WAV pedal, your work will be reduced a lot. This will fast forward, slow down, pause, run the audio on your instructions using your foot. You can also enable some keyboard hotkeys on your laptop to avoid extra investment. There are many foot pedals present in the market, but make sure that the foot pedal which you are purchasing is compatible with the transcription program which you are using.

4.    Word processing

If you want to become a professional in transcription, then it comes under your duty that you will give the draft in a fully edited format. You can edit the draft in word, which is an application in many operating systems. You should set up your hands in this application also.

5.    Internet connection

Well, the most important of all, an active internet connection. An active internet connection is essentially required to complete any of your online work. In this modern world, your computer is a box without an internet connection. Many times you will be working from home, to complete your task, you will require an active internet connection.

Here were some important tools needed to become a professional in transcription. Don’t forget to add Remote Desktop Software to this tool list. Apart from these tools, you should also know the companies that are hiring a transcriber. We are providing some companies that will hire you based on your skills and not on your experience. You can apply for these jobs.

  1. Amazon Mturk
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Appenscribe
  5. Scribie
  6. Transcribe Team
  7. Casting words
  8. AccuTran Global
  9. Transcriber Me

Now, you can easily start your general work-at-home transcription career. You know the skills required, the tools required, and the companies that hire to become a professional in transcription. You can apply to legit companies on the Internet to find work. All the best for your search.

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