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What Are The Essential Characteristics Of Kitchen Tiles Melbourne?

When designing your kitchen, it is essential to focus more on the flooring. As you would be using the kitchen every day, you must install the best tiles that will last for longer. Apart from the design, you need to consider the Kitchen Tiles Melbourne characteristics. Then only you can buy high-quality tiles that are worth your investment. You can find a plethora of tile assortments including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and more. They come with different attractive designs and patterns that update your cooking space. Based on the usage, you can opt for the perfect tiles for your home. But when you know about the vital traits of tiles, it will be an easy task for you to purchase the right one. Reading the below lines will help you to know about the significant characteristics of the kitchen tiles.


The floor tiles you planned to install in your kitchen should have durability. You can consider the porcelain tile, ceramic tiles, or others that are baked at extreme temperatures. It is one of the significant qualities of the floor tile that helps to extend the lifetime, and save your money from spending for reinstallation. The flooring has to be touched, and the tiles would be hard to break. Certainly, you would install heavy-weight cupboards, a sink, a dining ale, and more things in the kitchen. So, they should have the capability to hold the thing without any floor damage.

Slip Resistance 

Your kitchen is the place where you use the water often, and the oils may spread on the floor. So, be sure to choose the floor tiles for a kitchen that has the anti-slip feature. It assures your family’s safety and avoids the chances of accidents. Moreover, this can provide you with the advantages such as ease of installation, improved safety, and more. Also, it must pass the slip resistance test to ensure its quality. You can ask the supplier to provide you with the tile that has this trait.

Surface Scratch Resistance 

Due to the heavy wear, and foot traffic, your kitchen tiles may get some abrasions. Also, the unintentional or intentional furniture movements on the floor surface can cause more scratches and lead to damage. The often scratches can make your tile look unpleasant, and need to replace them by spending a cost. So, opt for tiles that have a high abrasion-resistant feature and more durability. Then only it will endure for around 20 years without any cracks.

Kitchen Tiles Melbourne Has Less Maintenance

The kitchen tiles will get stained often whenever they use the space for preparing foods. So, ensure to choose the floor tiles that are easy to clean. It aids you to get rid of wasting efforts on maintaining its aspect. You can always keep the surface clean by wiping it out with water or using detergents. The regular cleaning and sweeping are enough to keep stains at bay and maintain the eye-catching appearance of your kitchenette. When your tiles are tidy, there is no occurrence of bacteria, and your family will be staying healthy.


The kitchen is the place where you mostly work with fire. It may have the risk of fire accidents that occur due to carelessness. The porcelain tiles and natural stone typically have this feature as they are heated at extreme temperatures. It can be installed around the fireplace and it aids to avoid the chances of a fire accident. So, this is highly fireproof and assures your family’s safety. Apart from the floor, also install the wall tiles that have this feature to double the security. It is one of the crucial traits of the floor tiles which you should keep in mind.


You would use the water for preparing foods, washing the vessels, and other purposes in the kitchen. So, the floor tiles installed in this place should have water-resistant characteristics. The general tiles that have this advantage will have a water absorption rate of 0.5% or lower than it. Also, they will be more porous, helping to absorb the water from the surface. These tiles are designed to only hold up the small spills that are dealt with faster.

Stain And Chemical Resistance 

Your kitchen will stain often, so you need to choose the tiles that have the stain, and chemical resistance feature. Moreover, you would use the detergents that have the chemical components or the acidic ingredients in the kitchenette. So, it has the chance of a chemical spill on the floor and creates a lasting stain. When the tile has resisted these factors, it will be easy for you to wipe out the stains without any difficulties.

Final Words 

Don’t forget to consider the above features when choosing the Kitchen Tiles Melbourne for your home. At Auzzie tiles & bathroomware, we provide you with high-quality tiles that have these qualities. You can get our products with a warranty that brings you peace of mind. Also, we offer tile installation that reduces your stress without asking you to pay extra charges.

Summary – The Kitchen Tiles Melbourne has some special and unique characteristics that decide the quality of the product and let you ensure the total worth of it.

Author Bio – An author is best at installing the Kitchen Tiles Melbourne without making any crack or issues occurs in the future.

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