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Follow These Guidelines to Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress for Your Home

Memory foam is an extremely elastic material that adapts to your body while sleeping. It wraps around your body, in whichever position you lay, offering additional support and comfort to your neck, shoulders, and hips. Memory foam could be the answer if you wish to elevate your sleeping experience to a better and more luxurious level.

However, picking the right memory foam mattress from the range of options available could be a daunting process.

This article provides tips for selecting the best memory foam mattress for your home.

1 – Select the right type of foam

If you are unfamiliar with memory foam, you might assume they are all the same. However, memory foam comes in many different types, and they all have different properties and offer different benefits.

Traditional memory foam – This type of foam supports your body by adapting to your body shape and weight. It minimizes pressure on important points and aids in increasing circulation.

Gel memory foam – Gel memory foam is made using the same gel formulation that is usually used in materials placed in shoes to reduce impact and pressure. The gel raises the airflow inside the mattress and dissipates the heat drawing it away from the sleeping person.

Latex foam – Latex foam is not exactly a memory foam, and it doesn’t provide the same adaptability to the sleeper as memory foam does. However, it does offer a high level of comfort and luxury.

2 – Choose foam density

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a memory foam mattress is foam density. Foam density determines the durability and how long the material will last.

But what do you mean by foam density? In simple terms, foam density determines how memory foam feels to the touch and how it performs. High-density foams are firmer and can tolerate more pressure, whereas low-density ones are soft and cannot take as much pressure. A mattress with an ideal density will be comfortable and provide adequate support throughout the night.

3 – Pressure relief

Most buyers shopping for mattresses consider comfortability, and avoiding muscular stiffness is the most important thing to consider. The memory foam mattress is preferred by many due to its proven features in relieving pressure and providing comfort.

As the foam adjusts to the sleeper’s body structure, it doesn’t put too much stress on the joints and muscles and relieves the pressure on the body. Foams of higher density provide increased support by wrapping around the body, while lower-density foams do not offer as much support.

4 – Durability

Good quality memory foam mattresses do not come cheap, and when you are investing in something as expensive, you would expect to get something that would last for a decade at the least.

There are memory foam beds available in the market manufactured using cheap materials and foams. They are low quality, and the material degrades rapidly, and you will be forced to buy a new one much earlier than you would have planned to. Hence, it is advisable to buy only good-quality memory foam mattresses, preferably those made of organic latex.


If you experience back, neck, or shoulder pain when you wake up, the mattress you are sleeping on is probably not right. A memory foam mattress is a great way to solve this problem, but choosing the right mattress firmness is also essential. If you wish to buy a memory foam mattress of the best quality, please check out Factory Direct Mattresses.

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