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Eyeliner For Round Eyes

When it comes to Eyeliner For Round Eyes, there are some very specific things to keep in mind. This is a look that works best for those with shorter eyes and works well for those who do not spend a lot of time looking into their eyes.

The lines will stick out a bit more than they would if the eyeliner were being applied to a thinner area of the eye. When it comes to eyeliner for round eyes, your application should really be all about elongating the eye so that it into an even more exotic shaped.

To help achieve this you want to apply more eyeliner on the lower lash line. Soften the upper eyelid and to make a nice large arch on the lower eyelid. For those people with larger eyes and an even more dramatic eye shape it is important to be a bit more careful when trying to apply eyeliner for round eyes.

Play up the outer corner with a very long, slightly widened wing and line the lower lash line with a lighter colored liner. On the top and bottom eyelids use a feather duster to help create a natural extension for the eyes.

How to prevent clumping?

This look is really a mirror image of the classic up-and-down look that was used so long ago to give people a more timeless and romantic look. The up-and-down look was very popular during the late 1960’s.

The most important thing to remember is to apply the eyeliner for round eyes with a wet eyeliner brush. This will give the eyeliner a bit of a flush and will prevent clumping.

eyeliner for round eyes

Wet eyeliner gives the eyeliner a much better staying power and is far less messy. The best way to apply eyeliner for round eyes is to draw the first line on in such a way that it follows the natural line of the eye.

Once you have the first line drawn, blend a bit of waterproof mascara along the lower lash line to enhance the look. You may find that your eye lashes are a bit thin or wispy at the end.

Create a Smoky Look

If so, thin lashes can be solved by applying eyeliner for round eyes with a very thick eyeliner pencil. The thicker pencil should extend from the crease all the way to the lash line. This gives full, voluminous coverage and is far less messy than liquid eyeliner.

The next step to applying eyeliner for round eyes is to fill in the eye area. To do this, use a darker shade of eyeliner than you applied when you applied the eyeliner.

This will help lengthen the eyelash line. Then take your second color and apply it on top of the first one, following the same procedure as you did with the first color. This will create a smoky look and draw attention to the facial features.

To finish your eyeliner for moonlit eyes, you need to take a clean cotton ball and fill in any gaps between your eye shadow and eyeliner. Brush the rest of your eyeliner onto your upper lashes.

Use Waterproof Mascara

The lighter colored eye shadow should be blended into your bottom eyelashes. Finally you need to top off your eyeliner with a neutral color and/or eyeliner brush. When finished, your eye will be completely highlighted.

Some women with waterline issues will find that their eyes do not look good with typical eyeliner. If your eyes are water-resistant and thin, you can always go with waterproof mascara.

eyeliner for round eyes

If not, a water-based eyeliner might be a better option. A monolid eyeliner does not help to emphasize the waterline issue since there are many thin lashes in the area. There are also plenty of other options that will help you with this problem.

Eyeliner for round eyes does not need to be hard to find. You may have trouble finding the type of eyeliner that goes with this eye type, but it can be done.

Enhancing your Look by Highlighter

Just keep these tips in mind when choosing the right eyeliner for your eyes. If you already have these questions, then here is a checklist to help you find the best eyeliner for you. Hopefully, after reading this, you will have some great ideas to apply to your eyelids!

If your eyes are either very round or very long (they can also be both), you can try an eye liner that contains shadow for a round face and a cream that give a natural look to a round eye shape.

You could also try enhancing your look by using a highlighter on the brow bone along with a second color on either the inner or outer sides of the eyelid. Lastly, use a dark eye liner on the top lash line to really enhance your beautiful eyes.

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