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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Drills

Have you ever visited the dental clinic and wondered what the use of the giant tools is? Well, those are not giant tools; those are tooth saviours. Dentists use them for surgeries and cleaning teeth.

Out of numerous tools, the best Implant drills are in demand in the dentistry sector. In short a dental drill or power drill is used by dentists for cleaning decayed dentine and enamel.

There are much more things that you must know about dental drills. Don’t worry; you can rely on this write-up to gather information. Read on to know better!

What Are Dental Drills?

Cavities and tooth decay are major reasons for a dental implant. It occurs when your mouth’s bacteria mix with sugar and produce acids for breaking down tooth enamel.

The dentists use a dental drill (power drill) to clean plaque, remove the cavity, and bore it by tooth enamel. It is formed of an air turbine, a tungsten carbide drill bit, and a handpiece.

The power drill’s development started in the 1700s (mid), but later it was modified. So the latest drills allow dental people to work precisely, accurately, and efficiently than earlier. Also, it doesn’t cause pain to the patient while proceeding.


Another name for the drill is a dental handpiece. Genuinely it is the best and popular handy dental tool. It has many uses such as;

  • Drill holes (for teeth fillings)
  • To remove decay
  • Polish fillings
  • Performing cosmetic dentistry
  • Altering prostheses

While doing a cavity filling, the dentist will remove the damage from the tooth area. It is painful for a patient but not with the latest tool. Dentists also use drills for dental implant and root canals procedures.

Design Of Drill

The dental drill comes in a wide range of designs. But every drill has the same features, couplings, handpiece, drill bit, and motors.

Slow speed drills are used for soft tissues, polishing, and providing finishing to teeth, while high-speed rotates up to 300,000 RPMs.

A handpiece is slender tube-shaped equipment. It helps to connect the driving motor to a drill bit. The power drills are ergonomically designed and lightweight. Also, it consists of an E-shape attachment which assures the drill bit is angled for the highest system stability.

Quality check

Do you know the testing team checks the quality of all components of a dental drill? They check it at each manufacturing stage. The line inspector has to check out the samples randomly at specific intervals.

8 Facts About Power Drills

When it comes to dentistry tools, knowledge leads towards success. Here we have enlisted the top 8 things that everyone must know about the best implant drills.

1. Necessary equipment

The implant drill may look like a scary tool, but it’s very useful. A dental person uses it to remove plaque from teeth quickly and easily. So, eventually, it saves your teeth from decay, cavities, and abscess.

2. Strong teeth

Power drills remove plaque which keeps teeth safe from cavities. It indicates that teeth are strong and safe.

3. Multiple-use

A drill is a multi-use tool. It helps in cleaning teeth as well as shaping teeth while filling procedures. The dentists use the drill for removing the previous crown or root canals treatment.

4. User-friendly features

The best implant drill can easily rotate at 400,000 rpm speed or even more. They are made up of tungsten carbide, which is really tough.

5. An old piece

The power drills have a history back since 1,000 years ago.

The Roman, Mayans, and Greeks used drills. It was created from a stone tube-shaped with an end sharp point.

6. Easy to use

There are still many dentists who aren’t using a traditional power drill. However, scientists are aiming to make drills that can be used in streams of air and lasers.

7. Zero noise

The dentists don’t like to hear the annoying sound from drills during the procedure. So, the scientist is looking forward to reducing the sound from drills. They are working to make equipment with no disturbing noise.

8. Drills cleaning

You will feel relieved knowing that a dental person can clean the drills. And you know that oral hygiene makes everyone feel good. The dental person uses autoclave or germicidal wipes for cleaning.


Whether it’s a bone profiling drill or a power drill, it’s important in dental procedures. The dentist uses high-quality equipment for teeth polishing or surgeries. The objective of using this equipment is to provide painless surgery and comfort to a patient.

In conclusion, we hope this write-up might clear all your doubts regarding power drills. We have mentioned the uses, design, and quality checking procedure applied before using.

Do you find this article worth reading? Please share your insights.

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