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Health and Fitness

How To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Using A2 Milk

A2 Milk  is cow’s milk that contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein. The beta-casein variant A1 proteins could be associated with digestion issues in certain people While the A2 protein is linked with better digestion.

Let’s discuss how A2 milk can be a healthy option:

Many everyday factors in life can affect our health, but what we eat and drink plays a significant role in determining how healthy we are. Our dietary choices affect not only our physical well-being, but also our emotional well-being too. When considering what foods and drinks give us pleasure through taste and satisfaction, it helps to keep this in mind. Food preference begins early on in life; children develop their likes for specific tastes during infancy. 

Benefit 1

These preferences tend to mature throughout childhood and into adulthood, but they are an important part of our lives. Research has shown that what we eat may play a role in how happy we feel on the inside. It is likely that food preference plays a big role in how well nourished we are, which has significant impact on health and quality of life. However, can it be stated”that “the foods you love the most…may actually make you happier”?The answer to this question is yes!

Benefit 2

Foods containing A1 beta-casein have been linked to digestive discomfort in some people, while the A2 protein is associated with improved digestion . Many everyday factors in life can affect our health , but what we eat and drink plays a significant role in determining how healthy we are. How often do you eat or drink the foods you love? If this happens frequently and often, it’s likely that your satisfaction with life is partially due to these food items! Foods that have A1 beta-casein were found to cause stomach discomfort in some people.

The exact cause of these symptoms is unknown but it’s possible that A1 could interfere with digestion in some way.

Benefit 3

It is possible to say with absolute certainty that if someone does not experience any noticeable digestive issues through consuming dairy products on a regular basis all day long and has no need to be concerned about negative effects that could be affecting health caused by the protein known as A1. Furthermore, research indicates that the adverse effects of A1 beta-casein aren’t far from being as significant for the majority of people like they’re made out in the next section provides.

Benefit 4

It is true that some studies have linked casein intolerance to digestive issues, but they are usually related to whey protein , not the dairy protein. In almost every study that has examined this connection, it was found that people can tolerate up to 24 grams of whey protein each day but feel uncomfortable with intakes of more than 60 grams daily . In addition the negative effects of casein are believed to be diminished when consumed with other nutrients.

Benefit 5

Before looking at research into the health effects of A1 beta-casein, let’s first review what it actually is. Caseins make up around 80% of protein found in cow’s milk and A1 beta casein is one of the major types. A2 beta casein is another type, which makes up around 20% of the protein in cow’s milk. Sheep also produce A2 beta-casein, but goat and human milks contain only A2.

As with other proteins, beta-caseins are made up of different amino acid chains or “building blocks”. Beta-Casomorphin 7 (BCM7) is an opioid peptide. This can occur by an amino acid chain is broken in the process of digestion. BCM7 has been proven to alter the way that opiates operate in the brain through binding to certain receptors, which alters behavior, and has the effects on learning abilities . This shouldn’t come as surprising considering that cow’s milk has been promoted to be “the perfect baby food” and many mothers have noticed the relaxing effects of a warm glass milk before bed.

A2 beta-casein does not contain this opioid peptide – it is destroyed by enzymes in a healthy digestive system. Some researchers believe there may be a link between A1 beta-casein and autism, schizophrenia and type 1 diabetes. However, one recent study showed that patients with schizophrenia actually consumed more A1 beta-casein than healthy volunteers.


It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeling good and being at our best. The A2 Milk company has been producing pure, natural milk for over 10 years now. Delivering an incredible product with all of the nutrients we need in order to live long and prosper. These facts about A2 milk may help you maintain your diet. And physical activity so you can feel great every day! Which fact did you find most intriguing? Comment down below and let us know which one speaks to you the most! 

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