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Earn money online as a student.

Earning money on the internet is becoming more and more popular today. So much so that Stars Academy offers many articles dedicated to this subject.

And it’s just as accessible to students who are looking to earn a little extra money alongside their studies. Several solutions exist, and sometimes even allow you to start gaining a first professional experience in the field in which you wish to work.

Find out how to take advantage of the web-remunerative while being at university, in engineering, or business school.

1. Offer micro-services.

Micro-services are missions offered online to customers looking for specific skills, for projects that are often of very short duration. For example, translation services, logo creation, voice-over

Demands exist in a lot of areas.

And the advantages are numerous: you work at your own pace, when you want, and can even take advantage of it to gain experience in the field of your studies!

You can start by offering fairly low rates while you gain experience, then increase them as you complete your missions

2. Become a writer, editor, or translator.

As a copywriter, you have the option of creating articles, guides, product descriptions, and other texts for private customers, companies, or agencies.

If you want to become a copywriter, of course, you have to love writing and have good grammar and spelling skills.

Many texts are edited or corrected by another person before being published. You can therefore also offer your services as an editor or proofreader. Proofreading not only ensures that the text has a good structure, but also corrects spelling, grammar, expression, and typos.

3. Offer online training.

It’s a bit like the digital inclination of giving courses, except that you make training available to several people at once, and it’s more about passive income (you can learn more about the subject in this article ).

The most popular online course platform to date is Udemy. You can offer for sale courses that you create in the areas you master best ÔÇô including those related to your field of study.

These videos could, for example, be used by students in lower grades, or by novices looking for information on the field in question.

Of course, you will have to make sure you produce quality content. But if you master a subject like a musical instrument, nutrition, web development, or something else, your training could be of interest to many.

4. Leverage your social networks.

YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok… more and more people have now managed to create a place for themselves in a specific area on social networks. And in addition to monetizing this activity.

And it’s not just for reality TV stars who offer promo codes on candy packets: it’s entirely possible to take advantage of social networks to share content on a specific subject that excites you… and be paid at the same time.

Of course, this will not be a technique to favor if you need cash quickly, or if you are in a difficult situation. Better than to go on a more “classic” job: this kind of technique can take months (even years) to develop.

But if you’re looking to earn some extra cash alongside your studies, why not give it a shot. Especially since it can be a string to your bow to gain authority in the area you want to exercise later.

If you have things to say, if you are unbeatable on a subject, if you have a minimum of knowledge in video editing, you can for example consider earning money by making videos on Youtube.

5. Become a blogger.

It’s also one of my favorite methods, and for several reasons.

Launching your blog allows you to create a showcase and therefore perfect your authority in a field. You also learn to develop your skills as you write your articles, both in the subject covered by your blog but also in many other aspects (marketing, site creation, etc.)

Then there are many ways to make money with your blog. But to do this, you need to write articles regularly and reach a large audience, which again can take months or even years. It is therefore not a solution to consider if you expect quick results.

If, on the other hand, you have more of a long-term goal, find out about this opportunity.

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