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What is the latest CLAT 2023 Syllabus?

The dates for CLAT 2023 are out.

The Consortium of NLUs will administer the CLAT 2023 exam on 18 December 2022. So the aspirants must plan their preparations accordingly. It is the right time to start preparing for the CLAT 2023 exam. The candidates can start by looking at the important details of the exam. Looking at the details will help the candidates better understand the exam. The Consortium of NLUs conducts the exam, and thereby the Consortium releases the official notification of the CLAT exam each year.

For CLAT 2023, only the exam date has been disclosed; the rest of all details are yet to be revealed. However, rather than waiting for the Consortium to release the CLAT 2023 exam pattern, CLAT 2023 Syllabus and other important CLAT-related details, the candidates must start preparing to keep the previous year’s exam pattern in mind. The syllabus for CLAT does not change very frequently. So, the candidate can start preparing, and if there are any updates in the syllabus, the candidate can accommodate those later. This article will discuss the CLAT 2023 syllabus and CLAT 2023 exam pattern in detail.

CLAT 2023: Exam Pattern

CLAT is conducted for admissions to undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses in law courses at various NLUs in India. The only NLU exempted from the centralised admission process through CLAT is National Law University, Delhi and some other private Law Schools. En özel ve reel kızlar ankara olgun escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. The exam pattern of CLAT has been the same through the years. So, till the time CLAT 2023 official notification is not released, the candidates can refer to the exam pattern given in the tables below.

CLAT 2023 UG Exam Pattern
1. Duration 2 hours
2. Mode Offline Mode
3. Type of Questions MCQ type, Passage based Questions
4. Number of Questions 150 
5. Sections English Language

Current Affairs

Legal Reasoning

Logical Reasoning

Quantitative Techniques

6. Total Marks 150 marks
7. Marking Scheme For correct response: 1 mark

For incorrect response: -0.25 mark

CLAT 2023 PG Exam Pattern
1. Duration 2 hours
2. Mode Offline Mode
3. Type of Questions MCQ type, Passage based Questions
4. Number of Questions 120
5. Sections Constitutional Law

Other Law Subjects, include Contracts, tort, Criminal Law, International Law, IPR and Jurisprudence.

6. Total Marks 150 marks
7. Marking Scheme For correct response: 1 mark

For incorrect response: -0.25 mark

The updated exam pattern will be posted once the Consortium releases the CLAT 2023 official notification.

CLAT 2023 Syllabus

The topics covered under each section of CLAT 2023 will be discussed here.

English Language syllabus

This section intends to check the learners reading comprehension, grammar and various other topics of English Language. These topics include:

  1. Tenses
  2. Articles
  3. Prepositions
  4. Active & Passive Voice
  5. Modals
  6. Concord (Subject-Verb Agreement)
  7. Verbs- Their formation and their usage
  8. Spotting grammatical errors in sentences

This section will have passages of 450 words each.

Legal Aptitude Syllabus

Specifying all the potential topics under this section will be difficult as the section aims to check the legal aptitude of the candidate. So the candidate must read the newspaper regularly. The candidates are expected to have a good understanding of legal concepts. However, some of the topics included in this section are:

  1. Legal Terms & Maxims
  2. Indian Constitution
  3. Torts
  4. Criminal Law
  5. Landmark Judgments
  6. Reading Newspaper & Understanding legal concepts

Logical Reasoning Syllabus

This section too included passages and on the basis of those passages, the candidates must answer the questions. Some important topics of this section are:

  1. Series Completion; Number Series and Alphabet Series
  2. Analogy
  3. Blood Relation
  4. Puzzle Test
  5. Syllogism
  6. Premises and Conclusion
  7. Cause and Effect
  8. Course of action

Mathematics Syllabus

This section intends to check the Quantitative abilities of the candidates. The topics included in this section are:

  1. Average
  2. Percentage
  3. Ratio & Proportion
  4. Time & Distance
  5. Volume & Surface Area
  6. Statistics
  7. Basic Algebra
  8. Bar Diagram
  9. Bar Graph
  10. Tabular Diagram
  11. Line Graph
  12. Pie Chart

General Knowledge Syllabus

This section is about current affairs and static General Knowledge. It includes the following sections:

  1. Present events of significance from India and the world
  2. Arts and culture
  3. International affairs 
  4. Historical events of continuing significance.

The candidates are recommended to read the newspaper and monthly current affairs magazines to prepare for this section. 

CLAT Section-Wise Marks Distribution

Looking at the previous years’ question papers, experts in the field have laid out a section-wise distribution of marks. It will help the candidates know which section has the maximum weightage. Accordingly, the candidate can prepare their study plan and work towards maximising their CLAT score. The distribution is given below:

Subject/ Topics Number of Questions Percentage weightage
English Language 28-32 Questions 20%
Current affairs, including General Knowledge 35-39 Questions 25%
Legal Reasoning 35-39 Questions 25%
Logical Reasoning 28-32 Questions 20%
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 Questions 10%

CLAT 2023 Marking Scheme

The CLAT 2023 exam will have negative markings. The marking schemes for CLAT 2023 will be as follows:

  1. For every correct response, the candidates will be awarded 1 mark
  2. For every incorrect response, there will be a deduction of 0.25 mark.

Due to negative marking, the candidates must avoid indulging in guesswork. They must not take too much risk and mark only the responses they are confident about. Otherwise, negative marking will bring down the candidate’s CLAT score. The chances of getting admission through CLAT will also decrease.

Once the candidate has looked at the exam pattern and the syllabus for CLAT 2023 exam, they must begin their preparation. The topic listed in each section must be dealt with one by one. The candidate must prepare a study plan to effectively and efficiently cover the syllabus. Regular Revision is highly recommended. The candidate must lay out weekly and monthly revision schedules.

Taking mock tests and sample paper practising will be helpful. It helps to build temperament for exams. Following a study routine will help the candidate have better control of their learning. This way, the candidate will increase their chances of getting a higher CLAT score leading to better chances of admission to NLUs. Strategic planning and determination will help you get through your dream Law school.


CLAT is the exam conducted by the Consortium of NLUs. It is usually conducted for the aspirants who wish to make their career in Law. in other words, The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a centralised national-level entrance exam for admission to India’s twenty-two national law universities. These scores are also used for legal admissions at the majority of private and self-financed law schools in India.

For the first time, CLAT is to be held two times a year and the CLAT 2023 exam date is Dec 18, 2022. You should check CLAT Syllabus and CLAT Exam Pattern to ace the CLAT Exam.

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