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Do I really need a mission statement for my company?

A company vision is just a probable expectation of the future, because you need to realize it by implementing your plans in a structured and timely manner. In the following article, you will learn how to create a business vision.

Does your business seem overwhelming to you?

Does your business pull the covers over your head every morning?

Do you have a purposeful life or does your to-do list dominate your every thought?

Develop a written company vision! Once you have your business vision in writing, you will simplify and clarify all other interrelated aspects of your business. Once you are clear about your customers, geographic sphere of influence, marketing, financing, and product and service….. your future will be crystal clear. BAS Agent Services in Australia

Your business purpose must be clarified

A business vision is a written statement of your ideal future. It is a transparent picture of what you want to achieve with your business. Your corporate vision represents your ultimate goal. Your company vision should inspire you and help you focus, motivate you, and get you out of your daily rut. A company vision is several things.

Focuses on essential business activities

A vision statement is your unique plan for the future. It scrutinizes and eliminates time-wasting activities to ensure you stay on track for the future you want. Several key business activities are uniquely linked.

Your Customers….what market niche will you serve?

Write down your description of your target customer. This is your ideal customer…. Your target market, which may not necessarily be the same as the one you serve now.

Your geographic area of influence… What areas do you want to serve?

Write down your geographic catchment area if you are a brick-and-mortar business, a home-based business, or the languages you support if you operate on the Internet.

Your product or service….Will you offer one main product or multiple products or services?

Do you need to make money when you operate on the Internet?

Write a description of what you are selling to your customers.

Put it all together…

A business vision combines your customer, your geographic area, and your product or service. Start by writing a complete sentence that ties all three elements together. It’s as simple as this. You’ll definitely need to modify and tweak this formula so it flows in an orderly, concise manner. Congratulations! You are now one of the few entrepreneurs who have a formal written vision. BAS Agent in Australia

What’s the next step?

Write your business vision in your appointment book and use it as a background image on your computer screen. Tape your business vision to your bathroom mirror or coffee pot. Review it regularly to make sure it still reflects your unique way of serving your customers, and make the necessary changes so you are passionate about communicating it to your employees and customers.

If you notice that certain activities aren’t getting you where you want to go, change direction and focus on the activities that will move you forward. Soon enough, you will become confident in making changes that are focused on achieving your long-term plans. You become more confident about saying “no” to customers who don’t contribute to your long-term success. You’ll become more optimistic about investing your time and money in training, people and systems that are essential to the health of your business.

Are you throwing out your to-do list?

Absolutely not. Align your to-do list to support the most important activities related to customers, products and services. Your to-do list is essentially a guide to support your important activities. Always complete the most productive activities first and then move on to the others as time permits. This will give you the “feel good” endorphins that will keep you motivated and excited about your business, so you get out of bed every morning feeling positive and alive.

A company mission statement is only an indication of the possible future. It does not accurately reflect the present. You must make it a reality through excellent execution of your plans. If your vision is not crystal clear, you will not be clear in your marketing and advertising, your website, your offerings, and your time management for yourself and for your employees. You will not have identified how your business vision enables you to live the life you dream of. You won’t recognize the specific key activities you want to employ and the goals you want to achieve that will ultimately determine what steps are necessary to ensure a successful business and a solid future. Also Check: Accounting Consulting Firms in Australia

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