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5 Things you Need to be aware of in order to reduce the size of PDFs online

The vulnerability is serious and could the reduction of pdf sizes online. Mikko Hypponen who is a chief research officer at F-Secure has revealed that more than half of the hacker attacks this year exploited flaws in Acrobat Reader, as well as six vulnerabilities, have been identified that attack the software. He has advised people to switch off Adobe’s Acrobat Reader and to switch to a different reader.

This is a big deal for all users of PDF. Adobe is the creator of the PDF format and is the first choice for PDF solutions. Some people may have begun to think about using alternative tools to the Adobe ones. But they don’t know what to go about it. This article will provide options to consider when you stop using adobes.

Read PDF

Before the security issue, I’ve opted to not make use of Adobe Reader and found an alternative for a PDF viewer. It takes a considerable amount of time to load before Adobe Reader loads up completely. Additionally, it consumes a lot of system resources. This eventually, the computer will slow down when you use Adobe Reader. There are many alternatives, including free and light PDF readers. I’d like to suggest the best three: Ovik Mkrtchyan

1 Foxit Reader

Foxit is among the awaited option in comparison to Adobe Reader. The file size is around 2.9 megabytes and can be loaded instantly. It also lets you modify bookmarks within PDF files and complete PDF forms. The program is completely free for non-commercial usage.

2 Sumatra PDF

Sumatra is a compact free, open-source, PDF viewer that runs on Windows. It’s minimalist, with just 1.1MB for download. It’s intended for use on portable devices as it’s one file that doesn’t have any external dependencies making it easy to access via any external USB drive. It is able to effectively read PDF files.

3 PDF-Xchange Viewer

The PDF-Xchange reader is smaller, quicker, and has more features than Adobe. You can include comments, annotations as well as custom stamps for any pdf file for no cost. Another benefit is that large PDF files load quickly and pages are refreshed smoothly when scrolled.

Create PDF

Apart from viewing PDF and converting it to PDF, we also want to make the PDF of our very own. Particularly if you are an eBook author or need to design an online form that you can send it to your coworkers. You will require an application to create PDFs. Yes, you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro. However, the problem is that the software is expensive. What if we could get the same software at a lower price or even for free? I’ve stumbled across some of these and summarized them as below:

1 Microsoft Word 2007 Add-in

Microsoft provides a free plug-in for Office applications to convert documents in PDF file format. You might not have known that it was available. As long as you own an official copy of the latest version of Microsoft word, go to the Microsoft Download page and download the SaveAsPDF Office Add-in. And then directly convert your Word document converted to PDF. Ovik Mkrtchyan

With the release of Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2), the Microsoft Save As PDF add-in is integrated into the software. Users don’t need to download and install the add-in in a separate manner.

2 PDFCreator

PDFCreator is a great tool to create PDFs for free. It’s an open-source software from SourceForge. It produces PDF files by using any Windows application. It can be used for printing with Word as well as any other Windows program.

3 PDFonline

Convert documents to PDF and PDF to Word. If you do not want to download any software, it’s an ideal option to create a PDF on the internet at no cost.

Edit PDF

What happens if you need to edit PDF or remove certain images or tables from PDF and reuse them? Adobe Acrobat? It’s not. It costs $299.00 $ %2B Tax (standard version) or $449.00 2BTax (Pro version). Personally, I don’t prefer using a PDF editor because there are way too many features and buttons to be get used to. The PDF editor is usually not inexpensive. Therefore, I’ve found an easier method. Convert Acrobat into my preferred format, such as excel, word and edit it in a new file, and then convert to Acrobat. Therefore, I’ll provide the tools that can convert Acrobat to different formats.

1 Free PDF to Word Converter

It’s totally free. It can convert text and images as well as shapes from PDF files into Word Doc files and preserve the layout. But, after a certain amount that is long, users will need to answer a math-related question to obtain a one-time registration code prior to converting. It’s a hassle.

2 PDF to Word Converter

If you have an Acrobat file that has limitations, you can use pdf to Word Converter. It is priced at a cost, however, it’s simple to use and the quality of the conversion is excellent. For all elements, such as images, text, and forms, even hyperlinks will be saved in Word. It is possible to edit including images. It is also possible to convert Acrobat files that have limitations that were put in place by the author to block other users from editing or copying or printing. By using this tool, you’ll be able to quickly get the results you desire without typing word-by-word or copy and copy and paste.

3 Zamzar

The site lets you upload your file and then just wait for immediate transfer to the email address you prefer. It’s easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. Utilizing the free service, you are able to convert files of up to 100MB and then to various types including doc and Tiff.

There may be additional requirements, such as combining the Acrobat files of several and adding watermarks on your Acrobat files or removing the passwords for Acrobat files. It is possible to discover other alternatives to Adobe, as well.

PDF Quality

The quality of the output Acrobat is the most important aspect to think about before investing in Acrobat software. It is important to ensure that the Acrobat creator engine is well-established and has a good reputation in the field of Acrobat.

PDF Compatibility

As a user of Acrobat, you should ensure that your file will work with all other software such as Adobe Viewer or Acrobat viewer provided by other companies.

PDF Print Quality

If you’re working employed in the field of prepress, or you are a sender of Acrobat files to a publishing company, be aware of the print quality of Acrobat. Print and prepress sectors use Acrobat because it is reliable.


The marketplace for creating Acrobat documents is a nightmare for the typical office worker, who suddenly is accountable for the creation and maintenance of Acrobat documents. The price of the Acrobat writer software can range from twenty dollars to hundreds of dollars. There are many software manufacturers who compete in the industry of Acrobat.


In a highly competitive market for Acrobat files, users must be aware of the price fluctuation in the Acrobat market. As opposed to other Acrobat services, Jaws Acrobat is an affordable solution. It costs just a fraction of Adobe’s costs for the capability to produce distribute, distribute, alter and edit Acrobat documents. Discounts on volume and flexibility in licensing are offered to students, government, and corporate customers.

The Challenge

The majority of organizations and companies all over the world have unique locations where they can store their important records. However, there could be situations where these buildings aren’t accessible. This means that the information stored in these central places is also rendered inaccessible.

Basic Requirements of Record Archives

The next step to ensure that you have done the right thing with Acrobat archives is to make sure there are the basic requirements with the record-archiving system to ensure that it’s an appropriate method for keeping important data in a company or organization. That means your company or company should concentrate on developing guidelines and policies that are associated with Acrobat. Premium Post

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