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Discuss The Best 10 Site Hoarding Design Tips

Simple messaging and bold design are the keys to hoarding attention and generating inquiries. To help you increase awareness about your new development and boost traffic to your marketing suite, we’ve compiled our top ten site-hoarding printed hoardings design tips.

1. Set A Budget

This will allow you to direct your creative team and let your designers tailor the hoarding design to fit your budget.

You should also consider the type of cladding that you will use to reflect your development. Vinyl wrapped ply, and hoarding signage is excellent for the most product. If you desire a more professional look, vinyl wrapped ply can be used.

2. Site Survey 

A site survey is recommended to ensure that the hoarding blends in with the surrounding environment. You will need to consider the effects of gradients and permanent elements.

This survey should be done using precise measurements. Your survey should include factors like health and safety, wind loading, and structural calculations.

3. Think About The Market You Are Targeting.

Any imagery or graphics that you choose to represent your brand will be guided by your target audience. This will help you visualize your potential customers in their new environment.

4. It Is Better To Be Less Than You Think.

It is essential to make your key messages stand out from the hoarding. Great images will help your brand. Make sure to include contact information and a call-to-action. Particularly if you are passing by, messages must be conveyed quickly.

5. Consistency In Branding 

Hoarding panels design should be consistent with other marketing channels, such as flags, site signage, gantry signs and your marketing suite.

6. Keep It Fresh!

To emphasize development phases such as sales or plots reserved, refresh hoarding with bold colours. If it is damaged, make sure you keep it clean and repair it.

7. Advertising 24/7 

Consider day- and night-time traffic, both on foot and in cars. Make sure your hoarding design is efficient at all times and drives people to the website and marketing suite. Lightboxes with the decor can also help.

8. Spotlight Your Logo 

Whether you are a national developer or a specialist in high-end bespoke build projects, your logo must be at the correct scale to ensure recall. You might consider having your logo printed in illuminated letters or a lightbox as part of the design. Both are striking.

9. You Can Sell The Property

It is essential to be sensitive to the surroundings and consider the buildings around your printed hoarding panels design.

Your creativity can be used to complement the surrounding area, whether it’s in an urban setting or a historic market town. This will help you sell the uniqueness and beauty of the site.

10. Reach For The Stars 

The standard construction hoarding panels measure 1220 x 2440 mm. However, it is worth adding height to high footfall points or corners in your design. This will make you stand out from the crowd, especially if you have flagpoles or gantry signs.

How to Use Shop Hoarding Effectively?

We are experts in shop hoardings and know many ways to use printed hoardings graphics to your advantage. Here are some ideas.

1)      Construction Work And Empty Stores

Empty stores and construction work in shopping centres and high streets can be a problem. There are many creative ways to disguise what’s going on behind a window.

It doesn’t matter if you advertise the shop or cover it with attractive images. Or if you use it to help people navigate the shopping centre or town, it is always more pleasing to look at than a room full of dust and tools.

2)      Advertise A Shop Before It Is Open

Your shop may not be open yet, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get started on your marketing. Shop hoardings are a great way to get the most potential visitors right away.

People will be drawn to your store if they see bright, attractive printed hoardings board printing that matches your brand. It’s easy to summarise what your business does and what you offer, as well as when and why people should visit your store. But it must be memorable.

3)      Promotion Of Your Store After Opening

Construction site hoarding is not only for closed shops. You can also use them in open shops. Window graphics that are eye-catching and catchy can be used to promote what’s happening inside the store.

  •         Deals and offers
  •         Seasonal promotions
  •         Gift cards/Loyalty cards
  •         Openings for Jobs
  •         Upcoming/current sales

There are many options available, so you can make it attractive and effective with window graphics no matter what you advertise.

4)      Construction Sites

You can hoard them in retail shops, but they are also used frequently on construction sites. They can be used to advertise the property or relay your contact information.

Shop hoarding printing can be an effective communication tool when done right. It could also be a crucial part of your future marketing strategy.

The Best Practices for Printing on Hoarding

Hoarding is a protective covering that surrounds a construction site. It serves many purposes, including:

  •         A physical barrier is put in place to ensure that authorised personnel and visitors can only enter the area.
  •         A surface that displays essential safety information and information about the developer and development
  •         A blank canvas to display public art
  •         Space for advertising that promotes the final product

Public Art By-Laws

Many cities have by-laws for public art that allow developers to transform their empty construction hoardings into something beautiful and exciting. Public art must be hosted on a portion of the site’s hoarding.

Construction aluminum dibond prints has been a valuable tool for beautification and exposure of local artists over the years. The City, for example, has a bylaw that requires hoarders to cover 50% of their printed hoardings with community art if they are located on public rights of way. 

To ensure compliance with your City’s hoarding ordinance, it is a good idea to thoroughly research the city’s hoarding regulations before you print on hoarding.

Hoarding Advertising

Advertising is also possible in printed hoardings. For example, condominium developments make great use of hoarding to advertise their finished projects and the lifestyle they promise.

For best results, hoarding printing should be considered. Artwork must be in high enough resolution to allow for text and photographs to look sharp in large-scale formats. Our team of graphic artists will prepare the artwork for you. We’ll revise the proofs until your satisfaction is achieved.

Your hoarding graphics can be used outdoors in any weather conditions and during all seasons. Aluminium composite panel are a better choice than other materials and have a more outstanding quality.

Cheaper materials can be damaged by sun exposure or street salt, resulting in their demise and replacement. Graffiti writers are very fond of targeting construction site hoarding.

However, with our optional anti-graffiti coating, it’s easy to remove. Artist representatives will visit your site with a squeegee to clean up any signs that have been damaged.

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