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Boost Your Sales with these 7 Winning Business Strategies

The Sales Arena is always rife with fresh challenges and interesting prospects. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting regular workflow, most businesses are exploring ways to cope with the ‘new normal’. As a sales professional, it is very important to equip yourself with the latest skills relevant to the current marketplace. Sales certifications are therefore being pursued with fervour, by students, marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals alike. These certifications are a valuable asset to anybody in the field of marketing and sales. Sales certifications not only help improve one’s career prospects, but also empower professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their work and attain success. Sales certifications help professionals gain an edge over their peers and even land a superior job. If you are striving to boost sales at your workplace or your business, these 7 strategies are a must-read!

  1. Focus on a Well-defined Customer Profile

In the current fast-paced and ruthlessly competitive business scenario, it is very important to be precision-based in your sales efforts. As a business, you need to clearly define your Ideal Customer Profile or ICP. Based on age, location, socio-economic status, and professional outlook create and study your ICP thoroughly. Mobilize all your resources towards targeting this specific group, rather than wavering around.

  1. Get the Right Sales Certifications for your Team

Many business owners neglect sales training or opt for substandard training modules that don’t yield the desired results. If you want your business to soar, grooming and upskilling your sales team periodically is a must. Don’t make them obtain a sale certification just for the heck of it. Consider sale training as a valuable investment to motivate your subordinates and invoke their maximum potential.

  1. Focus on Sales with Customer Retention

Whether you manage a B2B business or a B2C business, customer retention should be the highlight of your sales and marketing campaign. Gone are the days of market monopoly when businesses roped in customers effortlessly and didn’t have to worry about retention. Today, customers are spoilt for choice. If you don’t provide satisfactory after-sales services, they will switch over to your competitor in an instant. Effective checkouts, merchandising, loyalty programs, and referral programs to ensure repeat purchases must be the priority of every business owner.

  1. Revise your Cold Calling SOPs

Telephonic sales and marketing have been an age-old mainstay of businesses across various industries. Today, when we are targeting users with minimal patience threshold, the traditional cold calling SOPs need major overhauling. To begin with, the calling list or data needs to be highly accurate as per your ICP. Secondly, there needs to be a much-needed human touch on part of the sale professional. A genuine, warm, personalized, and knowledgeable interaction has a much higher chance of translating into a successful sale. Pushy or aggressive selling will always have a negative impact.

  1. Monetize your Sales Expertise with Digital Marketing

For small and mid-sized businesses today, content marketing has become the holy grail to amplify sale. It could be via your website, search engine ads, your Google My Business profile, directory listings, or social media ads. In comparison to print media or television, the investment is negligible in the digital space. You can collaborate with social media influencers to promote your offerings or focus on lead generation via local SEO. Digital marketing should be amongst the top agendas of every business owner.

  1. Use the Right Sales Management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools

Using the right technology may not be as simple as it sounds. With the plethora of CRM software variants and sale management tools in the market, choosing the right one can be perplexing. Don’t just look at the price point while opting for the software. Avail a free trial to deduce if it is suitable for your sale and marketing activities and overall business flowchart. Aided by the right technology and training, your sales team can work wonders!

  1. Adopt a Data-driven Approach

The most successful businesses today are the ones that have relied suitably on data analytics and AI-based forecasting. Data analysts are helping start-ups disrupt existing markets and attain a phenomenal outreach. Irrespective of the size or category of your business, relying on the right databases and algorithms can reinvigorate your sales.


As outlined above, the right sale certifications, ICP targeting, and loyalty programs have massive potential to boost sales. Furthermore, data-driven tools and digital marketing are crucial growth drivers for start-ups. Entrepreneurs as well as sales and marketing professionals need to keep themselves abreast with the latest market dynamics. Constantly evolving your business strategies in tune with changing times is the key to higher sale and profitability.

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