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Different Types of Hair Bangs to Try in 2021

After months of staring at the same dull reflection in the mirror (thanks to the global pandemic), it’s time for a fresh make-over. But what if you don’t want to color your hair or go all out with a bob? Perhaps it’s time to consider getting a set of bangs/fringes. Bangs are simply strands or a few pieces that fall in front of the hairline. 

Everyone looks good with a fringe; it’s all in how the fringe falls. The most important thing is that it complements the face shape and jawline. Whether it’s a long fringe that helps in accentuating the cheekbones or brow skimming, the important thing is that it flatters you. Read ahead for all the trendy fringe hair into you’ll need before making the chop.  

#1. Curtain Bangs 

Curtain Bangs 
Transform your look with this fresh haircut

If you want the best Hair Bangs hairstyle, the curtain bangs are unrivaled. Curtain bangs look great on all women, but they are best suited for women who want long hair with bangs. Allowing your hair to fall naturally with soft volume creates a slimming effect, with the hair finishing just above the jawline. Consider curtain bangs if you’re itching for a new look this season. 

#2. Ponytail  With Side Bangs

Ponytail  With Side Bangs  
Incorporate a set of bangs in your ponytail look

Ponytail is a perfect look that you can rock whenever the mood strikes. However, there are times when you’re bored of the same old ponytail look. Incorporating a set of Hair bangs into your look is a  great way to stand out. It’s simple to pair bangs with your ponytail, and you can wear them for any special occasion. You can even try something bigger and better by adding striking colors. Keep your roots natural in color and opt for warmer or brighter tones that complement your skin tone. 

#3. Cropped Bangs 

Cropped Bangs 
A daring and dramatic look

The year 2021 is all about wearing daring and dramatic outfits! You can begin by experimenting with cropped bangs. Cropped bangs can be worn wispy, choppy, or blunt and tailored to fit any face shape. It is, however, especially flattering on those with heart-shaped faces and on women who are considering short hair with bangs. The best part of this look is yet to reveal: It has a balancing effect, drawing attention downward and towards the eyes. 

#4. Long Shag With Feathered Bangs 

Long Shag With Feathered Bangs 
Razored cut for an outstanding look

This shaggy cut with bangs looks outstanding because of the tons of volume on top and fuller bangs. Thin out the ends to avoid the appearance of a bowl cut. Just keep in mind that the amount of styling required makes it one of the high-maintenance shags. If you want a shaggy look like this, go for a razor cut. 

#5. Long Hair With Fuller Hair Bangs 

Long Hair With Fuller Bangs 
Stylish and functional for hot summer days

This look is stylish and functional: giving out a slimming effect and is fashionable and convenient. Combining Hair bangs with long hair requires very little upkeep and eliminates the discomfort of longer strands falling into your face. If you want to wear your long hair without a single pin, get some straight-cut or layered hair bangs.

#6. High And Off The Face Hair Bangs 

High And Off The Face Hair Bangs 
High And Off The Face Hair Bangs

Is your short hair preventing you from growing out your Hair bangs? Don’t worry because this look is ideal for pairing short hair with bangs. Off-the-face and sky-high bangs complement the new bangs hairstyle. Anything that adds height will elongate your face, so a short haircut on a round face is a great way to style it. 

#7. Wavy Hair With Hair Bangs 

Wavy Hair With Hair Bangs 
Wavy Hair With Hair Bangs

Whether it’s beachy waves or kinky coils, you can have the best of any hair texture, thanks, heat styling tools! This is one of the most elegant looks you can achieve with wavy hair texture. You can easily pull off this look while still looking messy and cute. If you don’t have natural curls, try curling your hair at the nape and sweeping it over your shoulder.

#8. Neck Length Bob With Thick Bangs 

Neck Length Bob With Thick Bangs 
Neck Length Bob With Thick Bangs

When it comes to short haircuts, a chin-length bob with bangs is undoubtedly the most popular among trendy haircuts. This look exudes an edgy vibe and is ideal for women with round faces. If you have natural volume and are looking for some short hair inspirations, this look will work best for you. You can draw attention to your cheekbones with this amazing look.  

#9. Vintage Curls With Bangs 

Vintage Curls With Bangs 
Vintage Curls With Bangs

Give yourself a classy feel with this modern take on the retro curls from the 1980s. Vintage curls are having a moment right now, so if you think they’re a thing of the past, think again. If you don’t have curls, the curling wand will come in handy. Instead of tying your hair, pin it up in a loose side-swept ponytail. 

#10. High Pony With Bangs 

High Pony With Bangs 
High Pony With Bangs

Pull your hair into a ponytail and place it high up your crown. To create a stunning look that falls right above the eyes uses a set of straight bangs on each side. Wrap a thick lock of hair around the knot to conceal it and secure the pony with an elastic. If you want to amp up the length and volume of your look, try experimenting with Ponytail Extensions

The 3-Clip Ponytail adds luster and easy manageability, allowing you to get ready within minutes! The three clips attached to the lace base make the application simple. The ponytail comes with wrap-around hair to give you the best look! Ponytail Extension by Diva Divine helps add length and volume at an instant.  

#11. Side Swept Bangs 

Best suited for every occasion
Best suited for every occasion

Side swept bangs are a bangs hairstyle with a side part. Side-swept bangs, which are slightly longer than straight-across bangs, can conceal fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Side swept bangs are also amazing for drawing attention to your brow. The bangs start at the lash line and fall diagonally across the cheekbones. A strong diagonal line can dramatically lengthen a round face, as shown in the image above.   

#12. Wispy Bangs 

Wispy Bangs 
Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are soft bangs that are feathered lightly at the ends. Wispy bangs will look good on women with long faces who want to shorten their faces. If you have fine, straight hair and don’t want to commit to a thick, full fringe, these are a great option. If you want to transform your look, hairstyles with wispy bangs are always a great way to do so. What’s great about these lighter bangs is that they look great on almost everyone. 

Since there is no one-size-fits-all bangs hairstyle, it is always a good idea to look up for ideas before you take the plunge and get the chop. If you’re not sure about getting bangs, don’t be afraid to try bang hair extensions. All types of bangs require a commitment, so be brave and go for it if you truly want to try something new! 

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