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Different Types of Construction Signs and Their Indispensable Benefits

To keep people safe in construction sites, it’s important to have printable construction signs. Many of us think of safety signs in terms of simple “Warning” and “Caution” labels, but they may really have hidden advantages that keep workers and employees alike safe in a range of situations.

Guidelines for the Use of Construction Sign Board

When it comes to discussing emergency exit routes, businesses have their own set of norms and regulations. “Exit” signs are subject to the following rules:

  • The Exit sign board must have a clear line of sight.
  • The Exit must be readable with at least 6′′ (15.2 cm) of letters.
  • These signs need to be posted in areas where the way isn’t immediately apparent.

Construction Signs Play a Crucial Role in Many Ways

Construction Sign are an important part of your brand identity, so you’ll want to make a good first impression. Our full colour construction sign are printed in high-quality and in either single or double sided format. And you can also choose either a Matt or Gloss coating to add that final professional touch.

Hazard Signs

Use customised warnings signs to alert employees to the machine’s particular dangers. 

Voltage Signs and PPE Signs 

Warning builders signs not only alert workers to potential dangers but also serve as a reference for safe procedures. 

Eye Protection Signs 

Make sure your employees know about the risks of flying particles and other hazards by displaying these warnings.

Ear Protection Signs and Fall Protection Signs 

Falling from heights is a significant cause of mortality among construction workers. This safety sign serves to alert employees to the dangers of falling objects and the need of wearing appropriate fall protection.

Equipment Maintenance Signs 

Tagout/Lockout: Use these warning a board for sale before commencing repairs to make personnel aware that given equipment has to be locked out or tagout.

Specified Risk Sigs 

Use customised warnings signs to alert employees to the machine’s particular dangers.

4 Benefits of Using Construction Signage 

Here are five ways that safety signs may benefit employees, from navigation to protective gear.

1 Threats that cannot be seen are announced 

For example, when it comes to high voltage, you won’t be able to see it. If you don’t see a sign warning you of the risk, it’s easy to misinterpret the situation. The presence of wet, uneven, or low-clearance flooring might go unnoticed for a moment. You can better analyse your surroundings and take necessary action if you have job site signage warning you of these threats.

2 They lessen the likelihood of mishaps.

The signs serve as a reminder to the team that they need to work carefully to complete the project on time and on budget. Signs help raise awareness of the dangers.

3 They Ensure the Safety of the People.

Even though your personnel are aware of the risks they confront on the job, this does not always apply to all visitors. Visitors and trespassers may not understand what you are doing on the worksite. A hole in the earth may or may not exist. They don’t know whether any dangers are lurking above them. To ensure the safety of the neighbourhood, and it is important to post perimeter signs and other forms of warning signs.

4 They Overcome Discrepancies in Access

A particular colour code for water risks may be in place on your work site. Coloured signs or graphics may serve as a substitute for text if someone is unable to discern the message. So, signs that are multilingual and conform to established colour schemes may readily alert the public to potential threats without requiring a lot of time and effort.

Thats a Wrap

There’s more to a construction site sign than pointing out where the next vending machine is. And with safety, they also work as a solid advertising board for builders. In order to ensure the safety of both workers, staff, and visitors, they present critical health and safety information in an easily accessible manner.

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