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Home Improvement

Design your abode with some decorative photo frames

Who likes to see bare walls in the home? We are sure no one, and to add beauty to your home, the wall mantra has decoration photo frames for you. You must be having memories of the places you visit, the days you have spent, and the people you love. Hence, photo frames are the best way to capture and preserve the moments. Fetiş ilişki mi istiyorsunuz? şirinevler escort sitesindeki kadınlar size bunu en güzel haliyle yaşatırlar.

Improve your home décor by blending the photo frames with other artwork of the home. Choose the frames which have nice and bright borders and match up to your requirement. Adorn your walls with impressive photo frames that will enhance the look of your dwelling. 

Factors to keep in mind while buying photo frames

 Budget-friendly frames

It is not mandatory that spending more money on a frame will give the premium quality frame a great viewing experience. Instead, opt for a basic one at an affordable price that will be more versatile and have a higher resolution. 

Select a place to hang

This has a direct correlation with the space you have for placing the frames. If it is the living room, then consider wall frames more while for the bedroom, you can for standing frames also. Select a frame with slim borders that will have a wider surface area for pictures. Further, a standing frame will have a stand that should be firm and occupy less space. 

Choose a proper screen

This is also a very important aspect when choosing different frames. A screen should be made of good material, strong, and have better visibility. Sometimes larger screens also do not give clarity and resolution. So, select a screen that gives the best picture experience with a clearer view and more strength. 

Ideas of what to display in your photo frames

  1. 1. You can start your display with a Time goes and never comes back, but the experiences always stay with us. We capture them in pictures and sometimes in our minds as lessons. You can put pictures of your children’s first day at school, annual function dress-up pictures, first birthday or Christmas celebration. 
  2. 2. Picking up your travel photos is another option. We go to several destinations or sometimes the same place many a time, and gather countless memories. You can place several mismatched frames of different sizes on the same wall and make a happy-go memory lane. 
  3. Your individual photos can also be placed instead of family or couple pictures all the time. If you have a photogenic personality then I am sure, you must be having a great collection of selfies. Try displaying those and spread your persona magic in your home. 
  4. Make some place for your transformation display from childhood to till date. You must be having a picture of your graduation and a recent picture of the present time. You can place both the pictures simultaneously and make people go in awe and gather all compliments. 
  5. You can display the artwork of your little master and create a loving and inspiring environment. This will not only encourage the little one but also feel praised and loved. Select a frame with a splash of colors and make the moment fun.
  6. There is a new trend in photography which is candid shots. You can have limitless candid photos from which you can make a gallery wall and create a friendly and warm environment. We assure you it will be a pleasure to watch everyone that comes to your place. 
  7. Next is your wedding pictures that hold equal importance. You can choose a big frame to capture a mesmerizing wedding photo that carries enormous memories. It is that special day when another person came into your life and stayed forever. The best way to preserve and relish the moment is by choosing a classy frame. 
  8. 8. A special anniversary or your loved one’s birthday shouldn’t be forgotten too. Make a note of it and seize the picture in a wonderful frame and make the memory long-lasting. We are sure you must have taken extra efforts for planning the first anniversary or birthday.  
  9. 9. Don’t obliterate to add some of your achievements and awards pictures. You have worked hard for those degrees and it is okay to show off them. You need to be admired for all the pains that you have taken.
  10. 10. Also, it is not required to flood all the spaces with your personal pictures. You can choose some other abstract art, motivational quotes, or scenic pictures for framing and go according to the theme of the place.  

We hope that these ideas and factors help you in finding a perfect frame that gives your photos an exemplary look. By just viewing those pictures you can relive those moments and will be enjoyed by others also. You will have different interesting stories to narrate on a coffee table and so many experiences to cherish. With time you can change both the frames and pictures to create a different impact on the décor and theme of your home. 

How to place the frames in a room-

Decide a place to hang them

The first thing that you should decide is where do you want to hang the pictures. As it is an oversize large frame so you should have an appropriate wall for it where you want to hang it. Sometimes the frame can be such that it touches the floor so make sure it does not get dirty with carpets or rugs. Mark the place where you want to hang and see from behind whether it will look good or not.

Choose a strong hook

Now place a hook that is big enough to hold a big photo frame. An oversize frame can not be hung on a small hook but you need strong support for the attachment. 

Place wires if required

For the back support add wires apart from three or four holes required to hang the big frame. These wires act as additional support to the paintings. 

Hang the painting

now when you have placed wires and strong metal-support then now you can hang the frame. Just make sure the support or hooks are super strong to carry the weight of a heavy frame. 

Wall mantra has different types of large photo frames in various sizes and colors from which you can choose and make your memories precious and for displaying the moments of love, happiness, excitement, achievement, and success. You can have different journeys and you can select bright or shaded or colorful frames according to the color and the theme of your home. 

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