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According to interviews and data provided to Natural News, Jeff and Cps Arizona of Avondale, a suburb of Phoenix, have so far been given no explanation as to why CPS officials who removed their children from their home have begun the process of terminating parental rights after their daughter, Khloe, 3, who was born prematurely and with a brain, collapsed and died more than five months ago, in August.

Here are the details of the case Cps Arizona

The evening of Khloe’s death, Jeff and Tabitha left all of their kids, between ages 2 and 9, with a babysitter and family friend whom an account did not name but only described as a “young” “African American” man “in his twenties.”

That account, allegedly posted by Tabitha   on this blog site, said the couple left for the evening to attend a meeting before Jeff went to work and she attended a study group for a massage therapy course that she was taking.

Another account at Health Impact News noted that Khloe usually had a good appetite but that it had disappeared that night. Also, it said she had complained to her parents of a headache a few days earlier.

No charges

After dinner on the night of her death, the first account said, all of the children were playing outside of their home when Khloe fell and struck her head

. No marks or bumps were found, according to the babysitter, who also said Khloe went to bed early.

Later in the evening,

she woke up suddenly with a high-pitched scream and she began to cry, according to Health Impact News.

The babysitter told police that he initially believed she had a nightmare, so he got her up and walked her to the kitchen for a drink of water. He said she appeared to be a bit unstable on her feet, but he attributed that to sleepiness.

After sipping some water,

Khloe’s eyes rolled and she collapsed. The babysitter said he immediately called 911 and began CPR.

About 45 minutes later, Jeff and Tabitha had gotten word that Khloe was taken to the hospital. When they arrived home to check on the rest of their children and to speak with police, they said their house and others in the immediate vicinity had been taped off like a crime scene.

Tabitha said police instructed her to go to the hospital; Jeff remained behind, Health Impact News reported.

The babysitter was initially arrested and held as a suspect, but he was eventually released with no charges filed. Initially, police treated the death as a homicide, but again, no charges have been filed.

Months have passed without action

In addition, the couple has said, an autopsy has been done, but so far no official cause of death has been released.  the medical examiner’s office told them they are waiting for the police report before releasing the autopsy results.

Further, the said all physicians and healthcare providers linked to Khloe’s treatment have said they found no evidence of abuse.

A rape kit also came back negative.

According to the first account, Tabitha has said she does not believe the babysitter harmed her child, but rather that she simply died of natural causes stemming from her previous condition.

Immediately after Khloe’s death, state CPS officials said that it was standard procedure to remove the remaining children from the home, until authorities had an opportunity to complete their investigation — a mandate that the  considered completely reasonable.

But months have passed and their children remain dispersed in a number of homes of family and friends.

The unthinkable happened to a family in Arizona. Their three-year-old daughter mysteriously collapsed while her parents were away from home, and she died shortly after

. As horrible as that tragedy was, Khloe’s death was only the beginning of the devastation to the family. Child Protective Services immediately came in and took away all seven of their other children, placing them in various foster home settings around the area.

The children now don’t have their parents, or even each other, as they try to grasp what has happened to their sister.

None of the children, ranging in age from 2 to 9 years old, have been placed with family or friends, and they cry to come home. They don’t understand what has happened, and neither do their parents, Jeff and Tabitha.

“It’s like a bad nightmare you can’t wake up from,” says Jeff Talks about Cps Arizona .

No charges have been filed against anyone, yet the state of Arizona has already begun the TPR process, Termination of Parental Rights.


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