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When you definitely need a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia

Accidents are distressing but can happen to anyone. If you were injured in such an accident in Philadelphia because of someone’s negligence, intent, recklessness, or wrongdoing, you could recover compensation for your losses. While filing an injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to be hard, winning a fair settlement can be a battle. Most victims often have one question in mind – “Do I need a lawyer, or can I fight this battle on my own?”. Working with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys will benefit victims in most circumstances. Below are some situations when hiring a lawyer is certainly significant and necessary. 

  • When the injuries are serious. If your injuries are likely to disrupt your life ahead, you should consult a lawyer for sure. A good example would be whiplash or brain injuries in a car accident. 
  • When there is a death involved. Losing a loved one because of someone’s negligence can be a traumatic experience. Wrongful death lawsuits are often worth higher settlements and are complicated in nature. Consulting a legal expert is advisable for such cases. 
  • When the insurance company is playing unfair. It is known that insurance companies rarely help victims following a car accident. The claims adjuster might adhere to tactics to deny a fair settlement. Talk to a lawyer if your initial offer is too low compared to your losses. 
  • When you have a medical malpractice case. We place our trust in doctors and surgeons for efficient treatment. What if you have sustained losses or injuries because of the surgeon’s fault or negligence? You could have a medical malpractice case, which will have a high burden of proof. Contact an attorney immediately for advice. 
  • You are unsure of how to move ahead with your injury case. As we mentioned earlier, people often don’t know much about the complications of personal injury laws. If you don’t want to make common mistakes or want to tread cautiously with your lawsuit, talk to an attorney. 

Many personal injury cases involve multiple parties, and when there is more than one party at fault, proving liability can be hard. An attorney can help investigate the accident and gather evidence to prove your case. Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate, but they can also argue in court when needed. Whether through negotiation or a court verdict, your lawyer can protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve.

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