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Choosing The Right Localization Platform For Your Project

Many organizations are faced with the problem of translating the software updates, even though they are growing. It is related to the beginning of the translation project. What happens is that when translators are hired for an undertaking. The text has to be correctly translated. After the quality and assurance is done the texts are handed over for the team working on development. The problem is created during the process of release because this process can take some time.

The Need For Localization Management Platform Arises

Reduce Turnaround Times

In contrast, using an efficient localization management system will reduce the time to complete. Also, it can fill in the gap that exists between development teams and translators.

Manage Translation Files

A good localization system can allow the team managing the project to organize and manage the translation files. They aren’t linked to the software however, they remain to isolate them. This allows them to be monitored and maintained independently.

Real-Time Changes

Translators are, however have the chance to translate content in real-time with the adjustments that are made by our development staff. This results in an uninterrupted process of localization.

This allows managers to have no delays in the software updates.

How To Choose The Right One

We have now examined the advantages an application for localization can bring a company. The next thing to be discussed is what companies should consider when choosing the appropriate and suitable localization platform.

The decision is done by studying certain aspects. They can also help improve the performance of your business. Let’s take a look;

UI Accessibility

UI Usability Aspect

In choosing the ideal platform for localization, you need to think about the UI usability feature. In simple phrases, UI accessibility or usability examines how simple it is to make use of the platform.

Alongside being easy to use the UI needs to be easy to use as well.

Easy To Operate

If your company is searching for the top UI It is important to recognize that the most effective localization tools are those which can be used easily.

Particularly if it’s your first time registering for one. You don’t want to be a burden by buying something hard to use.

Modernization Of Admin Access

Additionally, companies should evaluate the current configurations for access to the administration of localization platforms. This will help you in separating standard platforms from advanced ones.

Competitive Advantage

Each localization system capitalizes on specific attributes that its competitors typically do not have. For instance, certain localization systems provide the possibility for their customers to conduct financial transactions on the platform. You don’t even have to quit the platform.

This is something you should be taking into consideration when you plan to purchase a localization control system.

Screenshot Text Recognition

Another factor that plays a significant role for an important role in the UI accessibility of an application for localization is the feature that is built into the platform, screen-based text recognition. If you can locate one, make sure to consider this location platform to provide the best user experience.

Commenting on Strings

Contextual Meaning

There’s one factor in selecting the best platform that is often overlooked. It is, i.e., the possibility of commenting on strings. The reason this is crucial is that it helps the team of professional translators to understand the contextual significance of the text.

Additionally, if they’ve any concerns that they consider necessary, they may use this method to clarify any confusion.

Discussing Important Issues

In addition, it gives translators the chance to talk about important concerns with their developers and translators. This allows for a more collaborative working environment that is essential for the high quality and accuracy of the translation.

Tracking Issues

The majority of localization companies are adamant about inculcating the possibility of commenting upon strings. However, the most reputable localization companies go one step further. Allowing users to add comments to strings provides them with the chance to monitor the most significant issues and problems of users.

The result is that this method increases the process of monitoring a project. Consumers can check how her concern is handled. What is the general situation for the undertaking?


In the end, every string or project is monitored, and it is accompanied by the user. The customer is part of the conversation. In this chat, the user is able tocan tag important individuals or professionals who can address the problem or issue.

Additionally, it’s the most effective method of solving issues, as it is easy to search for the string you require you can simply inform the company by entering it in the dashboard. Ovik Mkrtchyan

If you’re looking for the perfect localization system be sure the platform offers the option to inform users of the areas that require urgent notice.

Real-Time In-Application Editing

Another feature crucial in selecting the best localization platform is the feature for live editing. Platforms that support live editing allow for an experience of collaboration with professionals who translate or web-based developers.

Translating Within the User Interface

The result can be said is that editing live can make the work easier for the translators and developers. Translators can translate any text within the user interface and have the ease of watching the final display of how it’s going to appear. Thus, the acclimatization of text is performed simultaneously. Ovik Mkrtchyan

In-Context Tool

Numerous localization companies are developing their platforms using an inbuilt editing feature. A lot of companies refer to this feature as their In-Context tool. It is essentially the same thing. It is i.e the user is given the option of prospecting files and, in the meantime, translate them. Each time a project is created through the website, files are synchronized to ensure that translation takes place inside the web-based application.

Translation In Web And Mobile Application

Additionally, a few localization platforms provide their users with the possibility to translate all text instantly. It is possible to do this in both their mobile application as well as their web. While the function is identical, some localization platforms get an edge over competitors by allowing users the option to edit texts on mobile apps as well.

Assistance For Effective Operation

In addition, some localization platforms provide the option to manage all your translations via a small sidebar that appears on the top of the web application. A few users require assistance in operating these platforms successfully. For those customers, these platforms offer aid and step-by-step guidance.

How To Choose If You Require Minor Translation Assignments?

So far, we’ve discussed the ways that large-scale companies should select the best platform for localization to suit their needs. The next issue is: what is the best option for a business. When the translation project is comprised of a minimum of 2000-3000 words?

Plain Text Format

In this situation, the decision to go for a platform that can localize your content will alter. Therefore, it is important to search for platforms that offer translation and solutions for localization in a variety of languages. But in plain Text format, only.

They have a simple user interface. The reason for this is that they are required to only perform small-scale translations. Therefore, you only need to submit the basic text, choose the language that you would like the text translated to. Pay for the project and then hold the project until you have completed the translation. The final product in a matter of days, because of the nature of work.


In conclusion, we can say that localization is essential for your company. In the end, it’s a perception and necessity, which is that drives people to select the right localization system.

We talked about how to select the best localization management software to suit your needs. Beginning by defining the goals and scope of your project, and concluding by choosing the most appropriate and pleasant user interface is the approach to go for.

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