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Casablanca and the top attractions to visit by Jeff Van Beaver

Casablanca is among the most populous cities within Morocco, you shouldn’t visit Morocco without seeing these Casablanca tourist attractions. The city’s location on the coast makes it a major port for the nation. Trade relations with other countries have influenced the development of Casablanca.

traditional Islamic style

The areas blend the traditional Islamic style with contemporary influence from Europe. The city has always held the status of a major cultural, business, and tourist center. The opening at the airport’s international terminal has led to a fresh flow of tourists in the town. It has everything you require to enjoy your leisure time Facilities aren’t much better than those in hotels that are part of The Old World, and local taste. Christian Synagogues and temples are notable landmarks. It’s unlikely to be possible to visit these within another Islamic city. Also, the Habus quarter, as well as the Old Medina, will allow you to comprehend other characteristics of Casablanca.

What should you see and where to go in Casablanca?

Palm-lined streets, massive office buildings as well as large business buildings, and the Atlantic Ocean opening up to the world: Casablanca is the economic heart of Morocco and a bustling city that is always on the alert. Morocco is generally visited within 10 days from Casablanca. If you are shorter days, the ideal base for Morocco travel is Casablanca. Read on to know the most popular places to see in Casablanca.

Modern infrastructures

blend with charming neighborhoods, blending the rich Arab-Muslim culture and the relics of the colonial era. Learn about the various nuances of the city of the medina which was one of the oldest in Morocco and stroll through the center with its art deco structures, or visit the Hassan II mosque, an architectural marvel built on water. Enjoy being swept away by the vibrant part of the capital city. Enjoy the cornice and its events and clubs including The Casablanca Festival, Jazzablanca, or Tremplin L’Boulevard.

The coast, it’s filled with beaches that are designed to make your stay comfortable. On-site diving, jet-skiing, and sailing are some of the activities that will enhance your experience. In Casablanca, you won’t be bored. Between the luxuries of relaxation and culture, The white city is not devoid of attractions. Here are the top things to see in Casablanca.

by  Jeff Van Beaver

Hassan II Mosque Construction

Interior decoration – onyx, golden marble. The highest point of the minaret is 201m. Its maximum capacity for the hall for prayer is approximately 25 thousand. The roof slides: within a matter of minutes, a large space transforms into an open courtyard. Around 80 thousand people live in the square that was also equipped.

Old Medina

This area of Casablanca is located between the harbor and the city’s principal mosque.The neighborhood has been developing for a long time. Old Medina is the classic Arabian neighborhood. The area is crowded and the streets are constantly crowded. The trade is lively in the shops as well as outdoors. Nearby, there are numerous sights, including the Sidi Kairouani sanctuary. Sidi Kairouani sanctuary, a beautiful park, as well as”the gate of the navy “gate of the navy”

Habus quarter

The most famous section in the town. The neighborhood was developed in the early XX century by immigrants of the provincial. Because there was an ancient palace in the vicinity the region quickly was a hit with the wealthy.  There are numerous shops and markets inside the borders of Habus.

It is the heart of both business and social life and is a must-visit Casablanca tourist attraction. Restaurants, banks, the al-Maghreb Post office, police prefecture are located around. Within the square is there is the Arab League Park and the public garden. The boulevards run in different directions. It’s a fantastic spot to walk.

Corniche promenade

One of the most prestigious zones of the city. One of the distinctive features in Cornwall Cornish is the abundance of greenery gardens and flower beds. The embankment life is at its peak during the evening, and also in the evening.

Mahkama du Pasha

It is the venue for official receptions as well as it is also the House of Justice. The exterior is simple in terms of design and resembles the fortress. The palace houses 64 rooms. Mahkama du Pasha is not always open to visitors.

Royal Palace of Casablanca

It is located in New Medina, it is one of the most popular Casablanca tourist attractions. The principal residence of the King is located in Casablanca. Its architecture is impressive. the palace is more influenced by the traditional Moroccan as well as Muslim motives.

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Lourdes

The Catholic Cathedral was constructed in 1956. It is a major asset for Christians who reside within the Islamic region. . As the typical Christian cathedral, the structure displays an unorthodox appearance. However, this did not stop it from attaining the distinction of being a cathedral. Stylistic stained-glass windows with colors of impressive dimensions stand out in the style.


by  Jeff Van Beaver

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