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Is Waxing Your Face Good For Acne?

Face waxing can worsen the acne condition. Yes! You read it right. Besides full face wax benefits, many people also get irritated, sensitive, and acne-triggered skin after using this hair removal technique. It is the most popular procedure to get rid of facial hair, but it’s after effects make you worried about your skin condition too. Thus, find whether your skin could be at risk or not before using any face wax products at home. If you plan to do waxing at home without having any expertise, consider the following possible side effects.

  • Breakouts: Experts will never recommend using hot liquid wax on acne-prone skin because it can worsen the pimples after waxing the face. If you have an active-acne condition, avoid using this hair removal technique or choose the other suitable ones such as laser treatment, etc.
  • Temporary bumps: Skin bumps are the most common after-effect. It is the swollen pore from where hair and its roots get removed. To soothe this condition, you can apply the wax aftercare cream or any soothing lotion on the skin. The redness and bumps will fade away within a few hours.
  • Irritation and Redness: The acne-prone and sensitive skin may also get redness, rashes, and skin irritation after facial waxing. This condition can become severe if you use an alcohol-based product or harsh skincare products on freshly waxed skin. To soothe the waxed skin, apply an ice cube or cool compress.
  • Ingrown hairs: If you do not know the right way to do facial waxing, you will become prone to get ingrown hairs after doing it by yourself. The beneficial tip to avoid it is to pull the wax strips in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Sensitivity: If you have sunburn, active acne, or any skin allergy, do not apply face wax. These skin conditions require extra care during hair removal because they can make skin hypersensitive to the sun and harsh chemicals. Proper face waxing aftercare will help you prevent any adverse reaction on your sensitive skin.

How to Avoid Pimples after Waxing?

To avoid and treat breakouts after waxing on your face and body, you need to understand what to do after apply it on your face. Post-wax care plays an essential role in preventing the after-effects of this hair removal technique. Thus, here are some tips to keep your skin healthy and pimple-free after getting rid of facial hair.


  • Always choose high quality and branded products to wax on you face e.g. Rica, Veet, Nair etc
  • Before applying to all over face, take a test on small area of your skin so you can check face sensitivity to wax.
  • Exfoliate the skin with any face scrub before using any face wax for men and women.
  • Do not use the dirty applicator or used wax strips on the face because it enhances the chance of bacteria intrusion into the product.
  • Consider using Tea-tree based wax on acne-prone skin, as tea tree has antiseptic properties.
  • Apply witch hazel product on freshly waxed skin to soothe the redness and irritation.
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer daily on waxed skin to avoid skin allergies and infections.
  • If you still get any pimples, do not ever pop them out. Only apply tea tree oil on it and leave it there.

Hope! You get your answer about acne and face wax association. In addition to this, let us clear one more question about ‘does waxing your face cause more hair growth?’ No! The hair growth density remains the same with this procedure. You can rely on it to get smooth and hair-free skin but with post-wax care. Face wax prices vary from its type to its brand, so choose the one that suits your skin type and skin condition.


My name is Sameera Rao and by profession i am a project manager and blogger. I did MBA in marketing and serving in an esteemed organization to flourish my company in e-commerce market. My core hobbies are traveling, swimming, books reading, Badminton, gym, explore new cuisine and culture, hiking.

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