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Computers and Technology

Can an app be made without the use of coding?

In the earlier days, mobile app development required coding skills, programming knowledge, and knowledge of software and technology. In honesty, learning to code is far from easy, and it is, unfortunately, a time-consuming process. Also, the time needed to make a native mobile app using code would usually not be the highest quality end product made.

Thankfully, modern technology has now made it possible for people to take the idea of a mobile app they have in mind, or on paper (or both), and use their efforts to turn it into a real app. This can be made possible without writing code.

If people know their way around the internet, they should know that app makers are present online, as an alternate channel to traditional app development. But let us be honest with ourselves, app-making tools are not a complete alternative to developing mobile apps.

The reason for this notion is that programming and coding are still important in app development. Moreover, these app development kits are developed through precise coding too.

This post will serve as a very good guide for making a mobile app without the need of writing even a little bit of code. It will cover things anyone needs to know about this process, stepwise instructions for making and launching an app.

Time to read more about it.

Making an app without coding – the steps involved

For those who wish to make apps without writing code, here are some steps compiled by expert developers from the forum of app developers Toronto:

#1 – Choosing a no-code app builder

The first thing aspiring developers should do is choose an app maker. This step shouldn’t be rushed because not all codeless app-making platforms are the same. None of them could be randomly selected with the hopes that it will work just fine.

Here are some factors worth considering in this regard:

  • Budget.
  • Interface.
  • Reputation in the marketplace.
  • Customization capabilities.

Also, let us consider the example of an aspiring app creator having a really good app idea for one, but has a highly specific function in mind that may not exist within a vast majority of app builders present.

The ideal solution would be to reach out to the app builder’s maker and ask them to create that customized function. Developers can hire app developer alternatively, and can make use of SDK build options. Then again, not each app builder has this functionality as all of them aren’t the same.

#2 – Choosing a plan that suits the company’s needs best

Once the app-making platform is chosen, different plan options will be considered. Hence developers should take their time and see the features they need. If they wish to make many apps, then they will be needing a plan that is of course comprehensive and expensive. If they wish to make just one app, then a plan suitable for this task is best.

Do developers wish to have the app available on each mobile device? Or do they want it to exist just for smartphones? These questions need to be answered too.

#3 – Choosing the right template

Starting with a template helps apps to be built easily. This is a visible benefit of an app builder in comparison to coding from the ground up. An app maker should give developers a starting point with a matching template for the app to be made.

#4 – Designing the app with custom branding

With the template being the first step in the app design, other major design components are completed by the app builder. Now all that is needed is changing the colors and logos matching the app’s brand.

In the branding aspect, the following need to be customized and changed as per the app’s need and tune:

  • Font.
  • App icons.
  • Header Text.
  • Color Scheme.
  • Preset Themes.
  • Loading screens.
  • App Display Name.
  • Title bar and text icons.

Preset themes present in-app builders help customization of the app design become an easy task, giving developers full control of this aspect.

#5 – Adding all the needed features

The main reason app builders are revered when it comes to making apps without code is the extensive arena of features. Most well-known app builders have a ‘feature market’ from where the components and features for an app can be acquired.

#6 – Publishing the app

After the app has been customized with branding, colors, and features, it’s time to get it live after testing it properly. The app can be published either on the App Store of Apple, or Google’s Play Store. All that is needed is a developer account on each platform.

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