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10 Tips for Your Business Facebook Page

Using social media is excellent to give greater visibility to your business and the products and services you offer, and it can be the difference between the success or failure of your digital marketing strategies.

That is why we want to explain some things you must do to run a successful Facebook page.

Why have a Facebook Page for your business?

Facebook Pages are an excellent window for your business, as they are a great way to let hundreds of people know about your brand and the products you offer. Likewise, Facebook offers different tools to optimize publications on these types of profiles.

Like statistics, which provide invaluable information about your followers and the effectiveness of your content.

The statistics section, like the one shown in the previous image, offers you information about the performance of your your page, allowing you to see how many people have interacted and seen each of your publications.

In addition, Facebook has an Ads Manager in which you can create ads for the business page and will allow you to create different user profiles so that you can segment your publications and reach people who meet specific criteria.

When creating an ad, the administrator will also allow you to see its performance and you will be able to see if your ad has reached the user profile you wanted, as well as see what actions people took when viewing it.

By using services to boost your Facebook page you can also increase the visibility of your page, as this increases the level of interaction and your engagement considerably. Our services focus on increasing the exposure and interactions of your account to make your audience grow immediately. The best thing about buying Facebook Likes for your page with us is that these will come from authentic Facebook accounts and you can choose the exact number of Likes you want.

In addition, by buying followers you will also have more chances of getting additional followers, since you will generate more credibility for your Facebook page.

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10 tips to manage a Facebook page successfully

Do not use your personal profile

It is not bad that you use your personal profile to promote your business, but your main window should be a Facebook page dedicated to your business exclusively. By having a Facebook page you will have access to tools like the ones we mentioned above.

Also, using a Facebook page gives your business a more professional image. People are more likely to decide to follow a business than to add someone they may not know to their friends list.

Another reason to avoid using your profile is that constantly sharing your business content can be annoying for your friends list, which can cause them to stop following you. That is definitely NOT the result you want.

Do not leave the information section blank

This space is the perfect place to explain what your business consists of. Make sure to write a concise description in which you explain to the people who come to your page what you have to offer them and why they should choose you over your competition.


When managing a Facebook page for your brand, you must ensure that your account is recognizable to your customers. Use a logo to identify your posts.

Use photos and videos in your posts

Well the saying goes that an image is worth a thousand words and if there is a place where this is absolutely true, it is on social networks.

Use photos and videos to keep your followers interested in your posts. You can alternate the photos you post, varying between posting just one and posting several at a time from time to time for specific occasions like displaying a product line, documenting an event, and similar situations.

Live Videos

Live video streaming has gained more popularity and it looks like this won’t stop for a long time.

Broadcasting live videos will give your followers a real and personal perception of your business and give you the opportunity to show your products in a favourable light.

Use the information from Instagram statistics to determine the best time of day to go live and ensure that a good portion of your followers will have the opportunity to view your video.

Invite your followers to participate!

Facebook pages can motivate followers to participate or interact in some way with your business. Whether you decide to post a preview of your products, show a bit about your work process, or simply ask your followers for opinions.

You can also create dynamics like posting a photo and inviting your followers to compete for the best description, offering a prize to the winner.

Doing a giveaway is a good idea on a Facebook page and you can do it by offering a product, service or discount to users who perform a certain action such as following you, liking, commenting or sharing your publication.

Post frequently

Post every day if possible. In this way, you will appear more often in the news section of your followers and it will be much more likely that your publications will be more viewed and shared by more people.

Respond quickly

Try to reply to the messages, comments and opinions of your followers as soon as possible. This makes your followers see that you offer good customer service and will make potential customers trust your business more.

Facebook pages show users the average response time. Make sure to have the people who are there to assist them with any questions whenever they need it. One of the advantages of Facebook in this regard is that it allows you to automate responses to optimize your attention times.

Keep your page loaded with content

Your Facebook page should have recent photos and videos at all times so that your followers have a current image of your business. Oftentimes, people base their opinion of a business on recent social media posts.

Keep in mind that it is not about uploading all your content at the same time; especially if you are starting with your page and want to upload all your material at once. But it is better to manage it and publish it progressively, so you will have backup content to publish while you are generating new content.

Stand out

The only way to stand out is by being different. That is, do not try to copy what your competitors do, but you should try to be authentic and show a real vision of your business on your page. Do not be afraid to show yourself, this will make your followers feel identified with the person behind the page and it will be more likely that there is a strong link between your customers and your brand.

Final Words

A Facebook page can get your brand and products to the right audience to grow your business. Follow the tips we just gave you to manage a Facebook page that reflects all the positive aspects of your business.

Stay tuned to our blog to discover more tips for your Facebook page and accounts on other social networks. We publish new articles every week.


Why is having a Facebook page so important to my business?

Facebook is the social network with the most active users in the world. We are talking about a potential reach of more than 200 billion users, which translates into a huge reach for your business.

Should I hire someone to manage my Facebook page?

Although working with a specialized professional is ideal, we understand that for some businesses it can be difficult to budget for this up front. As your business takes off, you can follow these tips and apply some strategies for Facebook pages that allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the platform.

Do I need money to grow my Facebook page?

There are many organic strategies that will allow you to generate a considerable reach on Facebook, but it is always a good alternative to invest in tools, professional services and even in advertising or to buy Facebook Page likes Canada and followers to give an additional boost to your Facebook page.

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