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The Intermediate Guide to Early Career Advice for Engineers

An engineer’s job is to invent, design, and maintain machines, data structures, and systems. Engineers are experts in their field and require an entire specific course of study. To become an engineer, one needs to acquire the skills and knowledge of engineering, which deals with giving solutions to technological problems. Their job is to understand the situation, research, and draw a plan to solve it.

To become a successful engineer, there is no single algorithm to follow, and one has to work hard and practice as much as possible. As said, practice makes a man perfect, and it is one hundred percent true in an engineer’s career. Observation is vital in the engineer’s eyes; if one can observe the problem beforehand and has understood the cause to design a plan and solve it, it makes the person a successful engineer.

But, first, one has to understand if they are passionate about engineering or not because engineering is all about passion, interest, and love for technology and machines. It is a skill-based career; therefore, if one chooses to become an engineer, they have to understand where their passion lies.

It is effortless to make a wrong career decision because it looks easy. It happens because one thinks they can do it because they love machines and enroll themselves in engineering courses only to realize that their passion does not coincide with their love for machines henceforth, they quit or struggle to pass. In a skill-based career like engineering, this terrible decision becomes very costly.

Therefore, understanding solving problems related to technology, having the skill of doing so is essential. It is also essential for one to realize whether they can invent technology or not, do they have that inborn skill of looking through an inventor’s perspective. Only after self-answering these dilemmas one should decide between being an engineer.

If you have the technical knowledge, you will need the right skills to base that technical knowledge, this can only happen when you know which type of engineering you have to study. There are various types of engineering:

  1. Computer engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Aeronautical engineering
  5. Mechanical engineering
  6. Industrial engineering
  7. Electrical engineering
  8. Environmental engineering
  9. Biomedical engineering
  10. Nuclear engineering

These are completely different departments and, in a company, they are hired as specialists. For example, an aviation company, an aeronautical engineer will be hired to design the body with the help of a mechanical engineer who will see the machines to be put in the airplane and work with the electrical engineer to function those machines.

Therefore, knowing what you want and choosing the best route that interests you is important.

Often those who want to become engineers go ahead with small-scale engineering jobs they don’t give much priority to the academics of engineering however, learning and studying the course of engineering is equally  important as practicing it in the field, i.e., industry. For example:

  1. If one wants to become an aeronautical engineer, one has to know flying machines.
  2. If one wants to become a chemical engineer, one must know chemical processes and natural/life sciences.

Similarly, there are different courses for each type of engineering. An aeronautical; engineer learns about flying machines and understands them with practical sessions and internships in the institute they are studying in. It is the same for chemical engineering, in this one has to know chemical reaction engineering, plant design, chemical processes.

It is essential to be good in academics and industry as well. Make your name inside and outside of the course. This popularity will lead you to reach the highest point in your career.

As an engineer, you have to make the most of what you have got because it is a skill-based career and requires you to be all in if you want to succeed. So, how can you be all in? Follow these steps:

  1. Define your goals- Becoming a successful engineer does not happen out of the blue, it requires planning ahead of time and knowing that this is how you see your future after 5-6 years.
  2. Commit to professional development- Engineering is a professional course to be studied therefore, you must commit yourself to start and finish becoming a professional.
  3. Becoming the best problem-solver- The priority of being an engineer is to observe something and understand that there is a problem and instantly design a plan to fix the problem. Problem-solving is one quality that all engineers must possess.
  4. Focus on soft skills- while focusing on the basics of engineering, one striving to become an engineer must also make note of their speaking skills, communication skills, people skills so that whatever knowledge they have is delivered correctly to the client.
  5. Understanding business- Business is the main centre of engineering. Whatever product the engineer is working on has to be dealt with from a business point of view. This knowledge comes in handy while inventing something. Having a business mind will help an engineer to put a value on what they are inventing.

An engineer must know their surrounding very well. This is important because it helps them to stay grounded and work hard. You would be assigned to do a job 10-15 years later that doesn’t even exist today. So, knowing that this particular company that you are working on has a bright future will help you embrace any new opportunity that will come by. Because technology is drastically changing, no one knew 15 years back that there would be something called ‘Digital Payment’ but it is happening now. Similarly, with your expertise, you will be given a chance or an opportunity to invent something with a set deadline. For this, you as an engineer must be ready to tackle the pressure and have the business mind to present your work to your supervisors or client.

An engineer must always be flexible and have an open mind because whatever you invent might not be 100% accurate and might require some changes, as an engineer you should be ready to rectify the problem, come up with a new set of ideas, and invent something unexpected but liked by all.

To make your team success you should work hard, do your homework, research as much as you can, have a team spirit and settle for nothing less than “outstanding work”. Understand the mission of the company and know your resources.

Pentagon space, a Bangalore-based training institute offer courses that cover niche technologies, their courses are designed for 500 hours of intensive training, their courses are exposed to in-house, industry-based company projects. Aspired learners, freshers are welcome to learn skill-based courses and refine their skills on desired subjects. The trainers are experienced and well-learned in their subjects.

Pentagon space as a training institute offers 12 courses such as:

  1. Java full-stack
  2. Python full stack
  3. Machine learning
  4. Testing and automation
  5. Artificial intelligence
  6. AWS
  7. Big data
  8. Cyber security
  9. DevOps
  10. Cloud computing
  11. Salesforce
  12. Microsoft azure

An aspired graduate and fresher may come and choose any of the above as per their aspiration and requirement and become skilled personnel in it.

Pentagon space is the place if you are interested in multitudinous aspects of future technologies. As a company Pentagon space offers 100% placement with real-time applied learning and a full-fledged curriculum.


To become a successful engineer, you have first to aspire to become an engineer. Only if you understand the goal of your life and anticipate your future as an engineer it will happen for you. Working hard is a must, skill-based learning requires lots and lots of practice. You have to make your name within the company, academics, and in the industry (the outside world), so you must do your homework and be ready to face a challenge.

Choosing Pentagon space will help you reach your target goal because it is indeed the best training institute. Here, you will learn the skills required for you to become a professional and be placed in a company with skills matching your job, i.e., 100% placement.

So, without any further ado, if engineering is what you aspire to, we will help you become the best.

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