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What Is XenServer and Why You Should Use It?


Most organizations are nowadays using different hypervisor platforms for creating virtual server infrastructure for their organization. These platforms not only allow them to improve their productivity but also help them in improving their infrastructure resilience and better utilize their available resources. Thus the platform is a perfect fit for an organization that wants to improve its productivity, reduce its expenses and better utilize its resources.


XenServer is a powerful and popular hypervisor platform that many companies use to develop, create and manage virtual server infrastructure. This is mainly due to the benefits that the platform provides to its users like powerful server management, XenConvert, etc. Keeping this in mind today we are going over some of the benefits of using XenServer for creating virtual server infrastructure in an organization.

Powerful Server Management

XenServer is a powerful hypervisor platform that allows an organization to easily create/manage virtual server infrastructure. Besides this, a company can also easily integrate/automate management processes and convert their organization’s IT environment into a computing center using XenServer.

Easy Management

Using the XenServer management console the IT staff of an organization can easily monitor, control, and manage multiple virtual machines without any issue or problem. Besides this by using XenCenter a person can easily start, stop, migrate, copy, and backup virtual machines in just a matter of seconds. Additionally, the platform also helps an organization in avoiding situations like server management failure.

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Reduce Downtime

Using the XenMotion live migration feature of XenServer an organization can easily reduce downtime of their virtual machines. The feature allows users to easily move or migrate a virtual machine from one particular host to another without any interruption or problem at all. Besides this, the feature also helps an organization in improving its infrastructure resilience and upgrading server software easily without any downtime of virtual machines.


XenConvert is a popular tool of the XenServer that allows its users to convert/change their Windows OS, Windows apps, and data from a physical machine to a virtual machine (XenServer virtual machine), virtual appliance in OVF format or disk image.


XenServer allows an organization to easily and more efficiently manage its resources and physical server. How? Using the XenServer an organization can run multiple virtual machines on one physical machine and thus eliminate the need of purchasing and using multiple machines for the same task. Besides this, it is very cost-effective and energy-efficient. Overall it is a fantastic hypervisor platform and can help an organization in better utilization of resources and decrease its management and operational cost.

Increase Productivity

Using XenServer you can easily increase the productivity of your IT team. By using it you can easily reduce the time your IT team spends on installing and maintaining the necessary hardware and IT infrastructure. Besides this, it will allow them to easily install, maintain and update the environment of all the virtual machines by updating the virtual environment on the server which is a very hard thing to do if done manually.

Protection and Recovery

Another benefit of using XenServer is that it helps an organization in protecting its virtual machines and recovering lost data due to outages. With XenServer, IT administration can easily create policies that will automatically collect VM snapshots and then would organize them for archiving so that they can be used for recovering data in case the data gets lost due to server/power outage or any other reason. Amazing, right?

High Availability

By using XenServer you will never have to worry about server outages. Using it you can easily reduce the downtime of your virtual machines and increase their resiliency. Besides this, it allows, users, to easily recover their data in case it is lost due to a disaster or server outage. Overall it is a phenomenal hypervisor platform and can help an organization to reduce the downtime of its virtual machines and increase their resiliency.

High Return on Investment

By using XenServer you can easily consolidate your servers and avoid situations like server sprawl. Besides this, it helps the IT team in increasing their productivity, reducing the operational/Infrastructure development cost of an organization, help in protecting virtual machines, and recovering lost data in case of an outage. Overall it is a fantastic hypervisor platform that provides lots of benefits and high ROI to its users.

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XenServer is very powerful server virtualization or hypervisor platform that provides lots of great benefits to an organization. It also allows an organization to improve its productivity, efficiently use its resources, and decrease its operational costs. So, if you are a business owner then do use XenServer in your organization. You won’t regret using it.

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