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5 Characteristics of World-Class Motion Graphics Studios

It’s time to start taking your branded video content to the next level, and you know it. Perhaps you aren’t gaining the engagement you hoped for. Perhaps stock footage isn’t adequately conveying your message or brand. Or perhaps this is your first venture into the world of brand video. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to get started with the right motion graphics services to bring your vision to life — so what should you be searching for?

Picking the best partner is the first step toward content marketing success. That’s because, whether you’re creating a custom live-action video, a motion graphic, or a hybrid of the two, your audiences will react to quality above all else. There is simply too much great video content available for them to be picky over what they watch.

So, let’s look at the qualities you should look for in a motion design studios.

1) Proven Experience

Best motion graphics studios will not presume you to do all of the design work for your project. Instead, they’ll focus on learning about your objectives, important demographic, and brand story. Then they’ll suggest a visual marketing strategy to produce positive outcomes, interact with your audiences, and bring your brand’s story to life.

That recommendation may not be what you intended to make. For example, suppose you would like a 5-minute video outlining everything your company has to offer. An experienced motion graphic design firm will know if this type of video can accomplish the goal you’ve set for them. A shorter video, or even a series of GIFs, might be a good fit. Alternatively, they may suggest an entire campaign of assets that includes motion graphics, GIFs, static social-media assets, and more.

The crucial part is that the solution they propose is tailored to your specific requirements. If it isn’t, it hasn’t been designed to be successful for your brand.

2) Are They Process-Oriented?

You’ve had your eye on a couple of agencies, and their portfolios have proven they’ve got the goods. However, before you commit, ensure that they have the necessary technical skills and the necessary processes in place to sustain an effective partnership with your organization. This is the make-or-break feature of any top video animation company, regardless of how competent they are.

An agency requires an effective procedure and a point person to keep all the wheels in motion to implement your video correctly and within a set timeframe. Ensure your selected agency can provide you with a clear timeline and a committed project team — along with a project manager — to ensure your video meets all of your requirements.

Keep an eye out for:

  • A well-defined procedure
  • A detailed timetable
  • A committed group

3) References of Motion Graphics Studios

A good reference or testimonial can go far toward proving that the studio treats its clientele correctly. A happier client list is an indication that the company is reliable and credible. Request to see a few of the companies’ most recent videos completed within the quoted budget.

What do they consider to be the most critical part of the client relationship during the production chain? Was it a one-size-fits-all solution, or was it a project tailored to the client?

4) Do They Understand Your Business?

So, have your selected motion graphics studios had any success in your field? Do you truly want to train them on the job? This may be more difficult to determine in the case of emerging technologies. As mentioned by SEO Services Dallas, If they’ve worked with other tech giants, they’ll most likely be able to comprehend yours. So put them to the test, ask them a few questions, and throw some industry jargon their way. Are they able to understand the fundamental concepts and keen to learn more?

5) Request a Proposal

Assume you and your partner have a family of four children and require a new vehicle. Would you find a simple car, such as a Mini Cooper, simply because it was the least expensive? It’s sporty and a lot cheaper than different options, but it won’t fit your entire family.

That’s what folks do when the only thing on their mind is the budget. They lose sight of their needs and sacrifice utility for a lower price. Getting a low-cost animated video that only works occasionally is terrible for your brand and wastes money.

Make sure that you get a video that meets your requirements and makes you look decent. The studio that comprehends the appropriate market value for your specific situation has the most excellent chance of producing the right video for you.

Wrapping Up

Animated video is an essential component of modern marketing. Therefore, its success or failure can have a significant impact on your bottom line. There are a lot of motion design studios you could choose from.

Getting it right necessitates the use of a professional studio that is consistent with your brand. Because the studio you choose can be a long-term partner, it’s critical to think outside the box and conduct the necessary research. Best wishes on your project!


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