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10 Ways You Can Use Indoor Mosaic Art In Your House

We all seek a comfortable, well-designed home. That’s right, we said home and not house. Mosaic art helps make the house feels homelike while using creative and simple techniques. It helps turn a room from a blank page to a story of creativity. It goes back to the third millennium BC. However, it has proven to be immortal due to its timelessness. Mosaic art is very versatile. It has a classic aspect while leaving a contemporary art design. It is durable so perfect for rooms that are highly used like the living rooms and kitchen. So, how can we integrate this art design into our houses? Here is your answer.

1- The Kitchen

mosaic 1

The kitchen is a room that is highly used and so you must give as much attention as you would do for your bedroom or living room. It holds family meetings and fun cooking times. Mosaic art in the kitchen is a go-to to go out of the ordinary. The room will then be more than a cooking room that reminds you of daily chores, but will carry some kind of design with a touch of modern. You can play with various patterns and colors to give it a more traditional or classic look.

2- Mosaic Art Walls

mosaic 2

Mosaic adds life to the most boring room. To avoid basic dull walls designs, you should consider a more creative approach. Using it, in this instance adds a touch of dynamism to the room. Like Arteco® proposed in this picture, a simple touch of mosaic with classic colors added a kind of modernism to the bathroom.

3- Mosaic Floors

mosaic 3

Now that we have seen mosaic mainly on walls, it is time to explore mosaic art as rugs. It adds something different to the room, other than boring tiles. They will definitely stand out as a work of art, simple yet sophisticated. Don’t forget to complement the mosaic rug to the colors of the room. Try also to choose mosaic tiles when the décor is simple so you can go with this eccentric look. For example in this picture, MEC artwork nicely chose some tiles that would go perfectly with the décor of a very simple entrance.

4- Wall Arts

mosaic 4

It could be a good opportunity to initiate mosaic art for kids. You can actually create a wall piece by using recycled items.

If you decided to buy a mosaic wall art, it is advisable you take pieces of the wallpaper, the couch, the fabrics, etc. so you would select appropriate colors. Every shade creates its own effect, from shades of blue, green, turquoise; reds…even whites and off-whites. Remember that it is similar to choosing any painting to embellish your walls. What you need to keep in mind is choosing a complementary mosaic mural, color and design wise.

5- Illusion of Texture

mosaic 5

Sometimes, you just want a design that is bold or playful, yet to be subtle and effective. For those rooms, you can use it to create an illusion of texture. You can play then with the colors to match the colors of the walls and the floors and alternating between individual tiles with different color shades that may a particular area seems like it is textured in a certain way.

6- Table Tops

mosaic 6

One of the basics in designing your home is to incorporate simple and clever details of expert design. Mosaic art comes in handy here.  Applying it to your coffee table can be a great eye-catcher. It can add a kind of sophistication to a simple coffee table.

Another good idea would be to actually do the mosaic table top yourself by using some broken glass or china. This project would be a great initiation for mosaic art for kids. It will take less than a day to create one pretty bedside table to your bedroom.

7- Mirrors

mosc 7

We all agree that the right mirror can make a big difference in a room’s ambiance. We all walked into a room and thought it is bigger or brighter than other rooms just because of the presence of mirrors. You can easily create your mosaic art mirror by starting by a good piece of glass and encircle it with mosaic borders. As usual, choose colors that complement the rest of the room.

8-Mosaic Accessories


Mosaic art is also included in the creation of home accessories such as lamps, candle holder or a simple object like the one feature in the picture above by MEC artworks. These accessories add liveliness and color to the house.

9-Mosaic entrance marker:


Mosaic art will help you improve how the entrance of your home will look like and get a great address marker at the same time.

10- Outdoor garden


The garden is as important as the interiors as it is an important part of the house. The best way to incorporate mosaic art in it is by having a tiled pathway or to use it around the planters.

Mosaics adds a touch of modernism and elegance to your home. They are easy to make and fits well with your home accessories. It brightens up your home and give it that extra character and personality.


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