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10 facts about freshwater shrimp

You are probably already aware that shrimp are delicious. They can be incorporated into any dish you desire. If you frequent a seafood restaurant then you must have observed that a red shrimp cocktail is on every menu. A lot of people enjoy having boiled shrimp dishes. However, some individuals are not sure if they opt for it or avoid it altogether.

If you are a seafood lover and enjoy having shrimp in all its forms. Then you should try the infamous RedCrab Seafood restaurant. They make the best shrimp in all of Greensboro. Take our word for it, they will not disappoint you!

Despite being a fan of seafood, there are some facts about shrimp, we bet you wouldn’t know. Given below are 10 facts about freshwater shrimp that will blow your mind! ankara travesti

They’re Low in Calories

The first fact about shrimp is that it is low in calories. An average-sized shrimp has about 7 calories in it. This means that if you have a dozen shrimps, they will add up to give you 85 calories. This is quite less than if you have a 3-ounce chicken steak. The jumbo shrimp in the cocktail that you have in the restaurant, has about 14 calories.

Therefore the overall dish, with all the components added, can give you 60 calories in all. Hence if you are on a keto diet, and are looking to manage your weight. Then shrimp is the best seafood to add to your diet. If you want to reduce your calories further, then you can opt for boiled shrimp.

They’re Protein-rich

In addition to the water content in them, shrimps are pure protein. If you take about 3-ounces of baked shrimp it will give you around 20 grams of protein. This is just a little less than a 3-once chicken breast steak. Thus, you can enjoy seafood while also keeping your protein intake healthy. çankaya travesti

In addition to that, jumbo shrimps contain very little fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, you do not have to worry about gaining weight, after consuming seafood.

They Provide key Nutrients

Other than proteins, shrimp pack a lot of other nutrients as well. When you consume 4-ounces of steamed or boiled shrimp. You will fulfill the daily requirement of selenium your body needs. In addition to that, you also get vitamin B12 in a very large amount. This is necessary to keep you up and running every day. Other minerals that you will get are phosphorus, choline, iodine, and copper

They’re a Common Allergen

Being a member of the shellfish family, shrimp too are amongst the most allergy-causing foods. Exposure to boiled shrimp for those who are allergic to shellfish may cause a serious or even fatal reaction. Mild reactions to shrimp may cause you to have a stuffy nose and itching skin. You can also break out in hives or get abdominal pain with nausea.

Remember that allergies can develop at any age. You do not always have to be allergic to something from the beginning. If you experience any such symptoms then go to a doctor immediately. 

They are High in Cholesterol, however…

According to the health guidelines, you should consume about 300 mg per day of cholesterol to lead a healthy life. About 3-ounces of shrimp contains around half that amount. It is only the food that is made from animals, which contains cholesterol. There is cholesterol in your blood that is made by the liver and released into the bloodstream.

If you eat a purely meat-based diet, the cholesterol that you absorb will add to your blood cholesterol levels. A high intake of saturated and trans-fat has an impact on your serum cholesterol. However, shrimp does not contain any saturated fats or trans-fat. Unless you are having fried shrimp that is cooked in trans-fat. 

Shrimp Contains Antioxidants

Animal proteins are usually not the source of antioxidants. However, shrimp contains two of those. One of these is selenium. It plays a vital role in improving immunity and thyroid function. In addition to that, this antioxidant helps in fighting free radicals that cause damage to your body. They also lead to premature aging and diseases.

The other antioxidant that you can find in red shrimp is a carotenoid, called astaxanthin. This gives it, its color. It is actually in the algae that the shrimps consume. This is why shrimp is a major store of this antioxidant. If you consume this antioxidant, it may help to protect you against inflammation. They prevent free radicals from causing brain damage.

Antioxidants also help to reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. It will also help to strengthen your arteries and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Moreover, it is also beneficial for brain health. kızılay travesti

Shrimp Contain a Cancer-fighting Mineral

This is a piece of information that most people are not aware of. If you have this crustacean in your diet it may help you against cancer. It will reduce your risk of developing cancer. This is because shrimp is full of antioxidants. That helps in fighting free cancer-causing radicals.

The Change in Color and Odor when Unfresh

You must buy fresh shrimp. The shrimp you get should not have any kind of infection or contamination. A tip to check whether they are fresh or not is by pressing them to check. If your raw shrimp is firm then only it is fresh.

The outer shell of the crustacean should either be translucent, grayish-green, light pink, or pinkish tan in color. If the shrimp have blackened edges or black spots on them, it would indicate a quality loss. When cooked the shrimp should have a mild ocean-like or salty smell.

If it is giving off a strong fishy odor then it is unsafe to consume. Cooked shrimp takes on a firm texture with a white or a slightly pink tint. If this is not the color our cooked shrimp is giving off, then refrain from consuming it.

You Should Never Defrost Shrimp in the Microwave

Although, microwaving frozen shrimp may seem like a good shortcut when you are in a hurry, trust us it’s not a good idea. Shrimp tends to cook quickly. So your boiled shrimp dish can go from frozen to overcook in a jiffy. You would not want to have overcooked shrimp, as it becomes stretchy like rubber when it gets that way. If you have frozen shrimp try to defrost it underwater and then proceed to cook it.

Some People May Eat Shrimp With its Head On!

The odd appearance of this crustacean may make many Americans avoid eating it whole. But in many parts of the world people choose to eat it with its head on! When it is cooked, the head has a yummy crunchy texture and exudes delicious, rich flavor that a lot of people love to have.

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