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Authentic Indian Food in Bethesda

There is no comparison to an Indian food in the world, especially for an Indian living in abroad. The food is the major missing that one can have in a foreign country. The taste of the food in indian food in bethesda is completely different from the cuisine around the world. Whether it be a pure vegetarian food or a non-veg item, India has masterclass recipes for it that make them the best.

Well, getting an Indian food in a foreign land may not be difficult as there are viable options to do so. But what you may not get authenticity. Either the spiciness appears to be low or the real Indian masala are missing from them. But if you are at or near Bethesda, Maryland, then you be lucky are what you are about to read is about the best and the most authentic Indian food restaurant in Bethesda.

Authentic Indian Food in Bethesda

TIKKA MASALA – An Indian Food Restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland.

Tikka Masala provides you the best of the Indian Cuisine with the taste that will straight away take you to the nation of spices. It tastes, smells and feels like an original Indian food. Here’s a small glimpse of the cuisine that the restaurant presents.

Chicken Tikka Masala-

To begin with, Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish of Britain. The origin of the dish is a bit unsolved mystery, but you can’t deny the fact that this dish is inspired by the authentic Indian dishes, due to the ingredients that go into it. To explain this dish in simple words, it is the mild version of an Indian Chicken food and thus is enjoyed both by Indian and foreigners all around the world. Tikka Masala is the specialist in providing you the most authentic Chicken Tikka Masala

Palak Paneer

Creating an authentic palak paneer is a game of technic, proportion and patience. It is a divine combination of spinach and cottage cheese which are known as palak and paneer in India. Using green leafy vegetables was a very common thing especially in rural India and it was combined with various other items. This combination can be said as a result of these practices in food. And here at Tikka Masala you will get to enjoy the same tasty, rich and authentic Palak Paneer.

Butter Chicken

The Spicy red tandoori chicken with a rich and appetizing buttery gravy and some cream on its top, the image of which itself can be mouth-watering. Tikka Masala serves with the original and satisfying butter chicken that you can have right here at Bethesda. No other dish can satisfy a north Indian than this one.

Aloo Gobi

Cauliflower or Gobi, as it is called in India has a variety of famous recipes surrounding it. One of them Aloo Gobi, a combination of potato and cauliflower. The specialty of the Aloo Gobi at Tikka Masala is the feeling of home that you will get while tasting this, which is one of the best feelings in the world.

Gulab Jamun

Indian Deserts are one of its kind and so is the Gulab Jamun while travelled right from Persia and travelled into India during the Mughal Period and stayed there forever. Indian Gatherings, Weddings and other ceremonies are incomplete without this dish and so is the ‘Tikka Masala’ Menu. Its sweet, soft, filled with the sugary syrup and an authentic aroma and taste that has the power to make you crave for more. That’s the specialty of the Indian Food, it won’t be enough until its too much. Well, that’s all upon you and your self-control.

And Many More

Variety of The Saag, The Tikka and The Korma, Rogan Josh, Hakka Noodles, Dum Biryanis, Veg Kofta, Dal, Veg/Chicken Momo, Lassi and many more of Authentic Indian Food in Bethesda available at one same spot i.e., The Tikka Masala. Check the menu now by going to the website and order them or visit us to enjoy these delicacies.

Tikka Masala Catering Services

Tikka Masala Catering Services

Tikka Masala is one of the best catering services in bethesda. Their experienced team provides Marriage Functions, Anniversary Functions, Decoration, Food and Beverage business; they have created unique and memorable events for each of their clients. The most important part of this business is that they all love what they do. From there theory, logistics, preparation and executing are flawless and part of their package, the best part is you sit down and enjoy, forgetting the stress for us. One thing they always make sure is to create real events for you.

Contact Information:-

For Menu: https://tikkamasala.us/catering

For Online Order: https://tikkamasala.us/order-online/

Official Website: Tikka Masala Bethesda – Indian Cuisine Restaurant Bethesda

Call: +1 301-312-8191

Mail Address: tikkamasalamd@gmail.com

Address: 4929 elm street Bethesda MD 20814

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