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Youtube Tv Promo Codes, Coupon Codes 2022

letsavebig is the place to go in January 2021 for the most recent YouTube Tv Promo Code. YouTube has become the most popular video streaming website because of its easy accessibility and large content base. Since its inception, YouTube’s popularity has grown exponentially, and it continues to do so on a daily basis. YouTube can be used for a variety of other things besides entertainment, such as education, information, tutorials, and so on. In order to take advantage of YouTube’s large audience, even businesses post their own content there.

Youtube TV Promo Codes Enables You to Watch Online

Top YouTube TV Promo Codes (January 2021) Coupons

YouTube TV: FREE 15 Days Trial Deal

10 percent OFF Annual Subscriptions YouTube TV Coupon

15 percent Off YouTube Starter Kit! Voucher

Promo Code for First Purchase on You Tube TV for Free

Special Offer: Save 30% on Annual Subscriptions to YouTube TV

Live YouTube TV 70+ Channels for $49.99/Month No Code

YouTube has recently come up with several other services such as YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, and YouTube TV. With YouTube Music, you’ll be able to listen to a wide range of tracks from the YouTube app without having to deal with ads or other interruptions. YouTube TV is one of the recent additions to the feature list and is an excellent alternative for cable or satellite TV subscriptions. And as the name suggests, YouTube Kids is specifically meant for kids offering them a huge collection of tv shows, cartoon shows, informative videos, etc

If you’re tired of paying for cable and satellite, consider switching to YouTube TV. It stands out from the crowd due to its numerous distinguishing characteristics. One such feature is that it is the only live streaming service that provides PBS content and stations. There is no reason why you should not make the switch to a streaming video service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video like the rest of the world has already done.

Assuming this service costs a fortune is a reasonable conclusion to draw. However, that is not the case. Not only YouTube TV is fairly priced, and there are many coupon codes and discounts available that you can combine to gain an attractive deal. Moreover, with every YouTube TV subscription, you get six login access, which allows every family member access to its huge database

What is the Promo Code for YouTube TV?

Promo Codes are a common tool used by a wide range of businesses to entice new customers. It is a common nature that if someone offers you a discount, you are more inclined towards purchasing it.

While you might think that this technique is favourable for the sellers, different promo codes can help you get a service or a product at a price lesser than what is listed. These promo codes help you to reduce expenses and enjoy the premium services at a discounted price. As having multiple streaming sites subscriptions can burn a hole in your pocket, it’s better to use promo codes to avail of discounts. Here are a few working Youtube TV promo codes that you can use to gain the best deal on YouTube TV.

Chromecast Offer-

Every YouTube TV subscriber can avail of this offer and enjoy premium services hassle-free. In order to promote their services and offer intriguing deals, YouTube TV is including a Chromecast device with every subscription.

TenOff –

This promo code provides you an option to save an additional $10 Off Annual Subscriptions of YouTube TV.

A 30-day free trial of YouTube TV is provided by using this promotional code: UCYINBQVUQTE. This allows you to test whether or not YouTube TV can replace your cable subscriptions.

Are There Any Discounts on YouTube TV?

In addition to YouTube TV Promo Codes mentioned above, there are more offers and discounts on their subscription packages. It is as simple as applying the appropriate discount code. You can also bundle a YouTube TV subscription pack with other bundles to get a better deal on your purchase.

However, we recognise that simply locating a valid coupon code can be a difficult task. For this reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular YouTube TV promo codes.

Is There a Free Trial of YouTube TV?

If you’re thinking about subscribing to YouTube, you’ll probably want to check out all of the available features first. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money, which they will end up not using.

Signing up for a free trial of YouTube TV is simple. You can follow these steps to activate your YouTube TV free trial.

Visit YouTube TV Homepage

If you are using a PC browser or a mobile browser, you have to go to the YouTube TV homepage and select the Try it Free option.

Log-in and provide the relevant details

You’ll be prompted to enter your ZIP code after logging in with your Google account. For the time being, YouTube TV is only available to residents of the United States. So, you have to be a citizen of the USA to use YouTube TV.

Decide on your preferred television networks and channels.

when you click on the Start Free Trial button, a list of all the networks in your area becomes available for selection. Select the networks and channels you want to include in your subscription and click on Next. You can also upgrade your subscription to include additional premium packages. You can use any of the networks in the free trial, but their validity can differ. For example, the STARZ channel only provides a three-day free trial.

Add promo or discount codes

Once you’ve selected all of the networks you want to subscribe to, click the Next button to be taken to the payment page automatically. You can add your promo codes on this page and redeem them.

Choose payment mode

After redeeming your coupon code, you can review your subscription. After that, you have to choose your payment method, and you can make your payment through a debit or a credit card and your PayPal account.

Include information on how to make a payment.

To begin your trial, you must first choose a payment method and then enter your payment information. YouTube will charge a small fee to verify your card details, but it will immediately return the amount after verification is complete.

You can now access your YouTube TV account via the browser or phone app by logging in with your Google email address.

Different Free Trials that YouTube TV offers


YouTube TV has a seven-day free trial period, just like other online streaming services. However, YouTube TV regularly shows limited period offers, where it provides longer free trials that you can avail. For example, in January, YouTube TV offered a free trial for two weeks time. Every few months, a new set of deals and discounts are unveiled. Around major holidays, such as the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales, YouTube TV offers special deals.

How do I get a free month on YouTube TV?

You can get YouTube TV free for a month by signing up through Verizon. With this offer, you can get YouTube TV free for a month then make monthly payments of $64.99. This way, you can save 64.99$ per year, which can make a big difference, especially if you use other streaming websites also. All the channels and premium features you’d get with a subscription are included in this package.

So if you are looking to try YouTube TV before purchasing the subscription, this is the best way for you. You have one month to see if this platform is right for you, and the premium features are all available for free during that time.

YouTube TV has the following features:


The best live streaming service on the market is YouTube TV, which has a slew of innovative features. Some of these features are:

DVR in the Cloud for Infinite Recording:

The unique feature that stands out in the long list of features on YouTube TV is Cloud DVR. Live streaming services almost universally include this option. However, Google provides a better and more natural experience allowing you to record unlimited content. You can store this content for up to nine months, whereas other streaming websites do not let you do so. Depending on the service, you may even be charged extra for additional storage space. You’re not charged extra to record or store as much content as you want on YouTube TV.

YouTube recently updated its DVR service and now allows you to rewind, pause, and fast forward through your recorded content. On the other hand, you may not be able to skip commercials on every recording you make.

Multiple Users:

If you have a subscription to YouTube TV, you can make it available to a number of people. In addition to this, a single YouTube TV account can be used to stream content to multiple screens at the same time. You can share your account with six different family members, and three of them can watch YouTube TV simultaneously.

You can upgrade to a higher plan to gain access to more users, but three screens are usually enough for a single family. Another unique feature of YouTube TV is that it syncs up with every user’s Google account to provide a unique viewing experience. Creating a unique password for each user is unnecessary because everyone can log in using their Google account.


Even if a show has already aired on-demand, you can still watch it on a YouTube TV channel. It gives you an option to catch up on your favorite show after the episode aired according to your free time. You can even watch an episode that aired in the past before you started recording the season with the DVR feature.

Voice Control:

Another cool feature of using YouTube TV is that you can voice control it through a Google Home speaker. Using voice commands, you can do things like changing the channel on your TV, finding a specific show, recording it, or pausing and resuming playback.


Android users can watch YouTube TV in picture-in-picture mode if their device supports that feature. You can watch a minimized version of YouTube TV while doing some other task on your device. However, it is important to note that this feature only works for devices using iOS 14 or above on iOS devices.


You can jump to different segments of a few programs on YouTube TV. It works like a key play view on a sports channel and can help you view specific parts of the program according to your choice.

No Annual Contract:

YouTube TV does not ask for an annual contract, which is good news for us. Even if you don’t use the service, you have to pay upfront for the entire year with an annual contract. With most cable and satellite connections, you’re locked in for the entire year under an annual contract. YouTube TV, on the other hand, allows you to cancel your subscription whenever you want with no fees or additional charges.

Device Compatibility:

You can use YouTube TV on all devices which can run streaming services. An app specifically designed for YouTube TV is available for smartphones, gaming consoles, and home theatre systems with built-in internet connectivity. It is compatible with the majority of devices on all operating systems.

What is the YouTube TV Promo Code?

Now that you have decided on the best YouTube TV discount code, you can apply it on the website to avail the offer. It is very simple to use promo codes for YouTube TV, and you can do it by following these steps.

.On the homepage of the website, you will see an option to start a free trial.

Create a Google account first before you can begin the subscription process. If you already have an existing Google account, you can log in with the same credentials. A Google account based in the USA is required to use YouTube TV currently, as it is only available in the USA.

A subscription plan that meets your needs is now available for your consideration. When you choose a plan, there is a promo code option near the plan pricing option. Here you can apply the promo code that provides you the maximum discount.

Your subscription will begin as soon as you enter your payment information in the final step. You must pay the discounted price, but you have the option of paying in a variety of ways. Once paid, you can immediately start streaming and enjoy the premium services.


YouTube TV is one of the best online live streaming services that offer on-demand content for a variety of genres. There is no contract policy, which means you can cancel your subscription at any time you want without worrying about any hidden charges.

There are several unique features that separate YouTube TV from the rest of the streaming services. Its unlimited cloud DVR is one such feature that can help you record and watch unlimited content. No other streaming website offers unlimited DVR.

You can also try out YouTube TV for a week for free to get a feel for the service and learn everything there is to know about it. In order to save money, you can use a variety of coupon codes in conjunction with the company’s subscription plans. YouTube TV is currently only available for USA residents, and you have to provide your Pin Code to verify your location. YouTube TV works on your Google account, which provides hassle-free sign-up and multi-user access.

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