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Recreation and Sports

Women Golf Wear Guide: What to Wear on Golf Course?

The sun is out and you’re seeing the blue sky and you’ve nothing to do. So, what can be a better option at such a moment than to go out to play golf. All you need to do is to enhance your putting skills for which you need practice and training. Moreover, you also need to maintain the decorum of golf course by wearing your golf attire.

Patience is what you need the most while playing golf because you cannot master it so easily. People of all ages enjoy this beautiful game, but the participation of more women will add to the beauty of it.

What Should a Female Golfer Wear Before Going to Golf Course?

The modern girls and women are taking the sport seriously, which is an indication that we’ll get to see golfing apparel for women a lot. There is still a lot to look for in the market, from golf pants for women to the skirts.

Let’s take a look at the golf attire in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Women Golf Wear

You must have to follow the dress code strictly in a golf club or a golf course. Some clubs do not restrict the participants, particularly girls from following the dress code for which they are allowed to wear short hems, polos, bare thighs etc. Some of the directors of the clubs consider the dress code to be a barrier to this beautiful game. However, for ladies who want to follow a specific dress code should look for something really comfortable, affordable and of the highest quality.

  • Comfortable and Fit Golf Clothes

You have to go outside, swing your arms around and you may have to walk a lot for which the best thing is to wear a comfortable and fit golf attire. Loose clothing isn’t a great idea when you’re going to the golf course. However, elastic and fit outfits offered by so many brands make sure that you don’t feel uncomfortable while being there.

  • Ladies Golf Clothes in accordance with Cost & Function

The golf clothes for women must have very less weight and the fabric with which it is made must be durable. Also, it shouldn’t make you feel like you’re sweaty, even if you are because that will make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, you don’t go to a single shop and buy all the stuff; roam around and try to find the best price and fit that suits your preferences. All in all, it’s better to take a look at all the factors and then decide what to wear on a golf course.

Best Golf Attire while Teeing Off

Golf dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts and pants, all are included in the list of the apparels one must wear before teeing off. Let’s take a look at a few available options for such circumstances:

  • Golf Skirts for Women

If it is a bit hot outside and you don’t want your legs to be suffocated, skirt is the best option for you. However, the length of skirts in most cases is decided by the golf club, most of them suggest it to be below the knee.For women who like to be on the golf course most of the time, skirt length must not be an issue. They should just visit the market and look for a golf skirt which is not only flexible but also makes them stay fresh. That would surely be a great option.

  • Golf Shorts for Women

If you want your pins to stay out just because you want to enjoy the weather outside, there is no better option for you than golf shorts. Just look for satisfying shorts which is stretchable and lightweight also. If there are pockets in it, that’s fine. Belt loops will prove to be another valuable addition to its beauty. Having shorts that remain dry and make you feel fresh is what you actually need at the golf course.

  • Golf Skorts for Women

What the best female golfers need at the golf course is a crossover between golf shorts and golf skirts and golf skorts is a combination of both. You won’t feel any difficulty while bending if you’re wearing golf skorts. You can also use these skorts in other sports such as running or while playing tennis. As far as the fabric material is concerned, there is no better option than polyester. Apart from that, you’re allowed to choose different design patterns also.

  • Golf Pants for Women

A khaki golf pant which is stretchable as well as lightweight is the best option for a female golfers. If the sun is out, you may use cropped golf pants to avoid sweating. Most clubs have not allowed jeans to enter but that’s not the case with all clubs.

Short Sleeves and Collar as a part of Golf Attire

Some golf clubs ask the female golfers to wear blouses having collars to cover their shoulders. On the other hand, some clubs also allow them to wear sleeveless tops which they can wear to tackle a hot sunny day. Polo tops have also been in demand as women golf wear, which are available in so many different colors and designs.

As far as the material is concerned, cotton is a good option. The tops designed to take the sweat away should be preferred for hot weather. Don’t forget that you’ve to walk a long way across the golf course and the only way to stay comfortable at that time is to wear the golf attire which doesn’t let you down.

Golf Attire is incomplete without Shoes and Cap!

Women Golf Wear is surely incomplete without lightweight shoes, good quality socks and a cap. The cap will protect you from the sun rays. As far as the shoes are concerned, you must have a good quality pair of shoes that doesn’t make you feel like you are tired after walking some distance. Also, the socks must either absorb the sweat or don’t let it bother you. All in all, the golf attire must be having all the things that make you feel like a golfer rather than a runner.


A golf shirt along with a similar skirt will be the best outfit to wear on a golf course for women. However, women golfers have all the choices to wear whatever they want under the restrictions of that specific club. They can take inspiration from Paula Creamer and Michelle Wie about their golf attire. Golf Magazine has just provided us with a masterpiece named as “4 Style Tips You can Copy from Michelle Wie” which is also a great opportunity for female golfers to know more about women golf wear.

Take a look at your golf wardrobe and always consider it incomplete, keep adding something to it. This is the only way for you to have the best golf attire. There are chances that you will not be able to play the golf as brilliantly as golfers do but you may dress well to look like them. So, even if your shot isn’t perfect, make your golf attire perfect.

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