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Why are sizing strategies important to contactless shopping?

Contactless shopping, Shopping personalization Due to the coronavirus pandemic, contactless shopping is rapidly boosting, but if sales are getting a raise, the return rate is also growing: now nearly 60% of consumers are willing to send their purchases back. The problem exists in the COVID-19 regarding the change of customer behavior and the nonappearance of the consistent apparel size system. Seeking a fit outfit, purchasers order the same clothing in diverse sizes and hand back either some of them or everything. Retailers should analyze the changes in customers’ needs and learn the travails of sizing to stop the discomfort of returns.

Reduced Brand Loyalty

Influenced by the stress of pandemics, consumers fight their fear of death by seeking diversity and testing with new brands. More than 30% of online purchasers tried new labels during the pandemic, nearly 70% of them are not going to stick to what they have bought and are going to look for new opportunities. In most cases, this occurs due to ill-fitting clothes: customers are losing and gaining weight faster during the pandemic. Online shops need to increase the visual representation of their products, enhance sizing strategies, and continually broaden the range of goods to steal the scene and to support clients’ loyalty.

Customer Behavior

Apart from the pandemic regarding sales growth, the market faced an intense change in customer behavior. Sellers need to learn the key tendencies and accept marketing strategies to the new requirements, with a special focus on sizing to boost conversion.

Fresh Experiences

Consumers became more interested in innovative customs of shopping. Approximately 75% of US customers have tried a different shopping behavior. That is the reason why shopping personalization is crucial in online shopping. Customers seek suitability but also regard shopping as a form of entertainment. This trend is making the most of the online market. Sellers have to work on modern marketing tricks, write skillful descriptions of items and add augmented reality (also known as AR) into their shopping platforms. It will fulfill the emotional requirements of potential purchasers and demand to their shopping preferences.

Items Availability

Limited by COVID-19 regarding rules and regulations more than 60% of consumers need the availability of products. Sellers ought to offer them realistic sizing, make a 360-degree view of an item, develop FAQs, and keep popular goods in stock to meet consumers’ requirements.

Elastic Fabrics

The idea of elastic clothing that will fit all and everybody is chasing the marketing departments of dress shops. Meanwhile, the concept of all shapes framed in the same pattern is still debatable. Here are some pros:

  1. Body-positive and customer-oriented brand image meet contemporary customer behavior: the idea of visual impartiality motivates consumers to purchase more.
  2. Production becomes easier with standardized measurements applied and a limited number of elastic fabrics used. For instance, elastic clothing for American women is based on these metrics: waist 22 inches, bust 28 inches, and height 67 inches.


A quick change in purchaser behavior has augmented the uneasiness of sizing regarding returns that is the reason for big market losses. Sellers can adapt their business to one of the following strategies to keep on the safe side: elastic fabrics, safer brands, sales assistants, made-to-measure, size guides, and even artificial intelligence-driven technologies.


Before introducing the mass market, clothes had always been made-to-measure. Nowadays, the lack of distinct apparel brings modified tailoring in fashion again, with customers’ nuts about expressing themselves and sellers seeking the nonappearance of returns. Here is a pro: made-to-measure is trending on social media and attracts a lot of, customers with approximately 70% of consumers attentive in serviceable consumption and 60% ready to get unique clothes.

Safer Brands

Fashion brands have dissimilar sizing, but, in concept, sellers can pick and sell consistent labels. Here are some pros:

  1. Simple gaining of things with a small number of contracts to be signed.
  2. Such a conceptual attitude to consumers might increase public interest in social media.

Sales Assistants

Sales supporters welcome consumers in offline shops. They analyze customers’ preferences, guess their metrics, and make references to encourage sales. This well-organized practice can be taken online through instantaneous support services. Pros: such a caring method to consumers surely impacts brand identity.

Size Guides

Detailed descriptions of sizing and apparels guides can provide consumers a moderately strong idea of how garments will fit them. Pros: a caring tactic to consumers has an optimistic influence on brand representation.


Besides the essential trading perspective switch, sellers are blessed with IT technologies that play a vital role in reshaping the industry. Sizolution is a current sizing tool for customers to disremember about returns. Here are some pros:

  1. Sizolution is referred to as the client-oriented service. Individual style and sizes preferences are useful to the authentic product data. As a result, purchasers make the right selections and are less disposed to send their consumption back. It is effective for logistics and supply issues.
  2. The revolutionary selfie mode increases marketing thrill. Consumers like trying clothes online and almost 20% of them are enthusiastic to familiarize their connections to the dress game.
  3. Marketing plans are on velvet: engaged in the elegant procedure of trying on, customers buy up to 25% more things.
  4. The service marks brand appreciation up 8 out of 10 consumers’ returns to the dependable store for more procurement to be made.
  5. It saves time and, the widget is simple to use and fast to mix into every online store. Retailers can pay attention to other duties.
  6. The contemporary approach of the service meets the requirements of the primary spectators.
  7. It is the key technique to keep made-to-measure clothing effective. Custom-made brands are saved from sizing regarding returns, and selfie-based body scanning accommodates tailors with correct metrics.
  8. Contactless and accurate measuring allow dress-making studios to make a turnover while the pandemics.
  9. It is easy to use and fast; it will be more suitable than usual, determining when offline shops and tailor houses welcome consumers again.


Final words

The rise of contactless shopping doesn’t cheer sellers up because of the quick growth in returns. Old-fashioned marketers solve the problem with safer brands, elastic fabrics, and made-to-measure tactics. Besides, if you want to read about the role of AI in online shopping platforms, get in touch with us.



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